Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1515

As soon as the crown fell on Angela’s head, cheers and regrets rang out in the Golden Palace.

What surprised William was that there were so many people who thought that there were so many people who opposed Angela’s position, and the sarcasm would definitely be loud because the law did not blame the public.

But didn’t expect these voices, although they were there, they were soon masked by the loud voice of joy.

Spirit strength swept around the Golden Palace, William easily figured out that someone with at least 7-Layer had accepted the fact that Odin passed the throne to Angela.

If I think about it for a moment, I quickly understand that Odin has ruled Asgard for too long. It has remained unchanged for thousands of years, so that among Asgardians who can also live for a long time, are there any Some people may have long been expecting some changes.

At least all battles are battle methods of fight at close quarters. Asgardians who can come into contact with various races and forces in the universe have long felt that they don’t want to make progress.

Furthermore, Angela’s husband is still an existence that Odin can’t beat.

In addition, because of William, Angela truly ruled the frost giant that Odin had never conquered, and replaced the previous generation of Jotunheim’s King Lauphy, becoming the true king of Jotunheim.

There are also dark elves who have been hiding for 5000 years a few years ago. They only attacked Asgard once, and were directly destroyed by William on Earth.

These facts convince the Asgardians that the combination of William and Angela has marked that Asgard truly has no opponents in Nine Realms.

Longer peace can be expected. The two Divine Realms are united, and they are not afraid of challenges outside of Nine Realms.

Angela, who officially put on the crown of the King of Asgard, changed her wedding dress for a while. The white skirt and the long white tail were gathered a little bit, gathered on her body and turned into gilt silver The bottom of the whole body armor.

Then Angela was personally led by Odin and sat on the throne that symbolized the kingship of Asgard, accepting the compliments and bows of everyone present.

Of course, Odin and Friga are definitely not used, and William, let alone one-knee kneels, ignores him without even bending over.

On the contrary, Angela looked at him from time to time, looking for support to relieve the tension in her heart.

It wasn’t until William comforted her with sound transmission for a long time that Angela calmed her mind and let the Asgardian kneeling on the ground stand up.

When everyone stood up, the entire Asa Divine Realm formally recognized the legitimacy of Angela’s throne. William glanced at the throne and stood with Friga, his face a little tired , Decadent Odin,

Then after thinking about it, I decided to do as planned and stood up and said to everyone, “As the king of Olympus and the husband of Angela, Asgard Prince, I have a gift for the Asgardians.”

In the curious eyes of everyone, William waved his hand with a hundred sets of Paladin’s dedicated Battle Armor and saber, and appeared on the open space between the throne and the gate of the Golden Palace.

Then, in the joy and excitement of the Asgardians, William stood in the front row of the ceremony, Strauss nodded, wearing a Paladin Battle Armor and a red coat of arms,

Appearing to be only 4 or 50 years old, there is actually a Paladin group in the 80s, and the actual manager Strauss came out of more than a dozen Paladin members who are qualified to observe the ceremony.

Suddenly, many Asgardians who had worked with the Paladin regiment and knew Strauss because of the Warnerheim war, some looked at the young dozens of years younger in disbelief. Strauss.

Then I saw Strauss walk down to the throne steps, kneel on the ground and salute William, then stand up and bow to salute Angela.

Don’t wait because one kneel and one Bending over to salute, the dissatisfied Asgardian spoke, Strauss folded his hands in prayer, and a holy light soon emerged from him.

Five or six seconds later, some people quickly couldn’t open their eyes dazzled by the holy light.

And the people like Odin saw that William suddenly nodded to Strauss, the holy light shining outwards, just like getting permission, shrank inward.

After entering the body, many people can easily feel the strength of Strauss, and it becomes stronger by multiples in just a few seconds.

Immediately, I saw Strauss, who was holy light introverted and shining on Knight’s armour, lowered his head and said, “This is the new’prayer’ given to the Paladin regiment under the crown of the great Devonshire.

The purer the mind, the greater the increase in the holy light. As the bishop of the Paladin regiment’s non-combatants, my strength at this time is about three times the original.”

“This is impossible”.

As soon as Strauss finished speaking, the entire Golden Palace was full of unbelievable noises.

If you learn the “prayer technique”, does it mean that you can get a triple strength increase?

Once this is true, people like the four warriors of Immortal Palace will directly match or even surpass Sol?

And Odin, a thoughtful person, guesses from the words “non-combatants” and “purity of mind” that Strauss said, pure fighters may not reach a triple increase .

Even if it is doubled, or even just the increase of 5-Layer’s strength, the new Paladin regiment consisting of 100-member Asgardian elite fighters will be crushed.

Asgard is a squadron of hundreds of other elite fighters, even 300 people.

Paladin can fight, defend, and milk. It doesn’t stand out individually, but once formed, it is definitely a defense force that can kill the enemy by attrition.

William waved to Strauss. The old man quickly returned to the Paladin queue. Then William pointed to the hundred Knight suits on the ground and said,

“This one hundred suits The cultivation cheats of A and Paladin are both gifts I gave to my wife Angela. From now on, there will be only two Paladin groups in the two Divine Realm.

One belongs to me, and the other belongs to the deputy of the Paladin group. The leader of Angela.

Any Asgardian who is loyal to Angela and is selected into Angela’s direct guards will be qualified for the cultivation holy light.”

“Long live Angela Your Majesty”.

For an instant, there was exclamation and cheers in the Golden Palace.

Ordinary, even upper-middle Asgardians, do not care that William sets the standard of cultivation holy light to be loyal to Angela and join Angela’s guard.

They only know that as soon as Angela becomes the new king, they will give all Asgardians a channel to become stronger and rise.

Although the official Paladin only has a hundred people, it is the same as the official Knight who has three to five Knight followers.

There must be a lot of people under Paladin who can cultivation holy light, but they are cultivation base. An ordinary Knight member who is not tall.

From an ordinary soldier, a civilian, to a member of the guards of the new king, this change in identity is still very attractive to the middle and lower classes.

After all, with the status quo of Asa Divine Realm, there is no way faster and more direct than joining the king’s team except for the elimination of military exploits and outstanding management skills.

And William may be happy that he didn’t notice, or simply pretended not to notice. As the cultivation of holy light spreads among Angela’s guards, the cultivation method will spread out 100%.

Only Odin was secretly happy, but at the same time worried that the frenzy of holy light cultivation would greatly enhance William’s influence in Asgard.

No one knows better than him, how William this bastard pushed Angela to the throne.

Furthermore, with the Paladin’s infiltration into Asgard’s military force little by little, Angela can easily gain the support of a large group of people and gain the strength to fight against his predecessor, Divine King. It’s just a puppet suppressed by father.

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