Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1516

After thinking about the Paladin regiment, Odin thought again that Angela was driven to Folger Castle in London as if she was exiled,

He brought more than a dozen female assassins who had fought with her for hundreds of years, and hundreds of Asgard youngsters composed entirely of orphans and even illegal children.

These people will definitely return to Asgard, support Angela’s rule over Divine Realm, and then publicize their own experience, then the people at the bottom of Asgard will definitely regard Angela as Their savior.

If the Paladin regiment or the assassin regiment that is foreseeable, will surely expand, there will be a lot of Knights or assassins at the lowest level, so the lower-level subjects need not worry.

As for the upper echelons of Asgard, these people are both difficult and easiest to win.

Guarantee their interests, and then throw some new interests casually, these people will forget Odin in a blink of an eye.

After all, Angela is personally determined by Odin, just and honorable to inherit the throne. No one can accuse any Asgardians of gathering and taking refuge in Angela.

The only thing that can arouse Asgard’s disgust, dissatisfaction, or even disgust is that William will pass Angela, or take over everything in Asgard in the name of Angela.

But if William only stood behind Angela and helped his wife as a husband, not only would no one blame him, but he would also easily get everyone’s favor.

Thinking of this, Odin sighed in his heart.

He could think of this, and the bastard William could also think of it, and even, according to William’s past performance, simply didn’t care about specific things.

Angela will become Abigail, Athena, and Artenis in the same role, replacing William to manage a company called Asgard.

For the following month, William stayed in Asgard, and he was honeymooning with Angela while helping Angela stabilize the transition of Asgard’s rights.

Although he also cares about Asgard’s business, William has never made a decision in public or at a large conference. All decree is issued by Angela.

Moreover, what made Odin and Friega’s couple unable to do is that William used to pull Saul for hunting or martial arts when Angela was busy this month.


Or let Thor accompany him to visit Warnerheim, the dwarves and other countries close to Asgard.

Needless to say about the dwarves, William and Angela are kind to them, and after Warnerheim went to William three times, someone soon sent a message to Friga,

It is said that many of Warnerheim’s divine residences have taken refuge in Angela’s side openly or secretly.

Many people who support Sol have begun to frustrate.

On the 32nd day after William and Angela got married, Jane Foster, who was ten days later than the due date, gave Saul an Asgard Princess.

It directly made many Asgardians who were suppressed by William and Angela breathless, and still had expectations of Sol, secretly thinking that this was God’s will.

The birth of Little Princess means that no one can influence the smooth transition of rights within a few years.

A few years later, even if Sol had a Prince, everything was too late.

Maybe Angela herself has given birth to the first heir to the royal family.

After spending a few days with Angela, William had to go back to London or Olympus Divine Realm.

Otherwise, Abigail, Athena and the others would be dissatisfied with William at the same time, they would definitely be hostile to Angela.

William is leaving, except for Thor’s urge to let him not forget that when Little Princess is full moon, he will come back to Little Brat with holy light baptism.

Even the Asgardians who joined Angela’s side felt that William’s departure was a good thing.

Although he didn’t seem to be doing anything this month, no matter who it was, he felt that the pressure was too great when facing William.

Who didn’t know that he was Angela’s husband and the Divine King of Olympus, and he easily crushed the existence of Hela and even Odin.

At first William was low-key, everyone was relaxed, but over time, the more low-key he was, the more people felt that he was observing or plotting against something in secret.

In the past month or so when Anji** came to the throne, why did she become a king? During the process of ascending to the throne, and so on secrets happened, and some of them were inevitably spread out.

Now no one dared to ignore William, who really did this.

Before leaving, William hugged Angela and asked, “Should I leave a magic Avatar in the bright spot?”

“No”, Angela shook her head as soon as she heard it. Although the Magic Avatar can speak and fight, Angela would rather live alone for a week or two than face a Magic Avatar.

William actually couldn’t accept his own woman, and regarded Avatar as him, “After you finish the new agreement with Warnerheim, come to London.

Or I really want to When I am, tell me the black cat Avatar who stayed in the palace.

I will pick you up at night to London, and then back to Asgard like work during the day.”

“Can this be the case?” Angela stared at William with bright eyes, and saw William laughed extend the hand, placed on Angela’s forehead, and the magic of the magic Avatar appeared in her mind.

“When you learn the magic of Avatar, you can leave Avatar in Asgard and stay with me in London by yourself.”

“I will definitely learn soon.”

But Angela was not happy for a while, and shook her head, “Forget it, let’s wait another year or two, lest anyone knows that my new king will rule Asgard with Avatar.


Maybe when our child can fulfill Prince’s responsibilities and help me with trivial matters, I can always be with you in London”.

“Then you have to wait”, William couldn’t help but worry in his heart.

Should I become like a giant dragon, the stronger the strength, the harder the offspring will be?

For more than a month after returning to London, except for returning to Asgard to help Sol’s daughter baptism, William was busy with the issue of heirs.

But I don’t know that due to the destruction of the Infinite Gems, a group of people in the abyss have been losing their souls because of the strength of William and Kamar-Taj over the years. The dissatisfied Demon Kings are secretly contacting and colluding. , Intends to unite and kill him.

After several negotiations, Mephisto, who knew well about William’s temper and ability, even though he was involved in this operation, he didn’t want to really match William at all.

Combined with Lucifer, the fallen angel who has the same idea, and a few other Demon Kings who don’t want to be the first bird, all the good things, and even self-deprecating Domam who encourages Dark Space to lead the battle.

And Domam didn’t know if it was because the gem of time was ruined, or he just wanted to swallow a few 1 billion of Earth’s creatures, even if he knew the ideas of other Demon Kings, he still began to deploy secretly.

The first goal is undoubtedly the three magic temples of Kamar-Taj.

As long as the magical barrier of the temple is destroyed and someone summons him on Earth, Domam can draw Earth closer to Dark Space.

And in Dark Space, Domam is confident enough to win William without infinite gems.

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