Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1517

When Domam began plotting against William, Dr. Stephen Strange was invited to a reception in a large apartment on Fifth Avenue in New York.

Wearing a hand-made suit, in the glass cabinet where the watch is specially placed, from more than 20 luxury watches, selected a Vacheron Constantin sports watch to stay on the wrist.

Go down and open the door of a black Lamborghini Daniel. After a while, a roar of a sports car was heard throughout the underground parking lot.

All the way to the banquet venue quickly.

When the car ran to a remote mountain road, the mobile phone in the car rang, Strange pressed the Bluetooth button, and the sound came from the car.

The call was made by his assistant in order to report to him the recent cases received by the hospital.

He rejected a few cases in a row that, in Strange’s opinion, were not challenging at all, and scolded the assistant again, and rejected a case that seemed to him without any hope.

The assistant finally helped him pick a case that was challenging and made Strange feel confident.

“Transfer specific information to my phone”.

“Wait, Court Academecian, you are driving now, I don’t want you to have an accident.” After the persuasion, the assistant said teasingly, “I will let you buy the Aston Martin series produced by the Devonshire family in the morning. Model.

Otherwise, you don’t need to transfer the data to your mobile phone, but directly holographic projection on the windshield.”

Strange suddenly said uncomfortably, “Don’t talk nonsense, just send it to my phone, I’ll watch it when I reach the destination.

And Lamborghini Daniels The car screen is enough for me. If I need to spend an extra 100,000 pounds, just buy a holographic projection?”

The assistant said with a smile while transmitting the information, “God, 100,000 pounds. It’s just your salary for an operation.

You can buy 10 Aston Martin Vulcans for just a watch.”

“Hang it up”, Strange wouldn’t say that he was scared by William back then, so, apart from buying an explosive-proof watch, he never used other Devonshire products.

“ding dong”.

After arriving at the destination, Strange, who really wanted to read the information again, saw that the mobile phone set to automatically link with Daniel had already transmitted the information to the screen of the center console.

Can’t help but glance down, then remind myself that safety is important.

But after dozens of seconds, he couldn’t help but glance again. With this look, he couldn’t help but glance at the third and fourth.

Looking, watching, reaching out and turning the pages on the screen, when I saw the CT image of the case, I instinctively thought about the operation plan in my mind.

This lack of concentration. When driving through a curve, he did not notice the lights on the other side of the curve. When turning, he was dazzled by the lights on the opposite side.

His vision immediately became blurred, and the speed of the car was not slow, the steering wheel did not come back immediately when cornering, and the front of the car was on the rock on the mountain road.

With the sound of “peng”, the front of the car cocked, and Strange was shocked. If he left the car on the mountain regardless, it would only cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

But as soon as he turned the steering wheel, he was already a little out of control, and he swiftly turned around on the road, smashed through the isolation belt, rushed out of the mountain road, and fell to the foot of the mountain.

Fortunately, someone saw him overturning, and soon called for help. Otherwise, there was a car accident in the mountains at night, and the ghost knew how long it would take to be discovered.

As soon as Strange was in a car accident, he has been carrying out William’s orders to include him as an object of observation on Sunday, and report to William without any delay.

At this time, Wilson father and son, who came to the manor to have a meal, and William walking in the garden,

while holding the horned Gemma-Duran, once again Pay attention to the little Louis sitting on the unicorn saddle.

Amidst Little Brat’s giggles, William frowned upon hearing Sunday’s report.

I thought that Strange of this World was impossible and Kamar-Taj had something to do with him, but he still had a car accident. Does this indicate that something bad will happen? ?

In Doctor Strange’s movie, the villain Domam, although he seems stupid and unworthy to be the owner of Dark Space, he is also a stronger leader than Mephisto .

If this is to let Domam know that his plot against William is not the high density of the Demon Kings he has been worried about, but a small human being in a car accident, William will start to look at him On the body,

Domam would probably be depressed, and vowed in shock that he would never hit Earth’s idea again.

Wilson frowned when he saw the good William mentioned earlier, and asked worriedly, “Did something happen?”

William is naturally nodded, after all, he and The relationship between the Wilson family is considered to be fully occupied by him.

Whether it is an interest relationship or the friendship he has been with for so many years, he doesn’t want to see an accident in the Wilson family.

Send a drone on Sunday to observe Strange’s situation. If it is really dangerous, send the healing robot in the spaceship.

And if there is no mortal danger, William will definitely not be saved so easily. At this time, Strange, who has a bad personality, is dying.

Always make him suffer enough before he cares about the identity of Sorcerer.

After thinking about it for a few seconds, I thought of the magic temple in London, just in case, I whispered to Wilson,

“The hunting season is still more than ten days away. , If you, your grandfather and father have nothing particularly important, it’s best to spend a vacation in the country.”

“No problem, I will call now.” For William’s words, Wilson will not question him at all.

But after talking with King Philip, who was in his 90s, he hesitated and didn’t know what to say.

William gave him a blank look, and said grimly, “Just say, for the sake of little Louis, I’m sure I won’t let you have an accident.”

Little Louis, who was almost three years old, heard William say his name and immediately clapped his hands happily, reaching out for William to hug him.

William, who has been preparing to be a child in the past few months, saw Little Brat’s smiling face, and his heart was like melted ice. He stretched out his hand and held Louis in his arms.

Besides the several dozen meters I looked at, Abigail, Artenis, and Jesse who were talking to Kate looked at each other very depressed.

Then seeing Kate with a slightly raised belly, the women became even more depressed.

In the past, William didn’t want a child, and they couldn’t even think about it, but now ten women take turns preparing for pregnancy, and none of them are pregnant.

But for this kind of thing, no matter how impatient they are, the last problem must be William. After all, ten people are impossible.

William’s side, Louis hid his little head in William’s neck, and whispered to William to take him on the horse and gallop. William laughed heartily without hesitation and turned on his horse.

Putting Little Brat on the automatically transformed saddle, William looked down at Wilson.

I wanted to curse a few words, but the thought of cursing his father in front of Louis was not good for both Louis and Wilson.

Suddenly relaxed and asked, “If you are embarrassed, then we will talk privately.”

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