Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1518

“It’s not a difficult thing either.”

I probably saw that William cares about Louis very much. He didn’t even hide the magic. In front of Louis, he changed a special saddle.

Make Ben and William think At the time, Wilson, who had a thick face, quickly let go of the burden in his heart.

With a flattering smile, he said, “Grandfather is going to take my grandmother to Windsor Castle, south of England. My father, mother and The younger brother went to Scotland for a holiday.

Now Kate and Louis have nowhere to go, so, should we go to Oxford Castle together?”

William couldn’t help but hook the Head, old Philip is really thoughtful, knowing the truth about not putting eggs in a basket.

Scotland, Oxford, and Windsor are equal to the three places of high, middle and low. Unless it harms the whole of England, no matter how many people are left in their family.

Furthermore, Scotland and Windsor Castle were originally away from London. They will not have anything. As for the Wilson family hiding in Oxford Castle.

If Oxford Castle is not safe, probably no place in England is safe.

William lowered his head and eagerly, and little Louis, who was twisting around, asked, “How about William Uncle taking Louise to Oxford Castle tomorrow?”

“Okay” , Louis, who has never been out of London, although he still doesn’t know where Oxford Castle is, but it doesn’t affect his trust in William. The little head is nodded without any hesitation.

Wilson happily took out his mobile phone, found a number to dial out, and ordered people to pack their daily necessities and prepare to go to Devonshire Castle.

Wilson, who didn’t even close his smile anymore, passed by William a single thought. The horse rein turned into sentinel material appeared in his hand and whispered to Louis, are you ready? , Waiting for Little Brat to be nodded again and again with excitement,

The unicorn started to wander and ran.

It didn’t take long before he took Louis, who was less than three years old, riding an unusually beautiful white horse in his manor. The pictures of jogging appeared on the two major television stations in England and on the Internet.

All the people in England who saw this scene, whether they support aristocracy or those who don’t like aristocracy, shouted’God bless’ in their hearts.

According to the status and strength of the Devonshire family in England, if William had other thoughts and social instability, the final bad luck must be their wallet.

And the nobles are not just happy, they are simply ecstatic. How friendly and close the two biggest and most influential nobles get along means that everything is business as usual and they can continue to enjoy their identity The days of being superior.

Although the nobles did not benefit directly from the existence of the Devonshire family, their economic situation has indeed improved a lot over the years.

Not to mention other things, the gold that has been shipped back from Fire Star for more than ten years has allowed the people of England to use the influence of gold to facilitate many new cooperations.

Of course, everyone knows that the people of England dare not put a large sum of gold into the market, otherwise the countries of the world will fall out with England.

But a lot of gold means that there is ample confidence and a strong currency. The hidden benefits of this alone are endless.

So, anyone may hope William bad luck, but 80% of England people absolutely hope that William will always maintain the status quo.

I took Louise on a horse and ran for five minutes, holy light swept around in his body and made sure that Little Brat was okay, so he slowed down again, almost like brisk walking and led him to continue around Toward the manor, wandering aimlessly.

When the two rode to the iron fence near the street, the flashes suddenly flashed wildly.

Fortunately, William stretched out his hand to cover his eyes before being stimulated by the strong light, and then waved with the other hand, red light suddenly gasped on the fence,

The experienced paparazzi quickly turned off the camera and backed away, while those inexperienced rookies soon found that the camera in their hands gave off a pungent smell of coking.

Looking at or being scared, or flustered and exasperated with paparazzi, most of the paparazzi who stayed at Devonshire Manor all the year round, laughed heartily at the same time, could not help but curse William as an asshole.

Occupying the technical advantage, no one can find out the reason unscrupulously and burn the circuit of the camera in their hands.

Once it smells of burnt, it means that the camera is not even necessary for repair.

As for ordinary mobile phones, William doesn’t care. Although he feels unhappy, this is modern society, not a kingdom with the supremacy of Olympus or Asgard.

Also, when Abigail became angry, it wasn’t that he had never done something to burn the ordinary person’s phone on Sunday. But the lawsuit is sure to win, and the ordinary person who can be dragged is exhausted, but More often, the lawyer is not afraid of trouble, and Abigail himself finds it troublesome.

2nd day William’s family took the Wilson family of four and went to Oxford Castle.

When he left, I got Fatty Wang’s orders from William yesterday to handle the secret deployment of the Magic Temple in New York, and from the New York Temple through the portal to the Magic Temple in London.

The first sight Chen Qinfeng saw was to give him a holiday and return to the heaven.

Chen Qinfeng, who has been serving in the Magic Temple in London for several years, does not understand that this is an accident.

I took out my mobile phone to check the news, and I saw the TV station reporting that the William family took the Wilson family to Oxford. Philip and Charl took a lot of nobles yesterday. They would rather be scolded or scolded. Accuse, go to rural hunting grounds for autumn hunting.

This made Chen Qinfeng, who originally wanted to stay, teleported to the Magic Temple on Hong Kong Island without hesitation, and then returned directly to the magic capital by plane.

Moreover, he was not the only one who was smart and didn’t care about fame, but also many thoughtful people, and soon followed him to leave London.

We drove away Chen Qinfeng, who was specially ordered by William. Fatty Wang, as the Sorcerer of the London Temple, was unable to stay in the Temple.

Instead, he returned to Kamar-Taj, Secretly, together with a few magic Sorcerer, began to implement the policy of loosening outside and tightening inside.

William was on vacation in the castle while waiting for Domam to do his hand first, or waiting for Domam to enter the main material plane.

However, secretly, a large number of magic Avatars and spaceships were sent to enter the mutant world, looking for four other infinite gems all over the universe.

Although the gems of space and power give William enough confidence that he can win even in Dark Space, and even kill Domam, who would think he has more cards and stronger strength?

Moreover, he was ready, and Mephisto was not prepared to move when something happened.

He will focus on Mephisto instead of other Demon Kings. It is true that he has bullied Mephisto too many times and ghosts don’t believe that Mephisto can take advantage of him. Will stay obediently and honestly in their own territory.

Fortunately, there was an agreement with the will of the abyss, the dark forces belonging to the abyss, let alone hurt his family, they couldn’t get close.

So, William himself is not too worried about the safety of his family. Instead, he should be guarded against the fallen ones who take refuge in the dark forces.

Because of this agreement, he cannot take the initiative to destroy Dark Space. After all, if he really wants to, even if Dark Space is big, can he still block millions of mercury bullets and even antimatter? Damn it?

As long as a weapon that can emit a strong light can restrain the devil.

Or, as in the past, through the portal, the huge light emitted by the sun-like star can be drained into the abyss. As long as the time is long enough, it is guaranteed to burn all the demons and dark creatures in the abyss to death.

This is probably the reason why Mephisto, who knows William’s methods, has not dared to fight him.

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