Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1519

After three days in Oxford Castle, he was notified on Sunday that Strange, who was seriously injured, had woke up.

Through the picture that came back on Sunday, Strange’s face was swollen like a bun, and he was lying on the hospital bed with bruises.

The most painful thing is that Strange’s hands are wrapped in thick gauze and fixed on a special bracket.

Seeing this, William felt relaxed in his heart.

Since it is similar to the movie screen in memory, it means that Strange is likely to look for Kamar-Taj again and embark on the path of Sorcerer.

Immediately, William didn’t care about how angry, desperate and unwilling to see Strange when he woke up and saw his abandoned hands.

After a single thought, I came to Kamar-Taj’s library in an instant. Looking at the research time, it recorded how to summon Domam’s “Book of Cagliostro”.

I reached out and took the book off the iron frame, while flipping through the “Book of Cagliostro” that I had memorized when I first came into contact with Kamar-Taj more than ten years ago,


Bian asked Sunday, “Who has been in contact with this book in these years?”

There was a two-second pause on Sunday, not only reporting dozens of names, but also Show the heads of these people.

When he saw Lucian, a 30-year-old male Sorcerer, William smiled. This guy stabbed Strange in the chest and almost killed him. Fanatic.

“Casillas, who was driven away by me back then, where is now and what are they doing?”

As soon as William’s words are finished, the screen will be displayed on Sunday.

To William’s surprise, Casillas looked pretty good.

I heard Sunday’s voice in my ears, “SIR, only after being driven away by you, Casillas at first stayed like a tramp in Kathmandu for three years, always looking for Kamar -Taj.

After despair, he first followed the Hindu cultivator of painstaking cultivation cultivation, five years later he suddenly gave up the cultivation and returned to the U.S., and then he has been recruiting disciplines in New York in the name of the reincarnation of Galata.”

Isn’t this a magic stick?

William laughed, put the “Book of Cagliostro” back on the iron shelf and sealed it, and the silhouette appeared on the top floor of a building in New York City.

Freddy the dreamer was locked up in Yellowstone National Park, and the bulldog of incarnation appeared at his feet.

Freddy, who has been detained for more than half a year, saw William with a face of ecstasy and flatteringly said, “See you very good, great master.”

William stomped Freddy’s head with his feet, squinted and said, “You are lucky, I can use you again.”

The bones that were trampled on were all rattling and rattling, but Freddy did not dare to complain.

But when William said that he was needed again, the dream demon was still smug in his heart, “Great master, I promise you will not have any extra thoughts during the mission, except for what you ordered. And action”.

“hmph, the best you can think of”.

William didn’t believe in Freddy at all in his heart. Half of the ten words of the devil may be true, but trust in this kind of thing is insulated from the devil.

And this time it was plot against Domam, so he had to be cautious.

A soul restraint broke into Freddy’s demon, instantly strengthening the contract planted in Freddy’s demon, and then told him to do and so on at the same time, it also made him unable to use Tell the content of this mission in any form.

That night, Casillas, who was meditating, but was completely useless, had a muddleheaded dream.

A voice in the dream told him how to take in Dark Space energy, and when he wanted to see what the person in the dream looked like, he woke up instantly.

Freddy outside several dozen meters, gā gā gā smiled and wanted to leave. Find a place to try William’s method and steal the energy of Dark Space secretly.

I think one day, I can trample William under my feet.

But he just ran a few meters, and his silhouette disappeared.

When the eyes opened, I suddenly found myself appearing on a two-meter high altar in a temple, and there were at least thirty Knights in gilt armors and long swords standing around them.

The periphery of these Knights are the other seventy Paladins led by Strauss, and an array of five hundred prepared Knights.

“Satan is above”.

Freddy just had the idea of’bad’, thirty William and Athena, Paladin in the Temple of Artenis,

started to pray, thirty groups Holy light dropping from the sky, while improving the Paladins’ strength, the instantaneously burned Freddy turned from a bulldog look to a ghostly burnt all over his body and a claw blade on his left hand.

“Long live the king of gods”.

The thirty Paladins who received William’s response roared and released all kinds of holy light magic to Freddy.

For a time, the whole temple glowed with dazzling light. Tens of thousands of Holy City residents around the temple almost couldn’t open their eyes.

However, Freddy’s devilish appearance remained deeply in their hearts.


A series of severe pain and roar sound rang in Freddy’s mouth. I didn’t understand that I was abandoned by William and used to give Paladin is the target for practice.

Strengthening the faith of the Paladins, and let the ordinary person of Holy City believe in William, Athena and Artenis more sincerely because of the appearance of the devil.

Through his Divine Idol, watching Freddy even the demons were wiped out, William felt relieved and couldn’t help but sneered.

Starting from telling Freddy how to take in the energy of Dark Space, he was impossible to let Freddy go.

Freddy is an idiot who really believes it after hearing William’s nonsense saying’I need him again’.

But I never thought that a person like William is even afraid of demons, and the best way to keep it secret is to destroy the body and soul.

Let Athena and Artenis take the opportunity to release their divine sense and inspire all the ancient Greeks in Holy City to drink some soup while William harvests the faith and stores it.

When William appeared in Olympus’ own temple, two Olympus queens who had harvested a large wave of faith walked in together, flushed and smiling.

When I saw William, I dragged him to the hot spring room without any fuss.

It didn’t take long for some strange sounds to be heard in the palace. The maids of Athena and Nymph Goddess of Artenis who listened to them wanted to escape, or simply joined in.

William was enjoying the service of his two wives. Casillas, who was given the energy of Dark Space, could not help but start cultivation after thinking about it in the middle of the night.

It didn’t take long for Domam in Dark Space to feel that someone was taking in his power.

Without any hesitation, Dommam let a burst of dark energy enter Casillas’ body.

Soon Domam knew that he had another human believer, or a puppet.

And this kind of stealing the energy of Dark Space, in the past thousands of years, Domam himself couldn’t remember how many people there were.

The only thing that makes him helpless is Gu Yi.

And he will be anxious to plot against William, in addition to wanting to swallow Earth’s 1 billion creatures.

It’s nothing more than that during the years when William was in charge of Kamar-Taj, he not only used holy light every year to identify every occult Sorcerer, whether it was corrupt.

Once it was discovered, William would not let go of the other’s soul, which greatly weakened Domam’s peep of the main material world.

What’s more, after solving the internal troubles, William did not stop sending out a large number of Sorcerers to fight against the fallen all over the world, and by the way, he also smuggled the demons, demons, and dark into the main world. Creatures are also regarded as targets.

The quoted Domam and the many Demon Kings who need souls are very dissatisfied.

But before, William had six infinite gems in his hand. Not only is it unmatched in the main material world, but even in the abyss, it can kill the ancient dark Goddess of the fearlord Nix.

Forcing many Demon Kings to dare not provocation William at all, they can only endure silently.

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