Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1520

Now that the gems in William’s hand are destroyed, although the Demon Kings actively enter the main material world and are suppressed by the plane, they still can’t beat William.

But William also did not dare to enter the abyss and face them like Demon King.

Since everyone is once again in a position where no one can do anything, Mephisto and Lucifer, who have lived for countless years and have seen and encountered too many things, will not be easy. Playing by himself,

Instead, he kept testing, until William showed fatigue, he would pounce on William and swallow him.

But Domam, who was born as the Earth Demon Sorcerer, turned to defeat the former Demon King of Dark Space, and he couldn’t help it.

After finding out that Casillas actually mastered hundreds of American disciplines, Domam immediately began to think about how to control these hundreds of people.

When Casillas started yelling madly because of the dark energy he had taken in, a seductive, gloomy voice rang in his mind,

“Believe in me, Serve me, a mortal, you will gain the power and power of Supreme, and even eternal life.”

“Immortality?” The thought in Casillas’s heart that had been silent for more than ten years came to mind again.

He would look for Kamar-Taj at first, just to resurrect his wife and child who died in a car accident. Now someone tells him that he can live forever,

Not that it is possible to resurrect. His relatives.

“No, no, no, I don’t need eternal life, I only want you to resurrect my wife and child”.

Casillas said with a look of expectation and a frantic expression, “As long as you can do it, whether it is my body or soul, I will dedicate it to you.”

“Deal”, Domam promised without the slightest hesitation. As for whether he could do it, he didn’t care about it, let alone how Casillas would retaliate against him after despair.

If you want to retaliate against him, you have to enter the Dark Space.

Don’t say Casillas is just a mortal, even if Gu Yi dare not enter the Dark Space and confront him.

In the comics, Doctor Strange stupidly enters Dark Space.

If Kirstranger hadn’t been assisted by Dommam’s niece, Kerry would have been killed by Dommam.

Casillas, who received Domam’s promise, quickly let go of his mind, although he could not escape Domam’s control if he did not let go,

But after completely letting go, even the soul, Domam can inject more dark energy into his body.

After ten seconds, a curse was reminded in Dark Space, Domam wanted to input more power, but Casillas is just a mortal, and there is a limit to the strength the body can withstand .


After getting angry for a while, Domam turned his attention to Casillas’s American disciplines.

Only three days, on a farm on the outskirts of New York City, 350 Americans, like Casillas, had dark, cracked skin around their eyes.

“To find, seduce, and win over Kamar-Taj’s secret technique Sorcerer, summon my methods are all in the “Book of Cagliostro”.

“Understand, the Darkness Lord of Supreme”.

Casillas and 350 fallen people kneeling on the ground, after respectfully kowtow and praise, began to enter Kathmandu in batches.

After being driven away by William that year, Casillas was in Kathmandu, searching for Kamar-Taj for three full years, and was a Hindu cultivator of painstaking cultivation for five years. He was not familiar with the surrounding areas of Kathmandu. Cook again.

After finding more than a dozen hiding places in the city, Casillas began to send people to use dark energy in Kathmandu to secretly search for people with magical energy.

William, who had been staring at Casillas, recruited Fatty Wang. Soon Kamar-Taj’s secret technique Sorcerer was recruited one after another, and received a holy light test once a year.

William is not stingy this time only to detect holy light, but to change become Saint light baptism.

Not only used holy light to enhance the physical fitness of the Sorcerers, but also enhanced their affinity for the holy light element, so that the holy light scriptures that have been kept in the Kamar-Taj library finally played out The role it should have.

Soon the number of holy light magics is no longer more than twenty. It is exclusive to Sorcerer, the cultivation of holy light magic. Kamar-Taj ushered in the upsurge of cultivation holy light magic.

In only three days, half of the two hundred secretary Sorcerers can release low- and medium-level magic such as holy light bombs, blessings, purification, and protection.

And what is the secret technique Sorcerer best at?

Not all kinds of big William magic, but by power.

It can be said that the secretary Sorcerer’s life was spent in the process of borrowing the power of others and then being backlashed by the power.

William had to set up a holy light recovery magic array in the library after the massively borrowed holy light energy in the holy light scripture.

Unfortunately, not everyone really has a heart toward the light. There are more than a dozen people out of more than two hundred Sorcerers. No matter how cultivation, they are all imperceptible to holy light elements, even from holy light scriptures. It can’t be done with strength.

And among these people, there is no accident, Lucian who stabbed Strange in the heart.

If it weren’t for Casillas and his 350 men, who were scared and scared witless to escape from Kathmandu three days ago by the extremely huge and strong holy light three days ago,

darkness The fallen may have been in contact with the dozen or so Sorcerers, a secret technique that cannot cultivation the holy light.

In the past, there were more than 20 magic Sorcerers who were able to cultivate holy light. Among the other nearly two hundred Sorcerers, with a one-tenth probability, everyone just envied their innate talent.

But now more than 100 people can directly cultivate holy light, more than 90 people can borrow the holy light in the holy light sacred book, and even the backbone of the secret technique Sorcerer such as Fatty Wang, can directly Borrow Holy Light Power from William.

Then a dozen remaining people who can’t get cultivation, and cannot borrow holy light, become outliers in Sorcerer.

Even if no one ridicules or sneers, the dozen or so people will not fall for it.

But among them, there must be someone who can’t pass his own pass.

Anxious, feel ill at ease, unable to calm down, some people are thinking about going out for a trip, or a penance to get spiritual comfort,

Or simply find a senior Sorcerer, Even William asked for help.

There were also complaints, feeling that everyone looked at him with sympathy, strangeness, and contempt, and then a little bit of hatred towards his surrounding companions.

To be honest, if Gu Yi is still Paragon Sorcerer, she should talk to them one by one.

But for a person like William, don’t expect him to pull all the dozen people ashore while thinking about dealing with and plotting against Domam.

On the contrary, they will watch their performance with cold eyes.

If you perform well, those who have stood the test will definitely be favored by him. After all, the magic he possesses is not only holy light.

Thunderbolt represents the theocracy of Olympus, space, time, and darkness are too dangerous, even threatening himself, and will certainly not be spread,

but frost, flame, low-level The sorcerer incantation of Sorcerer can’t be compared with the secretary Sorcerer. Where are the powers borrowed from Emperor Weishan and where other high-level creatures exist?

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