Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1521

After holding the annual holy light test, William released everyone except the Sorcerer who stayed at Kamar-Taj.

Soon under William’s intentional or unintentional hint, Sorcerer found Casillas and his fallen creatures while clearing the smuggled demons, demons, and dark creatures.

The two sides fought several times in a row, but this time there was a holy light magic that specifically restrains Power of Darkness and can heal. It is the secret technique Sorcerer cultivated in the direction of the battle master. At the same time, the battle strength exploded. The casualties also plummeted.

Even if there was a severely injured Sorcerer who was dying, he was rescued by the holy light released by William, and within a few seconds he was alive and kicking to fight again.

After only four battles, the zealots of Domam reduced their number from 350 to 60 in a straight line, and they had to hide in the dark and become rats.

In the following time, a few were unable to use holy light and didn’t want to stay in Kamar-Taj looking for the secret technique Sorcerer of other methods.

Also appeared as William expected. With greater envy and unwillingness, thinking swings back and forth between good and evil.

However, under the deterrence of Secretary Sorcerer’s record during this period, these people are not so stupid because they really want to fall into the dark. The true speaking of which is just unwilling or hating the injustice.

And this kind of person is also the easiest to be tempted by darkness.

As for why William didn’t kill all the fallen directly, or let him touch and seduce Sorcerer, the secret technique of unsteady mind, regardless of Casillas, in order to delay time.

In order to have more time in the mutant world, looking for the other four infinite gems.

No, it is three.

Magic Avatar took a spaceship and found the soul gem in the Vomer Planet for a long time.

I want to find two people who truly love each other and have deep hatred at the same time. Even if they sacrifice one person, they have to take revenge. It is easy and easy to say, but it is hard to say heavenly ascension.

In the past two months, people with deep hatred are easy to find, a father and son who lost his wife and mother, and a couple who killed their child.

Father and his wife were willing to die, but the final result was that both the living son and husband were judged by the soul gems. For a moment, the two of them felt lucky.

Afterwards, William actually regretted it a little. In fact, he should let his son and husband die, because the father and wife may know more about love than the other two.

Of course, this is an afterthought, it can only be said that it is possible.

Although it did not succeed, the Magic Avatar still fulfilled its promise. The gold fell. Some were killers, mercenaries, and even people with U.S. identities to kill the enemies of these two families, and it was limited to the parties. One.

As for the enemy’s family, William doesn’t have that time to be nosy. Anyway, it’s not against him, everything is just a deal.

As for the other time, reality and spirit Spirit Treasure stones, the independent mutant world that is completely different from Marvel world is really not that easy to find.

Thousands of energy crystals were scattered among the star thief in the universe, and a lot of news was obtained, but the results of the magic Avatar’s search have disappointed William for two months.

Time is slowly passing by. In these two months, the people of England have not returned to London except for a little puzzled by their king’s family. Everything is normal on the surface.

And the future Doctor Strange Doctor Strange will be as desperate as he will be.

It took nearly two months to recover the hands that had undergone major surgery, but found that the hands were trembling as soon as the stent was removed.

In the future, let alone picking up the scalpel again, normal life will become a problem.

He furiously cursed the doctor who performed the operation on him, and he began to look for the most authoritative neuromedical expert in the United States, and came to the hospital where he worked in New York, to discuss amendments to him.

I was very dissatisfied, and other doctors in my hospital performed repairing hands.

I would like to ask authoritative experts to reject the operation. It is not that simple to come to New York exclusively.

Even if he used his previous favors and relationships to invite people, he still had to pay four neurosurgeons who charge as much as him.

Counting the second operation after that, Strange, who basically has no savings, had to discuss the treatment plan with the doctors and the banker to put him in the house on Fifth Avenue. The famous watches, luxury cars, and various luxury goods are auctioned off.

If the results of this operation are not good, he will have to sell the house if he does it again.

For a moment, Strange regretted in his heart that he shouldn’t live these years, and spent half of the money he made, and the other half was spent on the mortgage.

But this thought only stayed in his mind for a few seconds before it was thrown away without a trace.

People all over the United States live like this, and many people even borrow money to live their lives. A person like him who is not in debt is actually a person who can live his life.

To end the discussion of the last surgery, Dr. Christine Palmer said to Strange with a worried look,

“Why not try to ask the Devonshire Group, Six years ago, William-Devonshire unveiled the medical robot in the Caesar Theater in Las Vegas.

Three years ago, after the fire star travel plan was announced, the fully automatic large-scale restoration device claimed If you don’t die, you can save people back.

Rather than putting hope on the unsure Winster doctors, it’s better to listen to the dean, first contact the Devonshire group and ask if they have any grasp”.

When it comes to his hands and his future career prospects, Strange couldn’t help being silent.

After the announcement of a treatment robot and a fully automatic large-scale restoration instrument, simply no treatment cases were made public.

The fire star travel plan has been in operation for three years. Under the full surveillance on Sunday, let alone anyone who was fatally injured, even the collision was not reported.

All the wealthy people who boarded the fire star, after being interviewed, said the most about safety reminders all the time, as well as various intelligent robot assistants and vehicles that accompanied them.

Even if you don’t deliberately put it forward, the smart transportation that will carry you throughout the journey will not give you the opportunity to walk on the fire star yourself.

The second point is that, as one of the best neurosurgeons, Strange is like other authoritative doctors,

While belittling the therapeutic equipment invented by William, On the one hand, they are worried that the machine will replace them and make all doctors unemployed.

Moreover, this concern is not unfounded. Many reports in England have made it clear that, according to sources, Devonshire Group’s technology has already achieved breakthroughs in many therapeutic areas.

But William has been worried about the bankruptcy of medical companies and the unemployment of doctors and related practitioners all over the world.

In a short period of time, tens of millions of individuals and families will face the dilemma of no source of livelihood. The Devonshire Group has not really entered the medical field except for the small therapeutic device developed to help the Chelsea team win the championship.

Now he wants his world-renowned neurosurgeon to go to the Devonshire Group for help, so in the future, will he still be in the medical profession?

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