Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1522

Before he was completely desperate, Strange would rather run out of his possessions and fight for the glimmer of hope than he planned to ask the Devonshire Group now.

And Strange is actually very afraid of contact with William. He will never forget. When he was in South Africa, he was still a lieutenant general. At this time, General Ross, who was already the defense chief, asked him When helping a black buddy perform an operation,

After seeing the black buddy’s tragic situation, and learning that it was related to one of William’s men, how scared and worried he was.

In those few years, he always worried that he would suddenly be mutilated.

Now go and contact the Devonshire Group. What if William or his staff suddenly remember what happened in the past?

Isn’t that just being delivered to the door by yourself, making people stare at yourself?

With a violent shiver, Strange paused a few words, only worried that his hands would recover, but he would be resisted by his colleagues and the enemy would justify him. First, let’s see the effect of the normal operation.

And when Christine Palmer heard this, he also remembered that someone had said that once William opened up medical equipment to enter the market, only England would benefit the most, except for patients, and the biggest loss would be the United States. .

Some people are even more worried that after the unemployment of doctors and medical researchers, the Devonshire Group will be able to monopolize the entire medical industry.

The means and laws to deal with the monopoly of large companies are difficult to restrict the Devonshire family that has built a city on the fire star.

Since it has been able to build a science and technology city that can accommodate 10,000 people on fire star, who cares about the anti-monopoly law?

Moreover, when an ordinary person is faced with medical resources whose prices are reduced by ten times, there is no need to guess what they will choose.

On the contrary, many terminally ill people and their families make trouble in the media from time to time.

Now Strange is only having problems with his hands. If he has cancer or a fatal injury, he doesn’t have to choose. He will definitely stand on the side of the Devonshire Group. Of course, the premise is that he can Rescue.

Christine Palmer sighed helplessly, and stopped persuading, but did something silently. If Strange fails the second operation, he must prepare for help from the Devonshire Group .

Three days later, after the operation was completed, Strange’s hands were fixed by the stent again, but looking at the CT pictures taken, he felt tight in his heart. Now the only hope is to see the recovery after the operation. .

In the abyss, in the past two months, William has sent the Sorcerer to attack wildly, any dark forces that have not reported to the Sorcerer or the Paladin group.

While the Demon Kings in the abyss hated gnash the teeth, they were also worried about whether William could see something.

Mephisto and Lucifer, both of whom had been in contact with William, had a clear heart, and at the same time made a request to meet each other.

The two old Demon Kings suddenly felt a little after receiving each other’s request. At the same time, after guessing the other’s thoughts, it was no longer necessary to see each other.

On the contrary, they are all thinking about whether to sell Domam, so as to give William enough benefits to reach a new agreement with William just like the agreement reached with Gu Yi.

The two of them are not afraid of a never-ending battle with William.

There are demons in the abyss, and there are countless demons who would rather risk being killed before entering the main plane.

There are demons who don’t even know the exact number. If William only comes to a war between his men, Mephisto and Lucifer will definitely agree with ecstatic hands and feet.

Even if 10,000 ordinary demons are used to exchange for a secret technique Sorcerer, or Paladin’s soul falls into the abyss, they will not hesitate.

What the two old Demon Kings worry about now is that since they suspect that William knows something, then while these Demon Kings are plotting against William, will William not plot against them?

Mephisto, who fought with William that many times, only thought for a while, and he was sure in his heart that he was already under William’s gaze at this time.

Think about where you are. If he were William, he would definitely have guarded against playing against him many times, and he would take away the enemy’s treasure.

When I think of the treasure, Mephisto thinks of the Spear of Longinus, which is the demon-breaking attribute, and instantly becomes unstoppable furious, grabbing a succubus maid and swallowing it in his stomach.

The weapon of the demon-breaking attribute is a weapon in his hand, a nuclear weapon to deter other Demon Kings.

William’s hands are the nuclear weapons hanging over his Mephisto.

Because there are only a few Demon Kings who have an antagonism and affiliation with William.

Set, the god of darkness and desert, was forced by William to kill Mephisto early in the morning.

The fear lords almost overthrew the entire Olympus Divine Realm, and it was not finally destroyed by the William regiment.

The remaining Crimson Domain Saitorak was actually plotted against by William, but this looks like a bull, but the mainland is an all-knowing and omnipotent Demon King, and he didn’t even plot himself against him. Keep it in my heart and ignore William.

And there is the fallen angel Legion under his hand. The fallen angel boss Lucifer, who occupies five seats in the Ten Great Demon Kings, is being teamed up by William and Gu Yi to expel a projection with soul energy to him. In Festo’s territory, after being blackmailed by him, Lucifer did not specialize or retaliated against William alone.

Now when I think about it, Mephisto suddenly feels as if he is a fool. He has been targeting William all the time, and then he was beaten in the face.

Not only was the gun of Longinus taken away, William occupied Silent Hill in his own territory, and when he became a foreign land, a country in a country, he was also continuously Kill two evil Demon Kings, two nuclear explosions in his territory, two holy light magic Avatar self-destruct.

The last time he was self-destruct holy light Avatar in his royal city, he died countless demons, he was also burned by the holy light torn skin and gaping flesh, and almost escaped directly.

Thinking of these, Mephisto’s projection entered the plane of the main matter.

As soon as his projection appeared in the woods outside the Vampire Manor, 20 kilometers away from London, he was perceived by William, who was imprisoned by space power.

Immediately, William’s silhouette appeared in front of him, and then on the dark golden infinity glove with his left hand, the blue space gem was lit, and he pinched his neck.

“Are you courting death, or do you want to go to war with me like that idiot Dommam?”

Looking at the space gem in William’s hand, Mephisto is actually Already scared, almost frozen.

I have been muttering’impossible, this impossible’ in my heart.

When William said that Domam was an idiot, and knew that Domam was plotting against him, Mephisto sold Domam without any hesitation.

“I just knew that Dommam was impossible, so I came to exchange information with you for some benefits.

Or if you want, we can reach The old one after another agreement, I and my demons abide by your rules, and you don’t always kill to the last one my subordinates who enter the main world and collect souls.”

“Are you qualified to negotiate terms with me?”

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