Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1523

William has a mocking expression on the corner of his mouth. When the purple power gem is activated, Mephisto has to be suspicious. The other four grooves wrapped in sentinel materials are really there. Infinite gems.

“The throne of Satan is up, no matter if he is two or six.”

Mephisto didn’t think about it anymore. Just two gems made him understand that even in the realm of the abyss, he couldn’t do William alone.

Power gems are known as the source of all power. If William uses power gems as energy, it will be infinitely transformed into holy light energy, self-destruct magic Avatar in his territory,

Even if the area of ​​the territory is large, he himself is not that big, but the cities and clan gathering places in the abyss are always limited.

After being bombed indiscriminately, without William hitting him, other Demon Kings will not miss the opportunity to profit from somebody’s misfortune.

After thinking about it for a moment, Mephisto’s eyes turned and bewildered, “No matter how strong your strength is, you can’t change your rise. It’s only seventeen years, and I, Morpheus Trust is a existence that has lived for millions of years.

I must have what you need here, either a secret treasure, or knowledge, even all the Demon Kings I know, such as Domam’s weakness”.

Anyway, William knew that Domam was plotting against him. It was already that way to sell Domam, but if William was interested in the knowledge in the abyss, or the knowledge he collected in Mephisto, then Things are fun.

As for the secret treasures, he himself felt that it was not enough, so he would really exchange good things to William.

William smiled when he heard it. He certainly wouldn’t believe in Mephisto, but it didn’t prevent him from seeing what the Old Demon ghost wanted to do.

Let go of Mephisto’s projection, slap the projection on the shoulder blatantly, and punch the space imprint into the projection.

But he said kindly, “If you said that early in the morning, where would we have that many misunderstandings”.

But after I finished speaking, I frowned and looked at the surrounding woods. Then the power gem flashed, and the purple energy swept across the five hundred meters of the vampire manor.

“This five hundred meters range should be your entry and exit point. In the future, if you and your subordinates dare to appear in London and Oxford, it will represent this war. Do you understand?”

“No problem,” Mephisto was nodded without any hesitation. He was not interested in seducing William’s family.

Not to mention that the devil has been unable to get close to William’s family. Even if he uses humans to plot against and seduce him, once he does this, or really succeeds in making a woman of William fall.

I don’t know if that woman can live, but a life and death war will happen.

Before finding a way to deal with William, doing so was completely a loss.

“So, we have reached a preliminary agreement, you will not kill all my hands in the future?”

William squinted for a while, his face said in a tranquil voice, “Don’t talk nonsense, you are the Demon King, my current Paragon Sorcerer, there is only hostility between us, and there is an impossible agreement.”

“You,,” Mephisto instantly became angry.

I didn’t wait for him to scold William abandon one’s benefactor after achieving one’s goal, and I saw William looking at the sky whispered, “Kamar-Taj’s battle Sorcerer is still too few.

After the hands were thrown out, the people below reported that they can only clean in South Asia and Europe at the same time. Even an important place like the US can only protect the magic temples in New York and New York.

If the US is now suddenly If there is a big mess, I, the Paragon Sorcerer, have to deal with it personally.”

“Hey”, Mephisto couldn’t hear what William meant. From now on, if he and his men only engage in the United States and the Maple Leaf Country,

The Sorcerer is here The two countries will not be surrounded and suppressed as they are now, and they will be in a clean posture that must be cleaned up.

When the time comes, whichever smuggling demon has bad luck, that is fate.

Also, William reminded Mephisto that if the demon exceeds his tolerance limit, he will do it himself.

For Mephisto, the place he prefers to make trouble is actually North America.

Because of film and books, his reputation in the United States is greater than that of Lucifer’s Demon Kings.

In Europe, the reputation of the fallen angel is in turn greater than that of Mephisto.

Thinking of this, Mephisto suddenly understood why Lucifer and the other fallen angels didn’t bother William.

It’s really the food on the plate, right under William’s nose. If you want to make trouble, you have to think about whether you will have no more food in the future.

Not to mention other things, as long as William is willing, he can secretly purge the underground forces of the Europa countries.

If you get rid of all the scum that sells flour, arms, and people, the crime rate in Europa will plummet.

People have good intentions, what about their Demon King?

When Mephisto thought of his own Demon Kings, he actually reached the point where he could only eat according to William’s face, and his face suddenly felt hot and painful.

However, Mephisto alone can’t solve this kind of thing. In addition, he has been secretly promised by William that the Miguo has become his hunting ground, and there is no thought to be with William. pull.

And William didn’t want to fall out with Mephisto before he got Domam.

Even if you have enough confidence, the worst is to take your family to Divine Realm in Olympus.

But avoiding confrontation with two or three Demon Kings, or even multi-line combat, can also make the Earth of several decades of life less loss.

No matter how selfish he is, he just doesn’t care about the life and death of a single human being. If Earth is really involved, the inescapable emotion prevents him from being truly cold-blooded.

With a flash of thought, the silhouette appeared in the meeting room of Folger Castle.

After a while, there was a sound of footsteps, and I saw Hela in a black dress, holding a tray in his hand and walking to the sofa opposite William.

Put the tray on the coffee table and pour two glasses of whiskey in two crystal glasses.

Hella was about to pass the wine glass to William, and a wine glass was automatically suspended in William’s hands.

Taking a sip of whiskey, William sat on the sofa helplessly, thinking that he would never let Hella come to London anyway.

But since he knew that Domam was doing things, he was thinking, after Domam was killed, who would master Dark Space?

He will definitely not go. Among the women in the family, Serena and Nissa, two people from Blood Race, are suitable attributes, but their strength is too weak. They go to Dark Space, maybe just to die.

Finally, think about it, or give up Dark Space, or choose Hela.

But Hela wants to master Dark Space, it is not so easy, at least she has to let William rest assured.

Looking at Heladao, “I will help you find a way out, and you have to swear to never target me and my family, not Olympus and Asgard Divine Realm.”

“Asgard Divine Realm?” Hela asked with a crooked mouth, showing a mocking expression, “Is it Asgard Nine Realms, or Asgard itself?”

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