Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1524

“What did you say?” William gave Hela a blank look. Does this matter need to be explained?

When I think of Hella deliberately asking, and being cautious, William also had to say clearly, “Of course it includes Earth, Warnerheim’s Nine Realms.”

“No problem,” Hela, who has no confidence in bargaining, is a pleasant surprise for William to think of her.

At this time, Asgard actually has no place for her to stand, but she is not that easy to fool.

A fool can see William’s attitude towards her before.

But now I suddenly came to the door and said that I would give her a way. Hela would be a fool if he didn’t take the opportunity to make a request.

Staring at William with a smile, “I also have a condition.”

William nodded, “you said”.

“You must give me an heir.” Hela stood up and returned her black dress after saying, “I am more than 3,000 years old, and the peak period is only 1,500. Years.

And you are less than forty years old, and you are already the strongest Sorcerer. Our child will not only have an innate talent, but when I die, your father will watch me The descendants of the people also have a backing.”

“Ha”, what is waiting for you to die, what is for the child, William didn’t believe these words at all.

Hela just wanted to get closer to him, so as not to be guarded and watched by William all the time.

Another point is that Hela has the idea of ​​letting her child compare with Angela’s child.

The mother is different, but the father is William himself. Even if they can’t be treated equally, the father shouldn’t be too biased.

In case Angela’s son is really trash, the throne may become her son Hela.

In the past, William would refuse this condition without even thinking about it, but no woman has been pregnant for so long.

William had to suspect that the problem was either with him, or because he was too strong, and Angela and the others were relatively weak, so they could not be pregnant with a child.

This kind of random medical thinking that puts his eyes on Hela, although not so strong, but he can’t let his own woman have children, like a thorn, always surrounds him.

Without an heir, what is the point of getting Olympus and Asgard?

Although there is a child, the trouble will be no small in the future, but the harm without a child is actually greater.

For a long time, if the rule is not stable, the ghosts know that they can’t be a mother, what will Athena and Angela think.

Fortunately, if it can live forever, it doesn’t matter whether it is a child or not.

However, William knew in his heart that his first child must not be Hela’s.

Otherwise, she would dare to attack Jesse and the others.

When the time comes, Hela really abolished Hela, even lost his life, what about the child?

The status of father in the heart of the child is inherently lower than that of the mother.

With a wave of hand, the black dress on the ground automatically puts on Hela, “I’ll talk about child’s matter later. You’d better not go against my will, otherwise, I am not Odin.”


William’s silhouette has not disappeared, Hela smiled and said, “Since you don’t oppose my proposal, that means you may be my child’s father in the future. It’s not difficult to accompany me to dinner. Right?”

William rolled his eyes sharply, knowing that Hela was unsatisfied, but since it was a move for Hela to master Domam’s Dark World, Hela did not show any unusual thoughts. Or before defying his will,

Some insignificant requests were rejected too much. Didn’t he take the initiative to push Hela to the opposite side.

And since it was all wooing, William didn’t mind putting down his mouth and asked actively, “What do you want to eat, I will make it for you myself”.

“You,,,”, Hela looked at William in a daze, with expressions of disbelief all over her face.

Odin’s fatherly love has always been majestic and cannot be rejected. Other Asgardian men, Hela has already looked down upon them when they were still young.

When she became an adult, she brought a large army to conquer, and even more despised the man who couldn’t beat her.

Now Hela, who believed in powerhouse is respected, was used by William’s soft knife and suddenly not knowing what to do.

And how ghostly is William?

Looking at Hela now, it looks a bit like Angela back then. With a turn of mind, she said with a stern face,

“What do you want to eat? If you don’t trust my cooking skills, then you eat yourself”.


If William had just stepped forward, and took Hela’s hand and kissed her a few times as he did with Angela, Hela would definitely be able to react afterwards. William was playing tricks and tricks on her.

But the tone and attitude were as bad as ever, but Hella was uncertain, unable to determine whether William’s personal cooking was accidental or intentional.

And Hela’s hesitation in her heart means that her mind is beginning to fall.

Work harder, or get rid of her defensive heart completely, let Hela truly fall in love with him.

Either it was too much force that made Hela realize that William’s purpose was impure, and he would be more defensive in the future.

However, if a person like William doesn’t have the idea of ​​playing in the heart at first sight, then if you have a relationship with a woman and get along for a long time, you will naturally have feelings.

As long as Hela does not exceed his bottom line in the future, the emotions that are naturally expressed in daily contact, Hela can’t think of it.

To restrain Hela with emotions, coupled with the suppression of strength, is equivalent to two-pronged approach.

Of course, for feelings, the ghost knows what will happen over time.

Just like William only brought Jin-Grey to the main world,

After the magical girl Ruiwen came into contact with the nightcrawler, even if William determined the nightwalking of the mutant world He was not Ruiwen’s child, he suddenly lost that feeling for Ruiwen.

And when Hela saw that William had begun to frown, he felt the same as Angela back then, and it was difficult to contain the thought that William was really angry.

“Yes, if possible, I would like to eat something called tomahawk steak that I saw on TV.”

Well, just by looking at the choice of food, you know how strong the violent factor in Hela’s heart is.

There are that many types of steaks. Ninety percent of girls will never pick them. Tomahawk steak weighs one kilogram and is generally exclusive to big belly guys.

Angela has been with him for nearly ten years, and has never shown the side of a female man. When alone together, she sometimes looks more like a little woman than Jesse and Nissa, a pair of live treasures.

William thought so in his heart, but he didn’t have any disgust or other bad expressions on his face.

He snapped his fingers and said to Sunday, “Help me prepare two pieces of tomahawk steak that are most suitable for tomahawk steaks, with ribs and bones.”

Half an hour later, Hela sat face to face, eating a steak, looking at his face, and couldn’t tell whether it was a happy or angry William.

However, I am still very satisfied with the steak on my plate.

Half of the meal, William picked up an empty glass and handed it to Hela as it should be by rights, “I want whiskey.”

Hella’s eyebrows are slightly frowned, but the juicy and tender beef in the mouth, and William’s quick expression, let Hella subconsciously put down the knife and fork.

, Took the empty glass and poured half a glass of whiskey, and handed it back to William.

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