Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1525

After eating lunch with Hela, William chatted with her for a while before standing up and facing Hela nodded and teleported back to Oxford Castle.

Two months have passed unconsciously. After the second operation, Strange, after the wound healed, only had three days of postoperative physical recovery, and he understood the operation. To achieve the result he hoped.

And he himself knows very well that as the number of operations increases, no matter how brilliant the surgeon is, there will always be some unavoidable side effects after the operation.

It’s like your skin is cut through a cut, no matter how perfect the scar is restored, it will definitely not achieve the effect of the original skin.

Not to mention the injury of both of his hands, which is a neurological problem. The second operation can reduce the jitter condition by several times. In fact, it can be said to be a success.

But what he wants is not to lead a normal life, but to be able to stand on the operating table again.

In the middle of November in New York, it was raining lightly in the sky. Strange stood in the duplex house he bought on Fifth Avenue, looking at the night view of New York outside the building.

For a long time, I have been thinking about it for a week, and I have discussed the necessity of the third operation with several neurologists of the same authority, Strange sighed helplessly.

Now even if he wants to sell this house, worth more than ten million dollars, no authoritative doctor is willing to risk a third operation on him.

“ding dong, ding dong”, a series of doorbells came, and I was too lazy to move, and I was not in the mood to pay attention to other people’s Strange. It didn’t take long to hear the key opening the door.

You don’t need to think to know that it is Christine Palmer.

Looking back at Christine putting the umbrella next to the shoe cabinet, on the umbrella shelf, holding a tablet computer, and walking over happily,

“I just received a reply from the Devonshire Group. They suggested that we buy a travel ticket to fire star.”

“This?” Strange asked in surprise, “What do they want to do? Use a fire star trip that costs $10 million as a ticket for treatment?”

“No, no, no”, Christine smiled and shook his head, squatting next to Strange, and smiling, “at first I have the same thoughts as you.

But after asking three times and getting no explanation from them, I think things are not that simple.”

After finishing talking, Christine tapped his finger on the tablet several times, then called up a form and said happily,

“Remember that before the accident, your assistant Will I send you the medical report?”

When Strange heard this, his face went gloomy, but he also understood that Christine Impossible was revealing his scars and listened silently. Christine continued,

“The patient who was rejected by you more than four months ago was not only not paralyzed, but also appeared on TV during the event.”

“This is impossible”, Strange stared at Christine excitedly, then was stunned by the tablet in front of him.

I saw a wealthy New York businessman named Molo attending a celebration of the first voyage of a cruise ship on the tablet.

Looking at the smiling Molo, standing on the dock to accept the reporter’s interview, Strange had a clear comprehension in his heart.

Then I listened to Christine happily continuing to say, “Seeing that Molo can stand up, this afternoon, I have contacted more than a dozen major hospitals in New York, or from experts in various medical fields. Some of the patient data they rejected.

There are two people like Molo, who have one thing in common. They all have business dealings with the Devonshire Group.”

After speaking, Christine shook his head, “The other thing is that they are all rich.”

Strange knew that Christine was taking a great risk, and it could even be said that if someone broke the news that she was privately accessing patient information, she would not become a doctor.

While grateful, Strange answered, “Then I spent 10 million dollars on a ticket to travel to Fire Star, right?”

” That’s right.” Just as Christine, who was squatting with sore legs, stood up, he saw Strange stood up, pressed her and sat on the sofa, but walked to the floor glass, watching the rainy night. new York.

For a while, when Strange didn’t speak, Christine whispered, “Although you sell this house, go to fire star to make a bet, you can combine it with the large With a fully automatic healing device, everyone can understand who has treated those rich people.”

“Needless to say,” Strange interrupted Christine and sighed, “I don’t doubt your judgment just now, but worry about the Devonshire Group, why would you agree to help me? Eligibility for application”.

“It’s not too hard to guess,” Christine said with a somewhat helpless expression, “You can afford ten million dollars, and you are the top authority on nerves.

Accepting you can not only improve their technical reserves in neuromedicine, but your surgical experience over the years can also help them improve the success rate, or accuracy, of the machine.

As for the second point ,” Christine said, not knowing what to say for a while.

And Strange knew in his heart that what Christine didn’t say was nothing more than once he, a neuro Peak expert, had to rely on machines to recover from his injuries to his hands, then the world’s well-informed rich, The witness will not go to the doctor in the future.

After all, many diseases cost no less than ten million US dollars, and even some diseases cannot be cured if you want to spend money.

It’s even simpler for American passport holders. Help the Devonshire Group once and you can secretly enter the fire star. After all, the spaceship belongs to the Devonshire Group. Who knows who is on board?

As for the time, how big a problem can you ask for a week off?

Although Strange would like to accept Christine’s suggestion now, his purpose of treating his hands is nothing more than to return to the operating table that he is best at and feels the most fulfilling.

If your hands are cured, but you can’t stand on the operating table again, what is the difference from now?

After listening to Strange’s words, Christine was taken aback and then went silent.

For a while, Strange said with a smile, “Don’t worry too much. Since I am useful to the Devonshire Group, they will definitely not mind waiting for me for a while.

Let’s take a look at the effect of postoperative physical therapy. In case the effect is not bad, even if you can no longer serve as the chief surgeon, you can still be a consultant or deputy.

And it will save $10 million.” , Strange laughed at himself, “According to my current situation, this house is probably the only property I can get in the future.”

Christine nodded, and then whispered, “Real estate tax…”.

“Oh”, Strange rubbed his cheek helplessly.

The tax rate for a small family house in New York is about 1.2% of the total value, while the tax rate for this large duplex house worth 10 million is 6%, and it has to pay 600,000 US dollars per year.

This 600,000, used to be a matter of Strange’s several operations, but once he can’t be the chief surgeon, it would be nice to have a salary of 600,000 a year.

Of course, put it down and work as a consultant for an authoritative doctor that he didn’t like in the past. You can still get a salary of 1 million a year.

He can earn $1.6 million. Even if he does not pay personal taxes, no fool would spend two-fifths of his income on property taxes.

Can’t take charge again, he has to sell the house if he doesn’t sell it.

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