Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1526

With helplessness, irritability and even being pinched by the Devonshire Group, Strange went to the hospital for physical therapy early in the morning on the 2nd day.

After five sessions of physical therapy in one hour, divided into time slots and rest, Strange, who was sweating and unable to see hope on his face, looked annoyingly at the side.

As a physiotherapist, he kept saying in a positive tone, “Come on, you can do it, you can do it.”

Hearing this sentence, Strange suddenly asked mockingly, “Tell me honestly, a top undergraduate student.

Have you ever seen such a severe nerve Injuries, after a failed operation, and an unsuccessful repair operation,

Can someone recover with physical therapy?”

Physiotherapist Looking at Strange in surprise, he couldn’t hear that the phrase “high-achieving undergraduate student” was mocking him.

Although Strange is indeed very famous in the medical field, his ass is personally angry.

Fortunately, physical therapists are not fools. Impossible scolds when treating patients, and even more impossible to beat people.

However, this does not prevent him from using an example that he himself finds impossible to stimulate, or to bring Strange to the gutter.

“Seven or eight years ago, I received a patient who was in a car accident. His waist was severely injured and paralyzed. One leg was disabled. Even if he was lying on the bed, his whole body would be in pain.

I came here three times a day for physical rehabilitation, and suddenly stopped coming after four months. After that I thought he was dead.

But I didn’t expect. A year later, I was in the hospital and saw He walked past me like a normal person, entered the psychiatrist’s office, and went to find…”.

Before he finished speaking, Strange interrupted and asked, “Walk through? Is this impossible?”

“No, I need to see his medical records.”

“God, do you think it is so easy to adjust the patient’s information?”

But before the physical therapist had time to refuse, there was a voice in my heart saying that there was something in his house. A spare document.

The physical therapist simply didn’t think deeply, and the backup data that simply didn’t exist would actually be in his own home.

“Forget it, in order to shut up your arrogant bastard, I will go back and write down the information I remembered in the past and send it to you in a hurry.”

This is Strange’s turn to be surprised, “You, can you remember the medical history seven or eight years ago?”

“hehe”, the therapist sneered a few times He did not speak, and then left the physiotherapy room with Strange’s shocked eyes, and went home to pick up the information when he was resting at noon.

Except for the CT map, everything that can be copied was copied and delivered to Strange’s home by express delivery.

In the mailbox downstairs that night, Strange, who saw the information, couldn’t help but blush. He is conceited that he also has the ability to remember,

But I want to finish Recalling the completeness, one letter, and one data without any error, the medical records from seven or eight years ago were still a bit difficult, or impossible.

After reading the information, it was found that only the injury report of the patient named Pangborn and the records during the physical therapy were included in the information. There was no medical report after the patient recovered.

At first thought, Strange felt that he was being tricked by the physical therapist.

But when the physical therapist said that Pangborn walked past him, it appeared in his mind all night, even in a dream.

Apart from being a consultant for the Devonshire Group, or assaulting the entire doctor system, Strange, there is nowhere to go. When the 2nd day is not light, he gets up to freshen up, shaking hands with scissors, Fix a beard that has not been taken care of for months.

Then follow the information on the information to find the patient named Pangborn.

And this Pangborn is the one who took Casillas to Kamar-Taj back then.

On an outdoor basketball court under a viaduct, I found Strange of Pangborn and looked incredible at the target that looked like a normal person.

“Jonathan Pangborn? The two segments of the spine were completely separated, completely paralyzed from the waist down, the knee plate of the left leg was still broken and disabled, and there was intermittent pain throughout the body…”.

Without waiting for Strange to finish, Pangborn asked vigilantly, “Who are you?”

“Stephen Strange, neurosurgeon,” said At this, Strange’s face darkened, “the former neurosurgeon”.

Hearing about the profession of neurosurgeon, Pangborn suddenly remembered and so on with a mocking expression, “I think of you, doctor.”

“I, do we know?” Strange was delighted, but listened to Pangborn’s face saying badly, “I know you, but you definitely don’t know me.

Back when I was injured, I went to you for help, but my family and I couldn’t even get in your office.”

Strange was taken aback, and then thinking about the case he saw last night, he said with an awkward expression, “I can’t save you at all.”

“Then look at me now”, Pangborn raised his hand and turned around a few times sarcastically, “You are simply afraid of failure and only care about your own reputation, right?”


After speaking, Pangborn turned around and left, but Strange, who had already seen the miracle, would give up so easily.

Raise your hands in your pockets, “You have found hope in despair, and you have also performed miracles.

Now I am a pitiful person in despair, I hope to Get your help”.

Panborn looked at Strange with a centipede-like scar on the back of his hand, and Strange, whose hands were trembling constantly, couldn’t help but think of his despair back then.

But when I thought of taking Casillas to Kamar-Taj and seeing William personally clean up the scene when a dozen Sorcerer fell into the dark, Pangborn was violently cold. trembling.

Whenever I think of William looking at him as if looking at an ant, Pangborn remembers his experience of seeing a psychiatrist for several years after escaping back to New York, and then turning away without thinking about it.

Helping others is important, but your own life is more important.

“Wait, wait,” Strange hurried to catch up.

But no matter how he stopped him, Pangborn could always throw him away easily, and after only ten seconds, he could only watch Pangborn several dozen meters away from him.

Just as Strange was desperate, he suddenly saw Pangborn stop motionless on the side of the road.

While Strange hurried to catch up, he didn’t find Pangborn staring blankly into the distance, a man in a bright yellow hooded robe.

William, who was blocked by his hood above his nose, smiled at the corner of his mouth, and the silhouette suddenly disappeared.

“Please, please, Pangborn”.

Hearing the sound of Strange’s gasping for breath, Pangborn looked back at Strange in a daze. He still didn’t understand that the guy in front of him with handicapped hands was the most in this world. Money is still the most respectable Paragon Sorcerer.

For an instant, he was shouting’why’ in his heart.

Yes, why?

But Pangborn did not dare to violate William’s thoughts and ideas in the slightest.

That is the co-owner of all Sorcerer, so powerful that even the demon, the Demon King is afraid of existence, and a person who can’t release even simple magic with a lot of attention, how dare to perfunctory Who was picked by Paragon Sorcerer?

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