Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1527

I learned about Sorcerer from Pangborn and Kamar-Taj. Strange first thought it was not a single thought, but then I thought about the past crises in New York.

Metal intelligent creatures transform Vajra, aliens such as Zetari who invaded Earth and dark and swarthy dark elves, as well as Hulk, Abomination, Iron Man, etc. Transcender,

Even some unconfirmed gossip spread in New York, there are rumors of werewolves attacking the secret base of the Mi Army.

The demon Sorcerer that has emerged now, as well as the Holy Land of the demon Sorcerer, seems not so difficult to accept.

With the mentality of making the last fight and accepting the invitation of the Devonshire Group without results, Strange bid farewell to Christine Palmer, boarded the plane to South Asia, and set foot on Kathmandu to find Kamar -Taj’s journey.

Although the house was not sold, Strange did not have much cash in his hands.

When it took three days to actually enter Kathmandu, Strange was basically no different from a tramp.

Wandering around in Kathmandu, when I saw a penance, I asked if I knew Kamar-Taj.

People who don’t know will think Strange is a fool and disturb their cultivation. People who really know will pretend not to know, and then report to Kamar-Taj.

So, even if William didn’t specifically explain it, Strange was quickly targeted by Mordo.

Following Strange in Kathmandu for three days, Mordor slowly began to feel that this unshaven American with messy hair should have the potential to become a Sorcerer.

When Gu Yi was Paragon Sorcerer, Kamar-Taj liked to recruit people who had suffered catastrophes as a dísciple. Therefore, Mordor still has a little bit of perseverance, determination and potential for anyone.

On the evening of the third day, Mordor saw that Strange was a little desperate and hungry. He sat in the square of a temple, smiled in his heart, turned around and returned to Kamar-Taj to investigate. The Sorcerer of dísciple reported,

I hope to send someone to inspect Strange, and to introduce him to the ranks of the alternate dísciple to receive the most basic teaching.

Waiting for him to return to Kamar-Taj, he unexpectedly saw William sitting at the cafe and drinking tea with Master Hamill who had broken his wrist.

“Your Excellency Paragon”, Modu lowered his head to say hello, and saw William beckons with the hand to himself, “Come over and have a cup of tea, Master Hamill makes me calm down.”

“Yes”, Modu laughed stepped forward, sat on the official hat chair, thanked Hamill, and received a cup of green tea brewed only from mountain springs.

Unfortunately, I probably stayed with Gu Yi for a long time. Mordow is used to drinking tea with honey and the like. He is not interested in any tea ceremony that is full of bitterness.

Seeing that Mordu finished drinking, he was slightly frowned, William asked with a tilted mouth and smiled, “Suddenly I came to the master Hamill who was in charge of inspecting apprentices. I met someone who made you eye-catching. Can you choose?”

Mo Du put down his tea cup and took a few moments in his heart. He didn’t believe that William, who had spent at most a few days in Kamar-Taj in a year, would suddenly appear here for no reason.

If you think about it, you can think of Strange, who has been in Kathmandu for several days, asking about it.

But since William didn’t know it, Mordor wouldn’t be stupid to reveal it.

On the contrary, since Strange can be noticed by William, the innate talent must be very high, and I hope to be the leader of Strange and draw him into his own influence.

Retired from the position of Paragon Sorcerer from Gu Yi. After William took over, Mordor, Gu Yi’s favorite dísciple, suddenly became a dispensable member.

Fatty Wang, Hamill, these Sorcerers from the celestial dynasty, after receiving the attention of William, suddenly more than 20 Sorcerers from the celestial dynasty in these years.

Just looking at the two people in this tea room, who are all youngsters with the face of the sky, Mordur felt that he had to do something.

Otherwise, one hundred years later, I don’t know if Kamar-Taj will become Chinese Kamar-Taj.

Mado respectfully said to William nodded, “Three days ago, a U.S. doctor named Stephen Strange came to Kathmandu and asked about Kamar-Taj around the city.

After receiving the report, because I didn’t have much work at hand, I went on to observe the doctor’s task.”

After finishing speaking, Mordor gave William a sneak peek, but saw that William didn’t seem to hear what it meant by’not much work’, and his eyes calmly waited for him to continue.

I sighed in my heart, but Gu Yi couldn’t help it.

The position of Paragon Sorcerer is already William’s. Even if Gu Yi has any ideas, he will never influence or interfere with William’s decision when William has not made an obvious mistake.

Otherwise, it will challenge the authority of Paragon Sorcerer.

The thought of William’s attitude towards the enemy made Mordo shiver in his heart.

Fortunately, William enforced the annual holy light test, so that all the secret techniques Sorcerer kept a sharp sword in his heart. At the same time, the Sorcerers also received a large degree of decentralization from William.

Some of the rights that belonged only to Gu Yi in the past have been delegated to the hands of the occult master, and in recent years, Kamar-Taj has been in power for many years, unlike when Gu Yi was in power. Every few years, Sorcerer will degenerate, causing major or minor disturbances.

“I want to be the leader of Doctor Strange myself,” Mordu said carefully, and saw William frowned, and when his nervous heartbeat accelerated,

Suddenly he smiled and said, “It seems that Your Excellency Gu Yi mentioned this to me back then, the guy named Stephen Strange”.

William looked at Mordu with a big surprise smile on his face, “Since you are the one who Gu Yi saw, then you take it first. I will find a chance to tell Lord Gu Yi,


Let her come back and teach herself when she has time.”

“Yes, I listened to your instructions, Lord Paragon”, Mordur stood up quickly and said goodbye without any hesitation, “Then I will pick up Strange”.

“Well, go,” William laughed nodded.

When Mordur left, seeing Master Hamill hesitated, William shook his head silently, and then not only Hamill stopped talking, but even the two Sorcerer apprentices in the tea room lowered their heads. .

William, even if he is biased towards the Sorcerer of the Celestial Sorcerer, would never want to see that Kamar-Taj became the Kamar-Taj of the Celestial Sorcerer, as Mordu was worried about.

There’s a saying that doesn’t mean that thinking is entirely determined by the ass. As Paragon Sorcerer, William cannot tolerate being emptied by others. Even if the person who emptied him is the Heavenly Sorcerer, it will not be beneficial to the Heavenly Dynasty.

At that moment, he would kill someone without hesitation.

It seems that Chen Qinfeng’s Little Brat can’t be allowed to go back to Kamar-Taj if he wants to go back to Kamar-Taj.

Otherwise, if this development continues, the balance of power will be broken.

This is not good, I have to let everyone understand that Kamar-Taj is Sorcerer’s Holy Land, not a place of intrigue, and the only thing that can call the shots here is Paragon Sorcerer, who is William- Devonshire.

It won’t work even since the ancient one.

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