Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1528

While Mordor went to pick up Strange, Fatty Wang, who was guarding the temple in London, suddenly saw William’s magic Avatar appear in front of him.

After bowing and saluting, after listening to Avatar’s words, Fatty Wang felt embarrassed, but he did not dare to go against William’s wishes.

Nodded and said with a serious face, “Yes, Paragon Your Excellency, I will deal with it.”

Soon, the three celestial demon Sorcerer stationed at the Magic Temple of Spice Port lost their position as resident Sorcerer, and were kicked back to the interior of the celestial dynasty by Fatty Wang.

Fatty Wang’s move, a person with a heart will realize that William is balancing Kamar-Taj’s rights, otherwise Fatty Wang would never dare and have no right to do so.

And this is not the most worrying, more obscure meaning, Paragon Sorcerer seems to have a different view of finding apprentices in Spice Harbor from some magic Sorcerer.

Some white-skinned or yellow-skinned Sorcerers, while flustered, thought with annoyance. Everyone had always thought that William, as a native of England, would like an apprentice born in Spiceport.

But didn’t expect flattery to pat on the horseshoe, get kicked dizzy and eyes blurred.

Thinking deeper, many people were surprised to find that William looked at his half of the Chinese bloodline as if he looked at a higher level than the England bloodline.

What is this?

What is not available is always the best?

Or is everything in England too easy, too simple, and too boring for William? This is the only way to be curious about the celestial dynasty, and then to have a good impression?

William doesn’t care what the people underneath think. In short, the undercurrent of Kamar-Taj was pressed down by him before it even started.

In the city of Kathmandu, Strange, who was beaten by a few strong robbers, clutched his stomach and lay on the ground feeling painful all over, watching to come over The Modu, with no difficulty overturned three gangsters.

Then when Mordor asked if he was looking for Kamar-Taj, Strange didn’t understand. The black buddy in hooded robe in front of him was the one he was looking for.

With curiosity and suspicion, follow Mordor in the direction of Kamar-Taj.

Outside the small yard used to confuse outsiders, Mordor warned Strange again repeatedly, “Remember my words, after seeing Paragon Sorcerer, you must be polite and never show surprise or inconceivability. Look like that, otherwise you just wait for bad luck.”

“Understand, understand,” Strange said with a little fear and faintly impatiently, “I promise even if I see someone flying, I will not show a surprised expression.”

Modu shook his head helplessly, it seemed that what he said was nothing.

In these three days of secret observation, Strange has strong perseverance and extraordinary memory. As long as you have been on the street, people you have met will not admit your mistakes, but didn’t expect this guy is actually conceited. mad.

People with this kind of mind, Gu Yi at most drove them away, but William, whose mind was not cleared by Mordor, is hard to say.

The only thing Mordor can confirm is that any genius is an idiot in front of William.

The achievements and strength that Gu Yi has spent hundreds of years have, William has surpassed it in just over ten years, and it is far beyond a large number.

According to Gu Yi’s own statement, Mordur knew that whether it was a contest on the original power of magical power, or treasure, the demon’s record, deterrence, or the comparison of subsidiary forces, Gu Yi himself Both admit that she and William are completely incomparable.

Take Strange into the small courtyard, and then, without Strange’s awareness, the two pass through a portal and enter the real Kamar-Taj, avoiding Kamar-Taj In the open field, the Sorcerer apprentice of the cultivation came to the tea room.

Mado bowed respectfully as soon as he walked in, and then found Strange’s face like a ghost, his mouth trembling and speechless, and he even dared to point William with his finger.

“Gu Yi is on top”, Mordor grabbed Strange’s arm in a panic, forcing him to bend over and salute, but listened to William laughed and said, “It’s okay, this Strange Mr. Ranchi should be surprised when he saw me.”

What does this mean?

I looked at Strange inexplicably, and then realized that William had been in contact with Strange 100% of the time.

No, how can someone with William’s identity come in contact with Strange, and the magic of holy light was introduced into Kamar-Taj. Although Mordur could not cultivation out of holy light, he could Borrowing the power of holy light,

After learning a lot about holy light, Mordow knew very well that William didn’t need a doctor at all.

That is to say, should Strange and William have any intersection?

Immediately after listening to Strange who calmed down, he stood up straight and said helplessly, “didn’t expect Even if I refused the invitation of the Devonshire Group and came here with great expectations and hope, I still Put yourself into your hands”.

“Send it to me? Are you saying I’m a bully?”

William raised his hand with a bad expression. There was a palm in the air, and an invisible palm was printed on On Strange’s chest, his soul was shot out of the body in an instant, drifting back more than two meters, suspended in the air of the tea room.

Then with an incredible expression on his face, he watched his body helplessly, and fell straight back.

If it weren’t for Mordu’s fear of falling, he stepped forward to support his body and slowly put it on the floor, Strange wouldn’t be bleeding, and would definitely be dizzy for a while.

Seeing that his body is okay, Strange, in his soul state, asked William in horror, “You, what did you do to me?”

William, who took a sip from the teacup, smiled and cast his eyes and bowed his head slightly, Mordor standing aside respectfully.

William finally let go of Mordu’s forehead sweating, and then waved his hand, Strange’s body lying on the ground, suspended to merge with the soul,

Strange exclaimed’Ahhh’, and fell heavily to the floor from a height of nearly two meters.

Moaning and rubbing his butt and the back of his head, Strange, lying on the floor for a while, slowly came to see William waved to Hamill, and Hamill Sorcerer, who had not spoken, stood. Get up to salute and leave the tea room with the others.

William then smiled and asked, “Why did you come to Kathmandu to find us?”

Strange raised his trembling hands and put his hands on the back. The wound is exposed.

But before he spoke, he saw William hook his fingers, and a dazzling holy light from the air in the tea room shone straight on the little finger and ring finger of his left hand.

Then Strange felt an itch in his left hand and immediately turned his palm.

Immediately, I looked at with surprise, excitement, and even trembling. The little finger of the left hand, the tendons of the ring finger and the hideous skin were recovering at a speed visible to naked eye.

When he thought that the light covering his left hand would continue to heal his left hand, the holy light directly disappeared, and then he heard William say to Mordor, “This guy will give it to you first.”

“Yes, Lord Paragon”.

Modo quickly nodded, and Strange wanted to ask why he didn’t heal his hands. When William waved his hands, he and Modu appeared in a small square in Kamar-Taj.

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