Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1529

Mo Duyi confirmed that he and Strange appeared in the small cultivation square of Kamar-Taj, which was fiercely relaxed in his heart.

Then he spouted at Strange, “Why did I tell you before, ah, I told you to be polite and don’t show a surprised expression, but you are good,

Not only did you dare to point your finger at His Excellency Paragon, but also dare to criticize Sorcerer, the world’s most powerful demon, even the gods and demons fear.”

“The gods and demons are afraid?” Strange was suddenly unable to close his mouth when he was shocked by Mod’s words, “Is there really a god and a monster in this world?”

Strange, who was full of curiosity on his face, cursed at this bastard, maybe he would make a big mistake that day, and then he would be involved.

But now that I have told William that I want to be Strange’s lead, and William agreed, Mordor doesn’t have the guts to return the product now.

I can only look forward to Gu Yi returning to Kamar-Taj soon.

And after Strange realized that the injury on his hand could be cured by holy light, his curiosity and interest in holy light magic instantly surpassed any other magic.

What Mordur said, as long as the cultivation magic and spirit strength, the body will repair both of his hands by itself, although it is not snort disdainfully, it is all regarded as in one ear and out the other.

What did you come to Kamar-Taj for?

Healing hands.

What is the purpose of healing your hands? Don’t you want to stand on the operating table again and continue what you do best and the most fulfilling career.

Now as soon as it is discovered that the nerve damage of holy light can be cured, Strange immediately plunges into the study of holy light.

Only then did Mordor understand that he wanted Rastrange to join the group. When William released the holy light to Strange, it was already impossible.

And Strange also deserves the title of the original world, the most genius secret technique Sorcerer.

After the first trace of holy light magic in the cultivation, he surpassed the other secret magic Sorcerer one after another. In just one month, he can release three low-level holy light magic.

Even in the following days, as William thought, Strange actually improved the brightness of holy light and reduced the consumption of magic power.

This made William feel confident that Strange will definitely be able to create new holy light magic in the future, so that Strange will be exposed to intermediate holy light magic as a low-level magic Sorcerer. And cultivation skills.

William’s fancy for Strange, and even a bit of spoil things through excessive enthusiasm attitude, made several Sorcerers who were unable to cultivation holy light almost distorted in their hearts.

However, these people are not idiots. After realizing that they are mentally inappropriate, there are five people who are afraid to stay in Kamar-Taj. Other Sorcerers will see their abnormalities and accept them one after another. Mission, left Kamar-Taj.

Fortunately, these five people are not all in the same group. There are two Sorcerers, like the previous Sorcerer, who went to penance alone.

The other three went to the U.S. together. As soon as the three left Kamar-Taj, they notified William on Sunday, and William just smiled at the corner of his mouth and invited Fischer, the demon.

Fischer, who has become a native of the United States incarnation, sees William’s back, without the slightest hesitation kneeling on the ground without the slightest hesitation forehead, “What’s your order, Master of Greatness, Supreme?”

William waved his hand, and on Sunday revealed the information of the three secret Sorcerer who went to the United States.

“You find someone to test these three people. Before you can confirm that they have a tendency to fall, you can only use human means, understand?”

“Yes, great Your Majesty”, Fischer grinned grinningly, “According to your instructions, I have built a network of relationships in the United States.

As long as these three people still have negative emotions in their hearts, I guarantee the life in the United States. The scum in the dark will surely arouse the desire in their hearts.”

William sneered, unable to cultivation holy light, according to Chinese, it means that they have a dark side in their hearts, and Heart Demon is already very serious.

This temptation can be regarded as the final test for them. As long as one of the three shows the idea and practice of fighting the darkness, William will help them.

But if the three of them fell into desire without much hesitation, then I’m sorry. Anyway, Casillas, the fanatics of Domam, have long been looking for opportunities to contact and seduce Sorcerer. Get the “Book of Cagliostro”, you can summon Domam’s secret technique.

“Remember, they are still secret Sorcerer, they can only use human means, understand?”

“Understand, master”.

Fisher, who could not feel the breath of Freddy the dreamer, didn’t understand that Freddy even disappeared from his soul.

Don’t dare to have the slightest perfunctory or other ideas.

William will do whatever he wants to avoid destroying both body and soul like Freddy’s idiot.

Furthermore, he is now incarnation as a successor to a family with a strong influence in the United States. If you want a woman, there will be a woman. If you want a soul, just take a trip to the southern border of the United States. Some people walk across the wilderness and die of thirst, starvation, and even South Americans who were hunted as animals by the Americans.

The more moisturized life you have, the only bad thing is that even if William allowed him to mess up the southern part of the US, he still restricted him from dealing with ordinary persons.

Otherwise, the old fogey at home would have been killed by him a long time ago, and he would become the leader of the family.

However, there are policies and countermeasures. There is a saying that people will have desires. Whether it is a good person or a bad person, it is nothing more than whether you can stick to the bottom line.

But it is more that most people are restricted by the environment, morals and laws. Once people are placed in a special environment, demons are not cruel or vicious.

Like Fischer’s nominal father, although there are few things I am interested in now, Old Guy’s interest in living longer is not so big.

In this case, it is actually quite simple to let the old man kill himself.

But now, for William’s mission, the old bastard can only survive for a while.

As a demon, Fischer is proficient in bewitching and seduce human beings. In addition, some people of this year are more evil than the real fallen, except that they cannot use Power of Darkness when they fall.

Use all kinds of inferior methods, even if you can hold on, then do the opposite.

Let you see countless injustices, darkness, cruel things, arouse the sense of justice in your heart, and then send people to you, let you kill them.

Too many kills and too many dark things, Saint will inevitably doubt whether human beings are worth saving, and it is difficult to make up for a crack in the heart.

Originally, in the first week of Fischer’s plan, William still felt that the secret technique Sorcerer called Lucian was actually necessary.

But as Lucian killed a U.S. scum, two of them would appear in front of him. He himself began to doubt the meaning of doing this, and fell into the abyss unconsciously.

Looking at the abyss, the abyss staring at you, it’s not just casual talk.

And the person who really jumped through the hurdle in my heart is Legendary.

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