Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1530

But the three of Lucian had cracks in their hearts. They were forced by Fischer’s various methods, and their thinking was impossible if they were not confused.

If their three people ask Kamar-Taj’s secret technique Sorcerer for advice, they may break and stand back to the right path, but they can wait for them to see Fischer’s arrangement and use the Americans to take it. When the scene of the same kind of hunting prey is the final blow, everything is too late.

Without any external force, the three of them fell into the darkness by themselves. After killing dozens of U.S. hunters, the anger in their hearts was vented, and they even began to wonder if they were alive. , And then felt that this World needed a new order, a new order that would directly defeat the existing order.

The idea of ​​destroying the world appeared in their minds simply and easily.

Afterwards, Fischer lays the line in secret, and Lucian and the three of them hide in the darkness like mice, but they have been adventurously looking for the secret technique of Sorcerer.

William, who has been staring at Fischer, did not kill Fischer like he pinched Freddy this time, but was locked in a secret base in Yellowstone National Park. .

In the next few days, the three of Lucian met Casillas after being tested by enthusiasts. After listening to the three of Lucian, Casillas introduced Kamar-Taj , But how happy in my heart does not raise.

Three guys who fell into darkness, don’t say they dare to venture back to Kamar-Taj, even if they return to Kamar-Taj without fear of life and death,


Also lucky, the holy light demon Sorcerer of the cultivation did not find their anomalies, but the holy light script in the library can burn the three directly to ashes.

There was nothing to do. One day when everyone gathered for a meal, Lucian casually talked about Strange. Casillas heard it suddenly and asked

” Doctor Strange, who introduced Kamar-Taj?”

The three of Lucian looked at each other for a moment, shook their heads, “I only know that Mordor brought Kamar-Taj into. As for who sent Strange to Kathmandu, no one knows.”

“No”, Casillas finally said with a smile on his face, “Maybe I know who told him.”

I remember that when he and his family were in a car accident, Pangborn, who was in the same car, was able to stand up a year after being seriously injured.

Then Pangborn was moved by the tragedy of his wife and children, and finally took him to Kamar-Taj.

Although Kamar-Taj did not find a way to save his wife and children, he was also driven out of Kamar-Taj directly by Gu Yi, but now I think of Strange’s New York doctor’s identity and Pangborn’s spine In the broken past, Casillas easily connects the patient with the doctor.

“Let’s go to New York to find someone.”

The next day, Casillas went to the Lucian trio and saw Pangborn who was also playing basketball on the same outdoor basketball court a few months ago.

However, Casillas didn’t recognize Pangborn immediately, but sent someone to arrest Pangborn’s family, even his close friends and relatives of friends.

Facing the lives of hundreds of relatives and friends on his side and his wife’s side, plus friends and family, Pangborn had no other way to go except to promise.

As for the disappearance of hundreds of people, will it attract the New York police to search the city, and even Tony Stark’s eyes, Casillas didn’t do anything after seeing the portal released by Lucian Worried.

Looking at hundreds of relatives and friends in a three-story building locked in an unknown place, Pan Born reluctantly took the mobile phone handed over by Lucian.

I can’t wait for Lucian and Casillas to die, but I have to listen carefully to Lucian’s instructions.

“After you enter Kathmandu, you can use the hope to learn holy light magic and completely heal your old wounds as an excuse to enter Kamar-Taj.

After entering the library, It’s best if the phone can take pictures of pages 46 to 51 of “The Book of Cagliostro”. If not, you only have three days to write it down and send it to us by email.”

“Understood.” Although Pangborn was nervous, and his hatred for Casillas was not diminished, when he heard that Kamar-Taj has magic that can completely heal his old wounds, Pangborn suddenly felt less resistant to entering Kamar-Taj.

Don’t look at him as a normal person now, but Pangborn knows that he can stand up entirely because of the magic in his body.

Once he loses his magic power one day, he will become paralyzed and disabled again.

Maybe you can go directly to William, who is already Paragon Sorcerer, but when this idea is in his mind,

Casillas looked at him indifferently and said, “Wait You enter the portal to Kathmandu and start,

Your more than one hundred relatives will be transferred to other places by us as soon as possible, and we will transfer again every few hours.


So,” Casillas reminded, clutching Pangborn by the collar, “all the lives of your relatives are in your own hands, do you understand, old friend?”

“You this bastard”, Pangborn pinched Casillas’ neck, but found that no matter how hard he exerts, his hands can’t really touch the skin of Casillas’ neck.

Instead, Casillas waved to stop Lucian’s fist from going down.

“We have to look far, Lucian, if Pangborn’s brother is injured on Kamar-Taj, he can’t escape the eyes of the Sorcerers.”

After that, Casillas stared at Pangborn and said, “Every twenty-four hours, if we don’t receive your emails, we will kill your twenty friends and their families.

After killing these people, it will be your son, daughter and wife, then your parents, your wife’s parents, do you understand?”

“I have a choice Pangborn lowered his hands in frustration, “Why should I believe you?”

“No, you can trust me”, Casillas squinted and said with a smile, “Waiting for us to get it The secret technique you want, you and your relatives, and even the people of the whole world, don’t matter to us.”

“What do you mean?”

“Sorry, old friend, you will understand when the dust settles.” Casillas patted Pangborn on the shoulder.” When the time comes, we will all have eternal life, and there is no concept of time, eternal life in the true sense.”

Panborn said with a shocked look, “There is no concept of time, what is the difference between being pressed by the pause button?”

“Stupid”, Casillas looked contemptuously Looking at Pangborn, he said, “The greatness of Domam is that we mortals can understand? Can you guess?”

Nodded to Lucian, after the portal was opened, Casillas was on Pangborn’s back With a hard push, Pangborn staggered out of the portal and appeared in a mountain col 10 kilometers away from Kathmandu, and then a Bicycle was thrown beside him.

When I look back, the portal has been closed and disappeared.

William, who has been paying attention here, after thinking about it, revoked the ban on magic in “The Book of Cagliostro”.

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