Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1531

If you want to kill Domam, apart from entering the Dark Space, the easiest place to fight is to let him enter the main material world.

Even if Domam is timid not to come in, he still has to let him attack Earth first, so he can just fight back on his side.

That’s why William will let go of the magic prohibition in “The Book of Cagliostro” and give Pangborn a chance, who is forced to be a twenty-five son.

In fact, William can directly give him the secret technique related to Summon Domam in “The Book of Cagliostro” after Pangborn arrives in Kamar-Taj.

But William is not sure if there are people who are dissatisfied with him in Kamar-Taj and have ulterior motives. Secondly, he is worried that Pangborn will be exposed.

Since giving it to him directly, and letting him take a picture, or copy the secret technique of Summon Domam, it is the same ending, so be careful.

Riding a Bicycle for more than ten kilometers, Pangborn finally arrived in Kathmandu.

As a magic apprentice who entered Kamar-Taj twice and also cultivation magic power, it is not difficult for Pangborn to contact the Sorcerer in Kathmandu.

And Kamar-Taj’s library, in the ancient times, advocated that knowledge is shared, and the only thing that cannot be shared is magic innate talent.

Only when the cultivation base arrives, can you understand the magical books at all stages, and the biggest headache for William now is the three magic temples.

According to his previous plan, he has secretly prepared in the past few months to rebuild all the materials for the three temples.

But if the secret technique Sorcerer knows that he loses three temples in order to seduce Domam, it will be a huge blow to his reputation as Paragon Sorcerer.

And no one knows what will happen and what consequences will happen between the disappearance of the magic barrier protecting Earth and the reconstruction of the three new magic temples.

So, before as a last resort, William still doesn’t want to ruin the Three Divine Palaces.

But I can’t think of a way for a while, and I can’t tell other people about this.

After seeing Pangborn entering Kamar-Taj, William ordered him to stare at all on Sunday before returning to the Oxford castle.

Walking into the castle hall, unexpectedly saw Angela, Athena, Artenis and Abigail all there, and the center of everyone’s eyes was all in the sofa area, sitting on the blanket On little Louis.

“William Uncle”, seeing William walking over, little Louis immediately jumped over happily, holding his leg, secretly looking towards Angela and Athena.

The two wives of William Uncle, looking at their gaze today, made little Louis a little scared, and when William picked up Louis and sat on the blanket, he was instantly given a building block on a piece of cardboard. Attracted.

“Hey”, after a while, William thought of replacing the real magic temple with a magic temple building with exactly the same shape and interior.

And when Abigail and the others saw William chuckled, they knew who he was plotting against again.

William was very happy. First he asked a magic Avatar from another plane to build three identical magic temples on Sunday on that plane.

He was lying on the blanket. , Put the three-year-old little Louis on his stomach and smiled, “Little Brat, William Uncle is happy today, what gift do you want?”

“Me, me”, Louis hesitated For a long time, I lay on William’s body and said in a low voice, “Can I have a little thunderbird?”


Fortunately, within a few seconds, William went again Laughed.

With the report on Sunday, William was convinced that the problem was not on his side.

Just didn’t expect Wilson that guy, who will be three years old in Louis, let him get in touch with the pair of thunderbirds that were given to the royal family.

“Thunderbird can’t work”, William directly refused, but he still gave an explanation, “You are still young, so there is no problem with the magical cultivation, but the little thunderbird is too dangerous for you.

Those little things don’t have the wisdom of an adult Thunderbird, and they don’t have strong control over power. If they hurt you when they play with you, it will be troublesome.

Change one.”

“Okay,” Louis pouted and showed his unhappy expression. After thinking for a while, he said, “Then I want an elf with a long nose and big eyes.”

“haha, it seems that your father, that guy, broke the news about William Uncle in front of you.”

“hehe,” Louis scratched his head with a smirk.

The two thunderbirds in his family are said to be fed by the most loyal guards of the royal family, but the two house elves are really responsible.

Moreover, the two house elves will return the eggs of the Thunderbird couple to Thunderbird Cliff, which will not give the royal family a chance to expand the number of Thunderbirds.

In fact, speaking of which, the elves brought back from the magic planet are very different in thought from the house elves of the wizards.

Although the two elves look similar in appearance and the magic elves are also very obedient, they will not regard themselves as slaves of the is Master, but loyal servants.

William laughed nodded, then shouted into the air, “Bell”.

After a phantom-shifting magic appeared, the head bell of the magic elf appeared beside the blanket.

I saw wearing a gray lace dress, holding a bell with a magic wand in his hand, and bowing respectfully, “I am glad to meet you, the great lord of the fairy forest.”

“Well”, William smiled and nodded. A few years ago, he had already chosen a valley in the forest of the light elf Alice, and officially gave it to his house elf as a territory. And habitat.

So, Bell and other house elves say that they are his leaders, and there is nothing wrong with it.

“This is Louis Prince.” After William introduced Louis, he smiled and asked, “Go and ask me if there is any elf suitable to accompany the child, willing to leave the territory and be loyal to Louis.”

“Please wait, Sir Lord, I will go back and ask.”

William nodded, another apparition, the silhouette of the bell disappeared.

This time, not only did Louis have a shocked look of cuteness, but also the first time I saw Athena and Artenis, who were house elves, looked at each other, and then looked at Abigail and Angela’s calm expression,

The two sisters decided in an instant to find a chance to ask William for the elf.

After Louis came back to his senses, he held William’s neck excitedly, a pair of short, fleshy legs, kicked and hurriedly said, “William Uncle, I, I can learn that Magic?”

“Apparition is definitely not good. You have to wait until you are 17 to learn. As for other wizard incantion and knowledge, you can ask Abigail and Jesse Aunt.”

William laughed and looked at Abigail sitting on the sofa, and saw Abigail chuckled to himself, clapping his hands and saying to Louis, “It’s hard to learn incantion and wizardry knowledge.

Moreover, after you really start learning, you can’t give up halfway, otherwise, the punishment will be very serious.”

“No problem, Aunt Chase”, punishment does not punish, and Louis, who has not been punished, doesn’t care at all.

As for whether Louis has an innate talent for learning magic, Jesse can handle it without William worrying about it.

The treasure bottle gourd made from the main branches of Tree of Life has been controlled by Jesse. After so many years, the bottle gourd has magical nectar.

The magical innate talents of Abigail and Jesse are actually not too high. Under the influence of magic nectar, it took less than ten years to become a big beard. Wizard of Harry Potter and Hermione Granger.

And Abigail, who is more concerned about the industry in London and Earth, is actually willing to teach Louis, the future king and wizard.

But this matter still has to be determined by the three generations of Philip, Char and Wilson.

While speaking, the silhouette of Bell reappeared, and this time a little elf with a big white beard and a black dress appeared beside her.

When William saw the elf, he understood what the house elves in the territory were thinking.

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