Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1532

This elf named Massimo was completely steward for Louis.

Furthermore, according to William’s understanding of Massimo, this elf old man who has been taking care of Thunderbird at Thunderbird Cliff for eight years and has retired for more than two years is definitely a William and Devonshire family supremacist.

“Massimo, you have retired, go back and bring your grandchildren, granddaughters, or teach and teach the next generation of elves magic knowledge.”

“This…” Massimo nodded helplessly, “Follow your will, great master.”

“Well,” William waved his hand, and the elf old man disappeared.

William doesn’t want the royal family to renounce him, but he doesn’t feel that he and his descendants will not be able to suppress Louis. There is really no need to start plotting against him when Louis is only three years old.

Although Wilson told Louis that the Thunderbird and the house elves had the idea of ​​bringing Louis closer to William, in William’s mind, childhood was still a little happier.

As for growing up in the future, it is more than ten or twenty years later.

However, although the idea of ​​house elves was rejected, William was still satisfied with their ideas.

After all, who doesn’t like to be loyal to their subjects?

After thinking about it, William stretched out his hand in the bell’s restless eyes, and the emerald green and emerald bottle gourd appeared in his hand, and then a lump of liquid containing ten drops of magical nectar Jade bottle is packed.

Threw to the bell with a happy and excited expression on his face, “This is a reward for the elves who proposed and agreed with the decision just now.

How to divide it? , You decide for yourself.

As for Massimo, I didn’t mean to blame him, and I think your thinking is right, but you have to understand that all the entanglements between plot against and interest are adults The matter,

not allowed to enter my family, understand?”

The bell was tight in his heart and replied solemnly, “Understood, my master, my master Go back and choose a new servant for His Royal Highness Louis.”

The little elf who came later was much younger, and also had myopic eyes. From his appearance, he knew he was a Scholar-type elf.

William instantly laughed’ha ha ha’.

Although these magic elves do exactly what he said, they still have a little thought.

Scholar-type servant and personal teacher, whether in life or in the teaching of knowledge, Louis is likely to grow in the direction of moderates.

But the gentler monarch is better than the wild ambition monarch in the current environment of England.

This is not a plot against, but the entire social environment. Even if Louis’s great-grandfather, grandfather and father knew about it, they would definitely not object.

And Louis saw the myopic glasses on the face of the elf, which were bigger than his palm, and he immediately became happy.

“To develop a study plan for Louis, normal knowledge and etiquette, you will discuss with Wilson, wizard courses, you will discuss with Abigail, and Hermione Granger will assist you.


In short, I’d rather be slower and more mundane, and not have any problems.”

“Yes, Sir Lord”, a magic elf named Fabio, saluted William respectfully before saluting Louis, “I am glad to see you, Your Highness, Louise,

My name is Fabio. From now on, I will not only be your teacher, but also your secret guard.”

Louis looked back at William and saw William smiling nodded, and Little Brat got off him and stood on the blanket in return.

“On Sunday, you notified Wilson and asked him to arrange for Fabio.”

After finishing speaking, William smiled and said to the bell, “Little things, my castle, you must be familiar with it anymore. You take Fabio to choose a place to live, what you need, you should not let it Are you ready?”

“No, master, there is anything we need in Spiritual Mountain Valley”.

Looking at Bell and Fabio leaving, Artenis stood up and sat on the blanket next to William without a wink from Athena, hugging William’s neck and whispering,

“My dear, I also want a magic elf.”

“Magic elf can’t do”, William shook his head. Those little things are he used to guard the elf forest, the light elf Alice, and the Guardian of the Devonshire family, descendants of Earth.

It can also be regarded as the hole cards for Abigail, Serena, Jesse and Nissa. It is really going to Artenis. The Abigail quartet will definitely hate Artenis secretly. .

After all, Athena, Artenis, and Angela are all Divine Races, and their identities are naturally higher than Abigail’s four.

If you don’t have any cards in your hand, These four women who have lived together for more than ten years and have reached an offensive and defensive alliance will definitely feel that William is biased, and then for the sake of future generations and status considerations, they have been in a state of anxiety for a long time.

When the time comes, the big head is William himself.

“cheapskate,” Arteni murmured, and immediately noticed that Abigail looked at his eyes with an inexplicable taste.

As clever as Artenis, I soon understood that this was a tacit understanding between William and Abigail.

It is possible for Artenis and Athena to transfer the knowledge of wizards to the human natives of Mount Olympus, and even the affiliated Goddess, the sisters themselves are not willing.

The mortals in the Divine Realm of Olympus, who only possess the power of holy light this, have worried their sisters a little.

It’s not so much the power of a wizard, it’s more of a magic elf who masters the power of a wizard, this kind of humanoid creature that is dedicated to serving a master.

When the atmosphere was a little awkward, I heard a rush of footsteps, and I didn’t need to look at William to know it was Jesse.

In the past few years, the treasure bottle gourd has been treated like a lifeblood by Jesse, and bottle gourd also represents her status in this family. If you don’t rush back to see, how can you rest assured.

And Artenis rolled his eyes. After Jesse put away the bottle gourd on the coffee table, said with a smile, “Jesse, I want to use the water from the Fountain of Wisdom, and You change some magic nectar.”

Jesse was taken aback, and Abigail, subconsciously, set his sights on William.

William smiled nodded, “That thing is useless to me and Artenis, Athena, and Angela,

but to you and Abigail, Serena and Nissa should still be useful”.

“No problem,” Abigail didn’t wait for Jesse to answer, so he took the initiative to speak to Artenis, “The exchange ratio it’s up to you”.

As the woman who has followed William for the longest time, Abigail did not understand what William said was useful, but it was of great use.

And as soon as Artenis talked about the exchange, Abigail knew that Artenis was alleviating the unintentional act just now.

Also, Abigail is confident that he knows William best. This bastard definitely doesn’t want to see someone in the family having conflicts.

If he takes the initiative to suffer, he actually retreats to advance. William afterwards The example of compensation, Abigail himself has experienced several times.

But where did she escape this idea, she has been under high pressure for countless years, the eyes of the two sisters Athena and Artenis.

For a time, the atmosphere suddenly became modest and friendly.

That’s right.

Although the little Louis who watched couldn’t understand, he instinctively moved closer to William.

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