Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1533

Thinking of how to mislead Casillas and his Domam running dog, when William was at home and his women were fighting, three magic Avatars appeared invisible in London, New York and Spice In the magic temple of Hong Kong.

I used smart glasses to scan any place inside and outside the temple several times. Wherever the data arrived on Sunday, it was not only fast to build, but also the old and new, scratches and so on were exactly the same.

Then Magic Avatar began to perceive the temple with magic. I thought I would directly take these three temples directly into the storage space that can hold half of Earth, and then put the three exactly the same fake It’s okay to put the temple on its original site.

Can didn’t expect to protect Earth’s magic barrier Formation, which is not in the ground of the temple, but the magic array is the temple, and the three temples are the three magic arrays.

And the temple will be located at the current location because this is the magic node. Once the three Great Saint temples are taken away, there will be gaps in the magic barrier on Earth.

However, this didn’t bother William. He bought to the point of perfection playing with space gems. In just one night, he pressed the three temples into the space stack, and then Three fake temples that are exactly the same, even portals can be used, appeared on the original address.

Then the items in the real temple, books, decorations, and even treasure and so on, were all put into the fake temple by him.

The only trouble is that once someone who knows spatial magic sees it, they might be able to see the spatial anomaly here.

William thought for a while. Dozens of magic Avatars turned into cats, dogs, or pigeons, scattered around the three temples, keeping an eye on whether the people approaching the temple had magic.

As for how to hide the Sorcerer in the palace, you only need to call Kamar-Taj back to Kamar-Taj for an hour or two to discuss business matters. Other middle and high-level Sorcerers are easily confused by William.

The replacement of the true and false temple was completed, and these people did not notice the problem at all.

Three days passed in a flash, and Pangborn, who was forced to enter Kamar-Taj, finally chose the entire mankind between the lives of the entire world and more than a hundred relatives and friends in his own family.

The secret technique drawn from the “Book of Cagliostro” two days ago, a trace of good mail was sent to Casilla, and the secret technique handed over on the last day was passed on by him. Made several changes in private.

With this change, Casillas said not to mention summon Domam, self-destruct is possible.

But as long as Pangborn uses the Internet, he cannot escape Sunday’s surveillance.

William, after knowing this, asked Sunday to change the modified place back, and then stared at Casillas’ magic Avatar, who would rescue Pangborn’s family and friends when the time was right.

What is surprising is that Casillas, who promised Pangborn that he would not kill as long as he completes the task, did not actually kill the more than one hundred people,

They were all locked up in a prison in the United States.

But what happened after that made William understand once again that you should never trust the fallen.

After determining that the secret technique of Summon Domam was really useful, Casillas used Domam’s Power of Darkness to transform the fallen and fanatics in a US prison.

As for the purpose, you can know after a little thought, this is the plan to use the number advantage to break through the three magic temples.

After thinking for a long time, William finally faked two suicide corpses at the last moment, replacing Pangborn’s son and daughter.

Fortunately, hundreds of people were transformed into fallen or fanatics at the same time, and even Casillas himself did not pay attention to the specific number of people.

Furthermore, once the conversion is completed, people will be divided into ten groups and go to prisons in other places in the United States to transform more fallen people again.

With such unscrupulous and crazy transformation, impossible does not leave weak spots and clues.

But after three days, the number of fallen people approached the ten thousand mark. Even if someone had discovered an anomaly, they would have been killed by these fallen people.

If it weren’t for Domam’s own reluctance to give, more Power of Darkness, and give Casillas a few more days, 20,000 or 30,000 fallen people would be fine.

Hundreds of fallen people were left behind. William was misled by William. It took three days to discover the abnormal secret technique Sorcerer to chase down. Casillas sent 1,000 pieces to London and Spice Port. After the Fallen,

Other 7000 Fallen people, and 500 Fallen people, gathered in New York City and major cities all over the United States in just one day.

Then waiting for London and Spice Port to be ready, they attacked the New York Temple with all their strength and launched attacks throughout the United States to distract the Americans.

Casillas wanted to use the bait for the New York Temple, and move the secret technique Sorcerer away from Kamar-Taj, London and Spice Harbor as much as possible. What he didn’t expect was,

William, who discovered this, absolutely agreed with him with both hands and feet.

Anyway, the fake temples in London and Spice Harbor exploded, leaving the last one in New York to be destroyed. When Domam descends on Earth, it will only appear in New York.

When the battle started a day later, it went straight to the heat.

500 fallen men, armed with automatic weapons and wanton destruction in ten major cities in the United States, quickly attracted the attention of the American people.

Half an hour later, 7,000 fallen men began to attack the magic temple in New York.

And the number of seven thousand, even if they are all pigs, would require a lot of manpower and energy to kill, not to mention that these enthusiasts use weapons, and even some of the innate talents are capable of dark magic.

The most terrifying thing is that these people are not afraid of death at all. Once the Sorcerer fails to pay attention, they will be held to death by these people.

The signal for help, in the Sorcerer of the New York Temple, hundreds of fallen pioneers were found, and when they met, they were sent to Kamar-Taj as soon as possible.

Thirty Sorcerers who mastered the mystery of holy light magic also appeared in the temple in New York for the first time.

For a time, the automatic firearms of’da da da’, accompanied by the explosions from time to time, sounded around the temple from time to time.

Fortunately, light weapons are just a piece of cake for the secret technique Sorcerer, which can release large and small magic shields, portals, and holy light healing techniques.

With the first batch, the second batch, and the third batch of fallen people who were sent to death, more than a dozen Sorcerers and thirty supporting Sorcerers will be consumed,

Soon there was a situation where the magic power was consumed too quickly, and I had to apply for more support from Kamar-Taj. At the same time, let the Sorcerer in the New York Temple return to Kamar-Taj to restore the magic power and release various borrowed magic powers. The side effects caused.

After the second batch of 50 supporting Sorcerers arrived at the New York Temple, eight were stationed at Kamar-Taj’s Secret Sorcerer, focusing all their attention on William.

After ten minutes passed, William sitting on the Imperial Tutor chair kept his eyes closed and said nothing.

In the urgent report of the third reinforcements, when the report came, some people couldn’t sit still.

“Your Excellency Paragon,,”.

William raised his hand, “What is the hurry, haven’t there been casualties yet, just use this opportunity to train soldiers”.

When I thought about the 8 secret techniques of Sorcerer, I did not receive a report of the battle damage, and the chamber suddenly became quiet.

But everyone is not stupid. They don’t believe in what William said about training and not training.

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