Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1534

In the past that many times, the actions of clearing the fallen, smuggled demons, demons, and dark creatures have long been effective in training soldiers.

And the secret technique Sorcerer is a battle Sorcerer. If you can finish apprenticeship, you are already an elite, and you don’t need training at all.

Fools know that there is a problem with such a large-scale attack by the fallen.

Furthermore, William has more than just the secret technique Sorcerer, the Paladin regiment, the Olympus warriors, and even the God warriors of Asgard, all of which are controlled by William,

After so long, the Sorcerer who can communicate with the “Trinity” of Emperor Weishan actually already knows more or less.

No matter how bad, the mechanical Legion in William’s hands is no secret in the construction of fire star.

Now the robot army, which is not even heartbroken to destroy, is reluctant to release it to support the wartime tight New York Temple, saying that William is not plotting against anyone. The Great Sorcerer present is a fool.

Don’t even talk about the big Sorcerer, some ordinary Sorcerer already understands this battle, it is not just a battle between the Sorcerer and the Fallen.

So, many smart guys, as soon as they entered the New York Temple, they used their utmost strength to bombard indiscriminately, causing magical side effects, and then returned to Kamar- through the portal of the New York Temple. Taj.

And such a large-scale, costly mobilization of white magic, the three of Weishandi Agmoto, Oshutu and Hoggs hiding in their Divine Kingdom, would not pay attention to Earth is impossible.

For William, magic is just a consumable that automatically recovers, but for Agomoto, Oshutu, and Hogarth, that is their lifeblood.

Once the secret technique Sorcerer borrows too much, the three ancient gods who are still in the good camp will lose their strength. This is also the reason why Weishandi had to borrow magic power, and there will be side effects. .

After perceiving three powers peeking at him, William frowned, the holy light on his body rose to the sky at the same time,

More than a dozen have been stationed in the abyss, Tartarus Purgatory The magic Avatar of the Holy Light Attribute was also transmitted into Kamar-Taj, and together with William, released the holy light in the sky to warn the three of them.

Fortunately, William will not easily offend the natural ally of Weishandi, and once the magic Sorcerer of Kamar-Taj is cut off by Weishandi, they will only be transferred to the holy light magic Sorcerer. Up.

With a warning, the next step is to discuss terms.

What made William didn’t expect was that the first condition of Emperor Weishan was to allow him to reduce the number of Sorcerers.

In other words, as long as there are fewer Sorcerers borrowing their power and maintaining the safety of Earth, even if the Sorcerer all turn to holy light, Weishan Imperial Capital does not care.

After thinking about it for a moment, William understood.

At the level of Emperor Weishan, how to live forever and how not to be crushed by others is their pursuit.

If the three were not born in Earth, and Agomoto is the founder of Kamar-Taj, they do not need human beliefs and would not care about Earth’s life or death.

As for Agomoto’s request to get back the Agomoto’s eye, William didn’t even bird him.

In the comics, Agomoto once went down to earth and wanted to take back the eyes of Agomoto, but in the end he was taken over by the two brothers of the voodoo Court Academecian, who took over as Paragon Sorcerer. They sacrificed themselves to KO. .

Furthermore, William does not need to rely on Emperor Weishan. If you dare to enter the main world, you can teach their three people how to behave.

Sent away Weishandi, all the secret techniques Sorcerer heard in his mind, and William allowed them to borrow his own power.

For a while, dozens of Sorcerers in and outside the Magic Temple of New York, whether they were holy light from their own cultivation, or those who only borrowed Holy Light Power, they all showed dazzling holy light. ,

Various light groups, roaring towards hundreds of fallen ones.

“peng~ peng~ peng~”, a series of holy light explosions resounded through New York.

As long as the fallen are illuminated by the holy light, it will either be directly turned into ashes or torn skin and gaping flesh.

Unfortunately, even if you borrow the Holy Light Power of the Magic Avatar, the spirit strength consumption of the Sorcerers of the secret technique is not so easy to make up.

For two consecutive rotations, there are only more than two hundred secret Sorcerers. Even if they kill thousands of fallen ones, they have to mobilize half of the Sorcerers from the other two temples to reinforce New York.

“Your Excellency Paragon?”

William ignored the talking Hamill Sorcerer.

Because of this, when the eight great Sorcerers were uneasy, William suddenly opened his eyes, staring at them with his eyes and said,

“Your current mission After any temple is destroyed, the magic barrier of that temple is cut off for the first time.”

“Your Excellency Paragon, the temple is destroyed, how are we going to cut and cut”,

The Voodoo Court Academecian who spoke, didn’t finish speaking, but he reacted, like William Existing, where can I make such a stupid slip of the tongue.

Since it can still actively cut off the magic barrier, it means that the temple is fine at all, or the temple is no longer a magical array of the magic barrier.

And William’s purpose is now obvious.

It must seduce which Demon King, or which ruler of Dark World, enters the main world to die.

The eight people then thought that Mephisto was scared of being beaten by William for a long time, and would definitely not be the first bird.

After deliberation, except for the dark gods like Domam and Sithorn, it seems that no Demon King in the abyss will take the initiative to enter the main world.

Demon Kings need the soul, but they only need to seduce, charm and other means to get the soul, and the dark god not only needs the soul, but also the fleshy body of human beings.

Well, when I think about it now, the eight must be Domam in an instant.

After all, compared with the activist Domam, Sithorn is definitely like Setolak in the Crimson Realm, an otaku who does not leave his territory easily.

The eight people looked at each other, and quickly bowed and said, “Follow your instructions, Lord Paragon.”

If William really kills Domam, it will definitely be a brilliant victory for Sorcerer, and it will release most of the energy of Sorcerer.

When Gu Yi was Paragon Sorcerer, at least 4-Layer’s energy was placed on Domam. All other Dark Lords and Demon Kings added up to 5 layers, and the remaining layer was in Odin. , Zeus, and even Emperor Weishan.

Waves the eight big Sorcerers and teleports them into the secret room where the Eye of Agomoto and the main hub of the magic barrier are placed. William lowered his head and thought for a second, and eight magic avatars appeared in the eight big Sorcerers. Behind.

“The God of Magic is above.”

The big Sorcerers looked at the eight Avatars who were wearing exactly the same bright yellow hooded robe, their heads down and their faces were invisible, and they were in a cold sweat.

After thinking about it for a while, I could only comfort myself in the end, thinking that William was going to deal with Domam. It is normal to be careful.

As he calmed himself down, an Avatar suddenly said, “Preparing to close the magical barrier in London.”

The eight big Sorcerers looked at each other. Voodoo Court Academecian and Hamill Sorcerer stepped forward quickly and stood beside the magic hub.

As soon as he put his hand on the controller of the magic array, six London Sorcerers were stationed at Kamar-Taj, and the silhouette of Fatty Wang suddenly appeared in the secret room.

Then just listen to Avatar say, “Turn off the magical barrier in London, now, immediately, immediately”.

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