Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1535

Hearing the voice of the magic Avatar became severe, Voodoo Court Academecian and Hamill Sorcerer, who dare to hesitate no longer, turned a few magic arrays on the main hub of the magic barrier, The magical barrier in London was closed in seconds.

In an instant, the entire continent of Europa lost its defensive ability to creatures in different spaces.

Fortunately, the magic barrier disappeared very suddenly. I didn’t always pay attention to the darkness of the magic barrier. I couldn’t find it for a while.

Even if there are demons, demons and so on discovered, as long as it is not the existence of the demon King level and forcibly enters Earth, William does not take seriously.

It’s nothing more than dispatching the secret techniques Sorcerer and Paladin afterwards, or the vampires who take orders from Serena, to clean up several times.

Immediately afterwards, the Magic Temple in Spice Harbor was also attacked by the Fallen. The 6 secret Sorcerers left behind were only defended by one minute, and thousands of cannon fodder were not afraid of death. , Forced to retreat into the temple.

The secret technique Sorcerer in a circle, after releasing the magic shield, began to release all kinds of holy light magic to kill the fallen who roared and rushed in madly.

But there are six people against one thousand. The contrast between the numbers is too great. If one minute is less than one minute, there will be fallen people climbing on the outer wall, and the breakthrough window will hit the six Sorcerers.

William, who was waiting a long time ago, passed by a single thought, leaving a secret technique Sorcerer ready for battle to death, and it appeared in Kamar-Taj.

Then a mirrored dimension envelops the magic temple in Spice Harbor, a holy light soaring up in the mirrored dimension, and then a violent explosion sounded.

The false magic temple, together with six or seven hundred fallen people, was blown to ashes in an instant.

After the mirror space disappeared, except for a ruin-like building, the surrounding people hadn’t noticed what was happening except for seeing the ruins with their own eyes.

Those who saw the ruins with their own eyes have not yet begun to doubt, a magic that affects their minds radiated from an incarnation magic Avatar, and everyone suddenly felt that the ruins had been there some time ago. Already exists.

And the few fallen men who were kept by William deliberately did not care about the death of nearly a thousand companions. They took out their mobile phones and called New York.

Casillas, who has just received a call from the Fallen in London, now knows that the magic temple in Spiceport has been destroyed, and immediately ordered the thousands of fallen people who are still alive, Fully storm the magic temple in New York.

After the order was given, Casillas felt that everything went too smoothly and couldn’t believe it.

And this idea is not only for him, Lucian on the side whispered, “Why didn’t William-Devonshire show up?”

This kept watching Casilla William of Sri Lanka couldn’t help but reluctantly issued a call-up order to Paladin of the Divine Realm of Olympus.

But even if Casillas has doubts in his heart, he knows that now is not the time to hesitate.

Since the two magic temples have been destroyed, the remaining New York temple, It will be destroyed anyway.

Now even if all the fallen are dead, they must be in a spurt of energy and rush into and destroy the temple in New York in the shortest time.

With this plan, the Fallen are instantly crazier than before, and the fierceness of the battle instantly increases by a level.

The high-intensity magic release frequency has caused many Sorcerers who have already played a round of secret skills to be sent to New York again. They can face thousands of holy light magic, even if they turn into ashes. The fallen ones who came over,

Sorcerer’s front line soon on the verge of collapse.

A Sorcerer who had just released the holy light magic and had no time to release the magic shield, watched five or six corrupted faces with savage faces, roaring and flying towards him.

“The God of Magic is up”, Sorcerer, who has closed his eyes and waited to die, suddenly flashed a rays of light on his body, and the silhouette appeared in Kamar-Taj.

When his eyes opened, one after another familiar silhouette flashed around.

Don’t think about it, everyone who was rescued knew that they were saved by William.

While being grateful, I am more worried about the safety of the Magic Temple in New York.

In New York City, along with Sorcerer’s defensive front, more than a thousand people were killed by the fallen. After the breakthrough, more than 20 Sorcerers with mortal danger were sent away.

Only 30 Sorcerer, who were unwilling, even fearful, were still supporting them.

Many people even cursed in their hearts, why William hadn’t shot Sorcerer until now, suddenly saw a burst of light more than ten meters in front of him, and the place with the most fallen people lit up.

holy light whistled past, after sweeping away hundreds of fallen people, all those concerned about this war, after the light dimmed.

I saw hundreds of them shining all over, all covered in gilt gold armor, the red ribbon on the helmet was windless, and the three-meter-long Knight sword hilt was held in both hands.

Imposing manner The extremely strong Paladin appeared, and instantly stopped the battle between the Fallen and the Sorcerer.

“Under the crown of Supreme, please give believers strength.”

All Knights knelt directly on the ground and prayed. In just three seconds, hundreds of rays of light dropping from the sky entered all Knight’s body.

Regardless of the Fallen or the Sorcerer, they immediately felt the Knight emanating from the Knights, increasing at a speed visible to the naked eye.

“Kill them, kill them quickly”.

Casillas, hiding in the shadows in the distance, roared anxiously and angrily, immediately reminding the fallen.

When they pounced on Knight, these Knights still knelt on the ground until someone was about to be touched by the fallen, and hundreds of holy light burst out suddenly, burning hundreds of fallen people who were close to them. ,

Then the hundred holy lights gathered together and rose into the sky of ten meters, bursting fiercely in the fearful eyes of all the fallen.

A very strong holy light shock wave swept across from the inside out.

With a loud bang of “peng”, all the glass within a 100-meter radius burst open, and countless fallen persons were directly burned to ashes.

Even the fallen ones who stayed far away, at this time all have torn skin and gaping flesh, covering their faces or roaring their eyes in pain.


Dozens of senior American men looked at the big screen whose eyes were dazzled. Someone’s legs were soft, and they knelt on the ground with a thump, and began to pray.

Waiting for countless Americans who saw this scene, when praying like God, hundreds of Paladin stood up neatly, and after pulling out the Knight sword in his hand, it was not God that shouted.

“Olympus Wins”.

“Roar”, after hundreds of roars, the Knights formed a team of three, attacking and slashing the fallen ones injured by the holy light.

The sharp sword can easily pass through the body of any fallen person, splitting a person in half, and directly purifying the fallen person into one after another dust, dissipating it in the air.

And the counterattack of the fallen, in front of the armored Paladin, could not even leave a claw mark on the holy light armor.

As for the dark magic, as long as Paladin is hit, one of the other two in the trio will release the holy light to dispel the dark magic.

Then the person who didn’t make the move would release the holy light magic and attack the fallen who released the dark magic.

After the appearance of these iron cans, which are also not afraid of injury, the battle was directly pushed forward by two three hundred meters.

If it weren’t for the magic temple, there were many small tall buildings with several floors, the fallen ones might be directly destroyed.

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