Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1536

Strauss, who was in charge of the command, watched many fallen people rushing down from nearby upstairs, and immediately ordered a few words to those around him.

Soon, in a loud command, the front line pushed out Paladin to three hundred meters, and began to retreat actively, fighting fiercely with the fallen within several dozen meters of the magic temple.

After feeling that there is nothing wrong for the time being, Strauss, the Archbishop of the Knight regiment, walked up to the Sorcerers with three guards,

said kindly and friendly. , “The outside battle can be handed over to us first. You can step up to restore the magic power. Sorcerer comrades with spare capacity can act as the therapist of the Knight regiment and provide long-range fire support.”

“No problem”.

The Sorcerer with the highest status on the scene didn’t mind shrinking behind Paladin at this moment, and when he turned his head, he ordered the Sorcerer, who had a lot of magic power, to enter the magic temple.

After more than twenty Sorcerers left, Strauss nodded the two Paladins beside him.

I saw two Paladins, one took out a jade talisman from his arms and threw it on the clearing, the other took off a horn from his waist,

The portal jade talisman, opened a five meters wide portal, took the Paladin with the horn, and blew the horn fiercely.


After a huge, low horn that spreads over half of New York City came out, within a few seconds there were tidy horseshoes in the portal.

“hong long long”.

Soon a team of three horses ran side by side, the Knight armor of the same style as Paladin, and the Knight team with long lances in their hands, rushed out of the portal and charged directly to the fallen ones on the street.

“Olympus Wins”.


Paladin took the initiative to shrink the front line, and the street was crowded with a large number of fallen men at this time, which immediately gave the Knight regiment an excellent opportunity to kill the enemy.

The five-hundred Knight regiments, all made up of Paladin trainees, came together at speed, and suddenly rushed like tanks.

After riding a lance with several fallen men, he was directly abandoned and pulled out the holy light long sword to slash and kill any fallen men who stood in front of the horse.

With 96 Paladins, there is time to slow down and move closer to the portal.

Soon, hundreds of Knight retinues with war horses, ancient Greek armor and long swords on their waists appeared again in the portal.

96 Paladins rode directly on their horses, and then the four Knight’s retinues with red ribbons on their heads came to Strauss and the four,

, “Your Excellency Archbishop, please start.”

“Well, thank you, Phine”, Strauss grabbed the saddle and stepped onto the white warhorse that looked like a horse in one step,

and pointed to the magic The temple, instructed the Knight followers, “Your task now is to stay outside this temple.

Any non-occult Sorcerer, Paladin group, who wants to get close here are enemies. ??”

“Understand, sir”, nodded, the leader of the four Knight retinues, began to deploy manpower to defend the magic temple.

Strauss nodded to the guard beside him, “Go ahead, Lambert Hundred-men Commander”.

“Yes, Lord Archbishop”.

Lambert picked up the horn in his hand again and blew it fiercely, and a long horn sounded.

Hundreds of Paladin horses standing on the street, shoulders Suddenly, a pair of huge wings stretched out.

In an instant, from the Army Army, it became a luxurious Knight regiment equipped with Pegasus, just like the Asgard Martial Goddess regiment.

Seeing all this, the new head of the American guys, with their hands on their foreheads, shouted incredible, “God, these, who are these people?”

“They Didn’t you say, Olympus”.

The original General Ross, at this time, has become the defense department of the United States.

I looked at the email that William gave him in the cell phone that year, a few minutes ago, and then the reply message sent back after reporting to William on Sunday.

My heart suddenly relaxed, but his face calmly said, “If this group of people are really heavenly people, they have wings on their backs, so they don’t need to ride a flying horse.”

As soon as these words came out, the two dozen people in the oval office of the White Palace looked towards Rose.

Ross shrugged, “The intelligence is provided by William-Devonshire. We only need to treat the mythological forces like Olympus and Heaven as the aliens who attacked us a few years ago.”

Then unbelieving people asked, “Aliens can magic?”

“Yes,” Ross is nodded, “There is a group of humans who specialize in protecting Earth. Sorcerer, for people of our class, it’s no longer a secret, and there are more confirmed werewolves, vampires, and demons appearing in our world.

Now there is a life level higher than us. There is nothing strange about alien intelligent creatures.”

When the Americans were discussing how to face the Paladin regiment and the secret technique Sorcerer, many Demon Kings in the abyss were also using magic means to discuss from a distance whether or not to let the dark forces hidden in New York, At this critical moment, help Domam.

Or taking advantage of the destruction of the magic temples in London and Spice Harbor, the magic barrier disappears, forcibly breaking the dimensional limit, and descending on Earth.

But after everyone looked around in the magic light curtain, after not seeing Mephisto’s silhouette, most of the Demon King suddenly became suspicious.

As most of the Demon Kings hesitated, the Paladin group, plus five hundred knights from the trainee Knight group, after a holy light magic Avatar from William, provided all the Holy Light Power,

It didn’t take half an hour to clean up most of the fallen ones.

Scales of Victory has already moved closer to Paladin.

Casillas grabbed Lucian, who wanted to desperately, and then used his eyes to stop the other two fallen Sorcerer,

“Let’s go, today it is impossible to rely on We will break the Magic Temple in New York.

Moreover, really speaking of which, this situation is normal now.

The temples in London and Spice Harbor were easily destroyed and kept I can’t believe it.

Although it’s impossible to break this place, Kamar-Taj wants to repair the other two temples, but it can’t be done in a day or two.”

As soon as Lucian heard this, nodded, who was relaxed, thought for a while and said, “Perhaps, we should look underground.”

“Underground”, Casillas stared at the street and quickly understood, “Yes, now in the 21st century, as long as there are enough bombs buried in the temple Once the underground within the area of ​​Mimi explodes, this temple can still be destroyed.”

After that, Casillas thought for a few seconds, then gritted his teeth and decided, “Let the remaining fanatics retreat, and then attack once every few hours.

Forcing Kamar-Taj to focus all on magic monitoring, let’s have another dark warehouse and blow it up.”

“I am going to prepare now”, Lucian finished speaking, nodded to the other two fallen Sorcerer, “You take Lord Casillas to the secret base, I will go to the American arsenal to see” .

“Understood”, the few people discussed, and immediately left, and after eight or nine hundred meters from the magic temple, they dared to open the portal and escape.

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