Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1538

The five fallen men staying underground, after hearing their companions repeating Casillas’ orders, they did not hesitate to prepare for the final step of the explosion, and then carried or carried them on their backs All the bombs, along the sewer, rush towards the temple.

If these guys hadn’t absorbed Power of Darkness, it would be impossible for each person to carry 150kg.

When it was only 30 meters away from the temple, the six people stood in a circle, “For Domam”, and pressed the detonator in their hands at the same time.

There was a loud bang of “hong”, and there was a vibration on the ground for a moment. Unfortunately, the 900kg bomb sounded a lot, but William was not ideal.

The six fallen men simply don’t know what a directed explosion is.

The explosion point was in the empty sewers on the left and right. The energy of the explosion was first consumed by the invisible channel, which consumed at least half of William,

Although it exploded in the end A deep pit of more than ten meters, I would like to blow up the magic temple more than 30 meters away, and it was still several levels short.

Fortunately, for the reasons William only needed, plus the residents around the temple, he escaped or was taken away by the New York police two hours after the previous battle.

A single thought After passing, the energy and shock waves released by the explosion were instantly promoted to several levels by his thought force.

Furthermore, this power was controlled by him, only exerting force on the ground, and it did not affect the magic nodes underground at all.

“ka-cha, ka-cha”.

Behind the shock wave breakthrough on the concrete floor of the street, a series of ground cracking sounds came, and then there was an increasingly louder and more sensible vibration.

Nearly two hundred U.S. police or soldiers, as long as there are no dead, without hesitation, they start to run for their lives.

Then there were more than twenty five 6-Layer small buildings near the explosion site, one after another, they began to tilt and collapse.

When the strong vibration is transmitted to the magic temple, there are hanging statues, decorations and the like inside the temple, when they are shaken to the ground,

William’s silhouette this He just appeared outside the temple, made a few gestures with both hands, and a wind of Vatum was released.

The dust dissipated instantly, and anyone in the whole street, including Strange, was moved by him to a park one kilometer away.

After that, under the gaze of countless U.S. countries watching the movement here, and even the upper class of other countries, a degenerate Vajra scepter shimmering with metallic luster appeared in his hand.

As soon as the scepter was lifted, the anti-gravity magnetic field was activated, and all the buildings that were tilted, and even collapsed, were grasped by invisible forces, and began to return to their original erection bit by bit.

Without the second destruction of one after another collapsed buildings, although the ground is still collapsing, the rate of collapse is obviously slower.

Just as Casillas was frustrated, he suddenly felt Domam’s call in his heart.

“Start summon magic immediately. Although the magic temple in New York has not been destroyed, the explosion definitely affected the magic node, and the last magic barrier has disappeared.”

Casillaston was overjoyed, without the slightest hesitation and Lucian, as well as the other two Sorcerer, the Sorcerer, to activate the summon Domam array.

What surprised William was that the person in New York was not Domam, but his niece, Demoness Cree.

“Asshole, Domam, you coward”.

William was very cursed in his heart, and then, Kerry took out a magic wand with purple light, and took a meal on the ground, and a huge dark portal appeared in the sky.

Soon all New Yorkers saw behind the portal, showing an incomparable gigantic scarlet eye, Domam hiding in the Dark Space, through the portal, looking at William floating in the air one kilometer away .

William looked into Domam’s eyes, there was no madness, no violent, bloodthirsty, and he had a feeling that things would not go so smoothly.

For Domam, if Gu Yi was suspended in the air at this time, he would never hesitate to enter Earth.

The reason is that Gu Yi is really good, but unlike William, she focuses on defense instead of fighting back.

And the most important thing is that William has a record of forcibly killing Demon King.

Although he was scrupulous about William, Domam was not scared yet, and he was an extraordinary existence formed by Sorcerer cultivation, not a brainless person.

Facing William sneered, a large amount of Power of Darkness rushed into New York City from the portal released by Kerry.

“NM’s, cunning old ghost”, William sighed helplessly after laughing and scolding. None of these Demon Kings are easy to deal with, and it is not easy to lie to them.

Fortunately, William attracted Domam to Earth in order to get rid of him in the simplest way. In this case, we can only use the second plan.

Now Domam himself does not enter the world, but wants to use a massive amount of Power of Darkness to Tonghua Earth, and William is not conceited, thinking that his power is comparable to the power of a whole dimension.

In addition to opening the magical barriers of the three magic temples again, every second of Domam is given, which means more Power of Darkness will come to New York.

After a long time, this city, which was originally a gang of demons, might become the base camp of dark creatures.

All demons and ghosts ran in, absorbing Power of Darkness, and wantonly searching for the souls of Americans.

A magical Avatar instantly appeared in front of Kelly, before Kelly released the attack magic to destroy the Avatar, and punched the space imprint into her body.

Then ten holy light magic Avatars surrounded Kerry, and after confining people, they released the holy light to resist the dark Space Power and entered New York wantonly.

After that, another magic Avatar teleported to the portal that Klee released. When Dommam felt a premonition of’bad’,

The Avatar did not pass through Portal, but across dimensions, teleported into Dark Space.

Now all understand that teleporting into a dimension means and so on, and taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune in your heart, do not think of a good life in the future.

Avatar divided into ten before Domam didn’t react, and then flew away, or teleported again, deep into the hinterland of Dark Space.

“Asshole”, Domam scolded himself for being plotted against. As Avatar entered the Dark Space, it was equivalent to his own defense against William.

In the future, he will enter wherever he wants. Whenever he wants to have a nuclear explosion, he will have a nuclear explosion, and even once William is eyeing Domam’s body, he will have a holy light on his head. Magic Avatar self-destruct, no problem.

When William ordered the Voodoo Court Academecian to restart the magic barrier, and the dark portal that Klee maintained was dispelled by him, Mephisto in the abyss suddenly laughed wildly.

According to his understanding of William, William will focus most of his attention on Domam in the future, that is to say, how William treated him Mephisto in the first place, and how he will treat Domam in the future. .

After laughing, I thought that I should be able to sneak into the U.S. again in the future, and wantonly search for the soul I wanted, Mephisto’s eyes flashed with inexplicable light.

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