Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1539

The old Liu who beat the Huns didn’t even want the grassland, said, “Kou can go, and I can go,” and it was also in the Old Testament, “an eye for an eye , A Tooth For A Tooth”.

Since Domam invaded Earth, it was logical for William to attack Domam’s Dark Space in turn.

Furthermore, apart from Domam, probably any Demon King with the strength and qualifications to fight for the throne of Satan would be anxious for William to kill Domam.

Dispelling the dark portal released by Demoness Cree, and reopening the magical barriers of the three magic temples,

A crowd of Demon King secretly thought William was really cunning and sinister. , Domam was grateful and furiously watching,

Ten holy light Avatars were released in New York City, covering the entire city, giving the dark energy entering New York from Dark Space Dispelling and neutralizing thoroughly,

By the way, kill most of the dark monsters in the city that were just excited and ecstatic, and the first one who was holy light burned to ashes was Casillas, and then there were three Sorcerer of the Fallen Secret Art.

With the dark creatures in New York City, after at least 90% of their deaths, the entire U.S. monsters instantly clip their tails and hide in the dark as rats.

William was outside the magic temple, looking at the damaged or collapsed small buildings, and suddenly instructed on Sunday, “Tell Abigail to ask how much land is in a block nearby?

If these owners agree to sell, I will double the price, but as long as one does not sell to me, then this matter will be invalid. Then only purchase the magic temple within a radius of 50 to 100 meters Land within”.

“Understand, SIR”, after finishing on Sunday, William’s attention was on the Dark Space of Demoness Cree and Domam who had just been caught.

Kelly is a good solution. Since the man has been arrested, she should surrender and lead the way to help William attack Dark Space.

If you die without surrendering, keep it closed, wait for Domam to be killed, and then follow Domam.

Thinking that in the comics, Strange is Kerry’s husband, William naturally handed Strange the task of persuading him to surrender.

I perceive more than a dozen magic Avatars, and discover the terrain and knowledge in Dark Space.

Really speaking of which, the entire Dark Space is actually a reduced and darkened miniature universe, or a small Star Domain.

There are a number of barren planets that no one knows, and there are also livable planets that are suitable for the aboriginals and fallen people of Dark Space.

After the Magic Avatar detected the first planet living with the aboriginals of Dark Space, a portal appeared on this planet instantly.

The first batch of 100,000 combat robots, The spaceship of communication, command, exploration satellites, ground-boring robots, and sub-base-building factory robots began to invade this Dark Space planet unscrupulously.

Hundreds of transport spaceships, under the command of the magic Avatar, scattered tens of thousands of combat robots in ten cities.

The first robot fighting in dropping from the sky, fired the first shot with a specially designed and built energy weapon, and entered the cruelest moment of life and death.

Although Domam claims to be omniscient and omnipotent in Dark Space, William knows very well that just like Odin and Zeus are omniscient and omnipotent, no one can truly understand everything in the dark. .

After losing at least 40,000 combat robots and forcibly capturing the first Dark Space livable planet, ten large cities, or ten largest tribe gathering points,

Domamu, the king of Dark Space, did not appear, or sent his own hands to support the planet.

William also took the opportunity to let the robot army build a new frontier base on this planet, mine metal, and build more robot army and spaceship and battleship.

I have had several pioneering experiences on other planes, and the sub-bases were experimented early on Sunday to build modular spaceships.

A spaceship is equivalent to a base that can open up an entire planet.

Unless Dommam directly destroys this planet, otherwise, over time, not only this planet will be occupied, but any barren planet nearby that is worth mining will be occupied by robots and transformed. , Become a source of minerals, and build a base with the army.

For the first time, William, who completely let go of the restrictions on Sunday and let it expand in full force, ten days later, he was shocked by the information reported on Sunday.

Just use the 2025 dimension, a source of planet’s resources investment in the current period, and release a million-level land reclamation army in Dark Space on Sunday.

In the hundreds of Dark Space resource planets, thousands of resource collection points and secret construction bases deep underground have been built.

After finding suitable energy sources in Dark Space, these bases have completely entered the real localization. The first batch of thousands of spaceships were scattered and deep into Dark Space, as explorers,

Draw a star map, experiment with Space Jump points, find more planets controlled by Domam, and continue to expand wildly, release more modularity, and build a spaceship in the base.

When Domam found out that there were countless ant-like spaceships in his home, twenty days had passed.

But at this time, it was not the first batch of thousands of spaceships, but hundreds of thousands of spaceships, which had grown exponentially. Not only did Domam feel his scalp numb, but William himself was a little frightened.

Fortunately, Domam is a magical Sorcerer. Dark Space also envelops his personal power. It is not that easy to crack the core program of Sunday, let alone one or two days.

When tens of thousands of spaceships of three hundred meters in length collectively attack Domam’s direct planet, even Domam’s incarnation becomes a huge Flame Giant,

The millions of mechanical forces released by spaceship ignored his attacks and only attacked the fallen in this planet and the natives who were loyal to Domam.

At the end of the battle, Domam destroyed all the squadrons, but the planet he ruled was also broken and broken, and there were no more than ten million people.


Under the collective attack of even tens of thousands of spaceships, although Domam’s origin is well hidden, his huge energy consumption makes him have to stay on this planet, restoring his strength while avoiding being sneaked again. attack.

It’s less than a day, and I simply don’t plan on a sneak attack on Sunday.

Combined with yesterday’s battle, under the best offensive plan calculated, another 20,000 spaceships, carrying a 400,000 mechanical army, and Space Jump like ants, burst in.

Countless robots were released outside the planet, and parachuted into this planet, regardless of casualties and forced attacks on the remaining natives and fallen ones.

Then the spaceship after Domam roared and appeared, spread out, surrounding Domam to release interstellar-level energy cannons madly,

Even these cannon fodder-like spaceships, in After the energy was lowered to the warning line, the acceleration mode was turned on, turning into a meteor, and the suicide mode was turned on and hit Domam’s flame body.

Twenty thousand spaceships, even if Domam was strong enough to guard against the sky, thousands of them still crashed into it. William, who had always seen this situation through the magic Avatar, began to sweat.

If you encounter this situation, there is no second method at all except for fleeing, let alone blocking this kind of attack like Domam.

No, using power gems can easily destroy these spaceships, but what is the point of this kind of battle?

After Domam blocked the second attack, on the third day, the third attack of spaceship arrived near the planet as expected.

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