Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1540

Dommam saw that the number had doubled. He didn’t carry any ground machinery at all, and he didn’t need an airdrop spaceship. Let’s take a look at the ones that have dominated the planet’s surface. The more than 200,000 robots and a dead planet that were gone without a fallen person,

In the end, I could only sigh helplessly, and the incarnation became a huge flame, breaking through, destroying the spaceship blocking the way, and disappearing. In Dark Space.

But others are gone, other planets in Dark Space can’t escape, and the longer it drags, the larger the number of mechanical forces built on Sunday.

Even as long as the power supply is enough, it is no problem to spread the entire Dark Space with spaceship.

Three days later, after exploring several planets discovered by spaceship, we ushered in a tens of thousands of spaceship groups.

I thought Domam would appear again, but the spaceship began to airborne ground troops, but never waited for Domam to come.

After thinking about it for a moment, William understood that Domam was restoring the power consumed in the last war, and at the same time he should be mobilizing his own power, or looking for a Sunday base, from the root cause Destroy the advantage that the mechanical army is not afraid of consumption.

Since Domam didn’t come out as a tortoise, William didn’t let Sunday a direct attack or an extermination killing this time. Instead, regardless of the robot’s damage, he would only kill the fallen, indigenous people. Occupied these planets with as few murders as possible, and captured hundreds of thousands of people, waiting for Hela to receive them.

It’s a pity that William wanted to reserve more manpower for Hela, but Hela was not so good at talking. As long as she didn’t surrender and didn’t acknowledge allegiance, she would kill people no worse than the cold procedure on Sunday.

Seeing that Hela directly ordered the battle robots to destroy a tens of thousands of ethnic groups, William’s first single thought was that once Domam was killed and Dark Space was conquered,

Not only must all mechanical forces self-destruct, even the smart programs copied from the main world Sunday body program and exist in Dark Space must also self-destruct.

Otherwise, after a long time, maybe other forces will crack Sunday’s procedures, directly affecting the safety of his entire force.

Or the intelligence of this Dark Space has undergone certain changes and has an independent consciousness, then Dark Space will have to be renamed Mechanical Empire in the future.

And let Hela master the robot Legion, the ghost knows whether she will pass the Dark Space and attack the world outside of Nine Realms, or turn around when William does not allow her to enter the main material world Keep your eyes on the abyss.

No, this crazy woman will definitely expand her army, prepare for war, and attack other dimensions.

However, although William is also guarding Hela, she also knows that even if she will provoke a war, this is the future. The primary goal now is to unite Hela to kill Domam, or at least He must also be forced to leave Dark Space.

It’s a pity that Domam himself knows that once he leaves Dark Space, it means that he loses the dominance of the entire dimension. Not only will his strength be greatly reduced, it will be easier for William to kill him, even other Demon Kings. Will also hit a person when he’s down, subdue, enslaved or get rid of him.

Unconsciously in the past month, Domam has only escaped once, which is equivalent to one point of strength at his grasp on Sunday. So after a few battles, Dark Space has basically been occupied by half of the planet and space.

And Dark Space looks very big, but in fact it is not as good as one billionth of the Milky Way galaxy. The explored planets that can generate heat and emit weak light similar to stars, at most are several hundred. , More of it is wasteland planet.

As for the planets of intelligent creatures, or simply humanoid creatures, there are probably more than one thousand, and these planets are all planets swallowed by Domam.

Although the site is half and half, but in terms of strength, it is the mechanical army that completely crushes Dommam.

If it were not for the number of spaceships to be calculated at 200,000, the rate of energy extraction could not keep up with the consumption, and the war might have been over.

Looking at Domam’s incarnation into a huge flame once again, breaking away from the spaceship encirclement, William’s magic Avatar, sighed, and really responded to the saying that ants can kill elephants.

The existence of Domam will actually be on his own territory, and he has been beaten several times and fled.

Hela on the side heard Avatar sigh and couldn’t help but smile and said, “Don’t worry about that stray dog, as long as we occupy all planets, the plane will of Dark Space will abandon Domam by itself. When the time comes, he loses a blessing of plane power,

At most, he is a quasi-heavenly father or a dark demon Sorcerer who has just entered the heavenly father level, except for struggling on whilst at the Dark Space Apart from death’s door, there is no threat to us”.

Magic Avatar turned his head sideways and glanced at Hela who was a little excited. William didn’t believe Hela didn’t understand what cut weeds and eliminate the roots are.

She would think so, nothing more than worrying that William will remove the mechanical army in Dark Space, so that she can master the 200,000 spaceship, and have the commander in charge of creating an army of tens of millions of robots anytime and anywhere,

Fell into a second-rate lord who can only rule a few million of the natives of Dark Space.

Unfortunately, William not only killed Domam, but also kept Hela from becoming the second Domam.

Even if they have ten children in the future, it won’t work.

Even because of Hela’s brutality, once these children make him feel like Hela in the future, they will not get any chance to enter the main material world.

However, he will not tell Hela directly, “On Sunday, I will occupy the remaining planet with all my strength. I must prevent Domam from opening the Dark Space to the abyss.”

“Understand, SIR”.

I finished answering on Sunday, and 160,000 spaceships began to gather thousands of battle groups in a short time. Following the trajectory of exploring spaceship, they started Space Jump and entered the other half of Dark Space.

Although William didn’t say it clearly, Hela actually understood what he meant. But in the face of a consciousness that is William himself, but the body is just a magical Avatar, Hela has other thoughts. Will not affect William at all.

Even if she is really strange, William will even fight her and Domam 100%.

Hella was dissatisfied with coldly snorted, “You are as ruthless and cold-blooded as my father Odin.”

William shook his head calmly, “It’s not that we are ruthless, but your desire for destruction and destruction in your heart makes me have to suppress and guard you, so that one day you will not aim your blade at me”.

“hmph”, Hela sneered, and was about to refute, but listened to William with a smile, “No need to explain, because I know very well that you always have the idea of ​​turning over and pressing me.”

Hela instantly furiously said, “Damn, why should I lower your head”.

“For nothing,” William shrugged, “It has nothing to do with male or female power, but only about strength.

When I am strong, of course I will suppress your restlessness. Woman, and if you don’t want to be my vassal, don’t take over Dark Space.

If you take my things, you have to be obedient.”

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