Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1541

Hela looked sad, of course knowing that he had taken William’s things. Why would William give her the power of Dark Space in disobedience?

For a moment, I wanted to say no, but Hela, who understood her situation in Asgard, finally sighed helplessly in her heart.

Fiercely stared at Avatar. Said, “When I have finished paying the favor, you don’t want to order me again.”

“hmph”, William lightly snorted, waved at Hela, she appeared in Rome, in the manor that Strauss gave him back then.

After a while, William himself appeared in front of Hela.

“What to drink”, when he walked to the wine cabinet, William didn’t care whether Hela would answer or not. He picked a bottle of Latour’s new wine this year, poured two glasses, put it on his nose and smelled it. ,

Confirmed that the wine is ok and the smell is good, he handed a glass to Hela who was still angry.

“Ding”, when the two wine glasses touched, William held Hela’s hand as if they were very close.

“Let go”, struggling angrily a few times, but Hela broke free wherever she was, and she could only let William sit on the sofa with him.

Furthermore, this bastard has been rubbing Hela’s palm with her hand. Before she was completely angry, she smiled and said, “Do you want to wait until you officially take over Dark Space before you marry me, or Give yourself to me now?”

“Ha”, Hela looked at William with contempt. He just said that he would not accept his order after paying the favor. This bastard immediately said to him to get married Thing.

“Are all successful and great kings, like you and Odin, never know what shameless is?”

William shrugged indifferently, “I just Ask when you want to give yourself to me”.

Asshole, Hela frowned, but I didn’t understand that William was trying to hold himself together.

If I can’t help William a big favor from now on, and I’m bound by his feelings, I’ll probably really have to be eaten by him all the time.

As for accomplishing good things now, it’s better for Domam to get married after hanging up. It is nothing more than a clear expression of the relationship between the two people, whether it is a little bit of interest trading or pure interest exchange.

This kind of choice does not need to be chosen. Even a fool understands that Hela understands that pure exchange is the worst for her, and while William restrains her with feelings, it is hard to say that she can’t turn her on her mind. she was.

In terms of how to choose, the killing, perseverance, or impulsive side of Hella’s character is easily reflected.

Standing up, reaching out and pressing William’s forehead, pushed him down on the sofa, and sat on his lap with a smile.

Staring at him tentatively, “Now I am your queen”.

“haha”, William didn’t feel that this would upset him at all, and he knew Hela was a rookie when he heard it.

The long-distance race you chase me relies on physical strength and skill, and he has only one weakness, but Hela has more weaknesses.

More than an hour later, in an unfair long-distance race at first, William used collisions, language interference and other despicable means from time to time,

Hela collapsed directly on the ground. , Eyes blank, looked at William who was sweating a little in confusion, and closed his eyes as an ostrich in shame.

I want to be the queen who didn’t treat her as a queen. Although she still talked back from time to time in the relationship afterwards, the tenderness that appeared in her eyes for the first time could not be hidden from the experienced William.

As a woman said, the tree-lined trail leads to the woman’s heart.

After that, it was not Hela who fell asleep alone for the first time. After waking up on the 2nd day, looking at William’s handsome profile, complex emotions of love and hate suddenly appeared in my heart.

But when I thought of my tired begging for mercy during my second workout last night, Hela, who had never blushed before, even reddened her ears within a few seconds.

Hately opened his mouth and took a bite on William’s shoulder, and then lay down like an ostrich without looking up. William was not bitten but awakened.

Looking at Hela, who was pretending to be a rascal, William slapped the round ground behind her, and then recalled Hela yesterday, which really smelled like the queen of the elves in the Lord of the Rings.

“What do you want for breakfast”.

Get out of bed and put on a long nightgown. William looked back at Hela who was staring at him, “If I don’t speak, then I will cook two wonton noodles.”

Don’t talk about eating, I’ve never heard of Hela who has wonton noodles, nodded with a bright smile, waited for William to leave, got up, washed up, put on long pajamas, and went outside the kitchen. Seeing William, who was doing his own hands, instantly felt a sweet feeling in his heart.

But even if I know that this is a gentle trap, I have never felt that love is and so on Hela. I care more about this kind of care, and it doesn’t matter what I eat. The key is who makes food for myself.

Just like when Odin personally poured her wine and handed her barbecue at the victory celebration reception, he could make her feel cared. Hela walked behind William involuntarily and put her head Leaning on his shoulders, both hands held William tightly.

The two stayed in the Roman manor for three days. After the Magic Avatar notified that a large number of wasteland spaceships had been dispatched on Sunday in Dark Space, they would completely occupy all planets in Dark Space.

Hela reluctantly returned to Dark Space.

But before leaving, she looked at William with a serious face and said, “This manor will only belong to me in the future, do you understand?”

“OK”, William nodded,” This is our home.”


How many years have you not mentioned this word to yourself?

Hela couldn’t help but fell into confusion and excitement. After a long time came back to his senses, she put her arms around William’s neck and kissed her, “This is what you said. I have a family with you. of”.

“Of course,” William said affirmatively, “Before you betrayed me, you and me, as well as future children, were one family.”

child? With a longing for the future, as soon as Hela returned to Dark Space, he didn’t care about war damage or strategy.

The consumption of combat robots and spaceship has increased dramatically, and the occupation of the planet in Domam’s hand has also increased rapidly.

As for the Dark Space natives who are still serving Domam, as long as they are captured, those who did not choose to surrender at the first time will all become slaves of the natives who have already acknowledged allegiance to her.

This method of occupying land and population together quickly forced Domam to show up again with Hela and the mechanical Legion to fight to the death.

Otherwise, a ruler without a territory or subjects can still be called a ruler?

However, to William’s surprise, Domam has been forced to this level, but he has not let go of the Dark Space and the abyss.

Let demons and other demons King came in and resisted the mechanical army and William together.

In the depths of the Dark Space, on the last planet that Dommam directly reigns, the magic Avatar looks at its size, two or three times larger than the fire giant Sirtel who has absorbed Fire of Eternal. The dark Flame Giant is definitely more than one kilometer high.

“Surrender, Domam”.

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