Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1542

Domam shook his head like a hill, “No more nonsense, William-Devonshire.

The war has been fought until now, even if I surrender , You will not let me go.

And I would rather die than give up my qualifications to sit on the throne of Satan.”

In the Marvel universe, Satan is not a specific person, but represents the throne that rules hell, and a title like emperor.

Since it’s a throne, it’s not that any Demon King is eligible to sit on it.

William, who understood this, didn’t persuade him to surrender, but narrowed his eyes and said, “Then you go and die.”

Avatar teleports directly into the last planet and releases the portal everywhere, allowing the robot army to attack the fallen on the planet and the remaining hundreds of thousands of natives.

When Domam wanted to return, the spaceship group of 10,000 ships, with a team of 100 ships, came one after another Space Jump, scattered around and attacked directly.

Use the amount to pile Domam to death, although the loss will be very large, but also not good.

Even if the relationship with Hela is confirmed, William will not dismiss it and destroy the minds of the mechanical army.

This has nothing to do with trust or distrust. It is only related to divine power, husband power, and father power.

As soon as every one hundred spaceships appear in the outer space near Dommam, they will launch interstellar energy cannons at full power for the first time, and then accelerate when the energy drops to 20%, colliding like a meteor. To Domam.

Even if he can’t blow Domam at close range, he can consume his power a little bit.

Not to mention, after the ground mechanical forces completely occupy this planet, Domam will no longer be the ruler of Dark Space.

Once the strengthening of the power blessed by the entire space on him disappears, Hela can win by himself, and then kill him by himself, undisputedly gaining the dominance of Dark Space.

The war has been fought for three full days, and nearly 100,000 spaceships exploded. Even if the magical power of Domam was so great, he could not withstand such a large amount of consumption. Even Dark Space borrowed too much power from him. , The concentration of magic power is beginning to decline.

Directly lead to signs of instability in Domam’s theocracy, and his strength naturally began to decline little by little.

The most direct manifestation is that Flame Giant, who was still more than a kilometer tall three days ago, has been compressed into a little less than 500 meters.

William, who deliberately dragged the ground mechanical units to prevent the ground machinery from completely occupying the last planet, waited until Domam’s figure was only three hundred meters, which greatly consumed his strength,

I didn’t want to wait any longer, let Hela personally order Sunday to take down the last resistance base on the planet.

Doomam, who felt that he had reached the last moment, suddenly stopped and let Spaceship attack him. When William saw this, he also ordered that Spaceship’s attack be stopped on Sunday.

After a while, in the space full of spaceship wreckage, the tranquility made Hela feel a little flustered.

“William -Devonshire, I will challenge you heads-up. I won. You and all of your men will never be allowed to enter the Dark Space.

The one you win will naturally get from me Inherit the rule of Dark Space in my hand, otherwise, before I die, I will open the passage between Dark Space and the abyss, and completely merge this space into the abyss.”

“William, don’t agree yet”, Hela instinctively felt that there was a problem.

William, who is okay and who is accustomed to creating something from nothing and who is skeptical, would not agree to single out with him when Domam is about to be killed.

After thinking about it for a moment, he thought that once he took over the ruling power from Domam, wouldn’t it mean that he would always have something to do with him?

And the dark lord like Domam is actually the same as the Demon Kings in Mephisto. As long as there is a believer or someone who has something to do with him, he will not really die out, there will always be A trace of remnant thought remains in the world.

Even if it is weaker than the ant, there is still hope of resurrection.

Not to mention the existence of people like William and Hela. Once they have an affiliation with Domam, once they have dark thoughts in their minds, it is equivalent to providing Domam with nutrients for resurrection.

Thinking of this, William suddenly remembered that in ancient times, he took the initiative to approach the door and said that he would give him the position of Paragon Sorcerer,

Then he went to the plane of 2025 to help the Sorcerer there. Tranche guards against the attack of Power of Darkness.

Suddenly let him understand that Gu Yi probably used the gem of time to see this period of the future.

After all, Gu Yi can live so long because she has been forcibly ingesting the dark Space Power.

If Gu Yi stays on this plane, it means that she will become the host of Domam, and even the hope of resurrection.

After thinking about this, William without the slightest hesitation said to Hela, “Continue to attack.”

Hela immediately nodded and ordered Sunday to continue the attack.

And Domam looked at the spaceship that was re-lighting the energy cannon, and roared furiously and desperately. When he felt cruel, he used his remaining power to forcibly open the passage between Dark Space and the abyss.

In a few seconds, a pitch-black, thicker than ink, blackened hole appeared in the dark space, spinning and expanding.


Too Mum, who has released too much energy fiercely, has shrunk Small Accomplishment to only several dozen meters, regardless of the light and dark flames on his body, he continues to strengthen his strength to the channel in.

After ten seconds, the channel officially split into a gap of ten meters.

“Roar,,,”, a series of roars and roars came. When William heard the sound, he knew that there were countless evil spirits, cowardices, magic spiders, and even Barlow flames. I couldn’t bear to rush into the Dark Space.

“hmph”, William looked at Domam, who was only a few meters tall, mockingly, and then at Helladao, whose face was worried, even fearful,

” My dear, if I let you stand outside the abyss channel, what would you think?”

“You,,”, Hela’s expression is not unexpectedly difficult to look, you can see William’s magic Avatar When squinting, there is something inexplicable in his eyes,

like Angela back then, the fear of him exceeds the fear of the devil.

As soon as this mind was transferred, Hela soon wanted to understand that this was a temptation, a test, but William would never let her die.

Because, if William himself wanted to rule the Dark Space, he would not pull her up, or if he wanted to kill her, he would not need to use this method.

Rather than plot against her, Odin’s eldest daughter, it is better to kill her blatantly.

Clearly kill her, Odin will hate William, and even the relationship between Thor and William will drop to a freezing point.

But this is at most distrustful and despised, but neither Odin nor Thor will not turn their faces.

But killing her with insidious means not only broke the trust of others, but also became a fool for Odin father and son.

So, Hela immediately figured out that William had no reason to kill himself in this way.

That is to say, let her go out of the abyss channel, not to take risks, not to play tricks, but to be sure that she alone can prevent countless demons from rushing into the Dark Space.

“Don’t let me down, William”, Hela walked to the magic Avatar and reached out and stroked Avatar’s cheek with the back of her hand, “Thousands of years, you are the only one who makes me feel love People.

Don’t push me completely into the dark, okay?”

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