Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1543

The Magic Avatar put his hand on Hela’s cheek and said with a smile, “Don’t worry, you are now my person, and you really think I’m the evil spirit in cesium. I can’t wait for a few days. I have to do a good job with you the day before the war?”

When I think of myself and William in the Roman manor, Hela’s face is slightly red, but her eyes are fierce. Liang, “Well, I believe you once”.

William smiled nodded, and then a little worried to release, all created by Zhenjin private exclusive spaceship.

Take Hela into the spaceship, teleport to the side of the abyss channel, and then ten magical Avatars of holy light energy appear around Domam, who is only a few meters high.

One after another holy light chain, trapped Domam, lest he jump out and make trouble again.

As soon as the Zhenjin spaceship appeared outside the abyss passage, the roar of countless demons quickly turned into fear and wailing.

Magic Avatar smiled and lightly snorted. Hela has become a member of the Devonshire family ever since he joined with him and really has feelings for him.

The agreement between William and Will of the Abyss back then was that no demons should appear around his family. In this range, William himself did not accurately measure the distance.

But these years Abigail and the others As long as it is in London, there has never been a trace of the devil within the city limits of London.

With this calculation, there is still a range of at least 20 kilometers.

Now Hela appears at several hundred meters outside the abyss channel. The demons will inevitably be destroyed by the abyss will personally if they want to rush out of the channel.

And what Hella said is only a tiny bit inferior to Odin in his heyday.

Without William’s reminder, she herself felt the demons on the opposite side of the passage. The thoughts that came from her were all fear and fleeing thoughts.

I looked back towards Magic Avatar in confusion and excitement and asked, “Why?”

William twitched his lips, “As long as I still admit that you are my person, and you don’t Take the initiative to enter the abyss, no demons can appear around you”.

Hela was delighted. This does not mean that after ruling Dark Space, there is no need to be afraid of any demons in the abyss attacking this space, because wherever she goes, the demons will have to get out.

“How big is this range?”

“Can’t be determined specifically”, William shook his head, “I thought about catching a few demons and try, but I was worried about causing abyss will I feel that I am provoking him.

The only certainty is that in these years, there has never been a devil in the territories of London and Oxford.”

Hela wanted to try it herself, but she couldn’t travel through dimensions or planes at will like William did. As for letting her enter the abyss alone, Hela asked herself, she was not so arrogant.

Odin in his prime, dared to go into the abyss to find Mephisto singled out, relying on the battle of Nine Realms, and the support of the daughter of Hela and the whole Asgard.

Since the demons dared not enter the Dark Space, this passage to the abyss was soon cut off from the Dark Space by a certain Demon King or several Demon Kings.

And Hela wisely said to William, “From now on, my capital will be on this planet, lest the demons use any means to open this passage again while I am away.”

“Yeah”, William had no reason to oppose this proposal. He used space gems to reinforce the space barriers nearby to prevent the demons. At the same time, as soon as the passage was opened, he could know immediately .

If it weren’t for worrying about using space gems to forcibly destroy this passage, which would cause the space to collapse, and finally let the abyss swallow Dark Space, it would be so troublesome.

To solve the problem of the devil, William and Hela focused on Domam.

At this time, Domam was locked by ten holy light avatars with a holy light chain, and he was so weak that he could hardly maintain the shape of flames.

William himself in the Roman manor touched his chin and thought to himself that Domam is a top lord in this way, and may be stronger than Mephisto. How can I get it completely? Die him?

After thinking about it, the projection that Mephisto appeared a few days ago was forcibly transferred from somewhere in the U.S. by using the spatial imprint on the projection to locate it.

“Satan is on top, why do I have friends like you?” Mephisto’s Avatar asked angrily as soon as he appeared, “We are also friends, even in a sense Allies, and this is how you treat your friends?”

“Ha, we are neither friends nor allies”, William raised his legs and said without apologetics, “People who make friends with the devil, Probably the stupidest one in this world.”

Went to the wine cabinet, opened a bottle of Latour’s new wine, and gestured to Mephisto. Seeing that the old Demon King had no objection, a glass of red wine appeared in front of Mephisto.

Holding half a glass of wine and a bottle, I walked back to the sofa area and sat down, regardless of whether Mephisto, who was still standing, was really angry.

Said in a way, “I’m going to kill Domam completely, tell me what to do?”

“It’s easy”, Mephisto didn’t even have any fear or fear, and sat beside William. On the sofa.

The Dark Space battle has been going on for so long, and everyone who should know already knows it.

And the Demon Kings in the abyss, because of the abyss passage just now, even Domam was trapped by the holy light magic Avatar, they all knew clearly.

As to whether the Demon Kings will have the emotion of if the rabbit dies, the fox grieves because of Domam’s death.

William can only say’hehe’.

Not to mention that Domam is dead, it is equivalent to missing a top ten existence, to compete with other Demon Kings for the throne of Satan.

The Demon King in the abyss is really speaking of which, too much.

Even those who are qualified to sit on the throne of Satan, William knows no fewer than ten.

As long as he doesn’t mess up the abyss, Mephisto, Lucifer, Setolak, Nightmare, etc., don’t care at all, and even wish he would kill Domam.

Because the other Demon Kings of the abyss, the Dark Lords, all use human beings as a source of power. While playing with human souls, they also absorb various negative human emotions.

And Domam?

This guy has always wanted to pull Earth into the Dark Space, swallowing a few 1 billion people and souls.

If this is done by Domam, the Demon Kings of the abyss will lose their source of power.

Before Mephisto and Lucifer urged Domam to attack Earth, the first purpose was to see if William, who lost six infinite gems, might become a fat sheep.

Second, it is hard to say that Mephisto and Lucifer do not have the thoughts of William and Domam both sides suffer in their hearts.

No matter who wins in the end, it is their Demon King who picks up the bargain.

What Mephisto and Lucifer didn’t expect was that William had at least space and power gems in his hands.

The one who made Mephisto withdraw, and without the slightest hesitation, sold Domam for a good price.

He is in the United States these days, but he has tempted several souls who satisfy him.

If this matter were placed in the past, his projection would have been directly destroyed by William. How could it be like now, William turned a blind eye would not have seen it.

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