Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1544

“If you let me swallow the demon of Domam, any meaning of his existence will disappear.”

“Ha”, William rolled the eyes, “You treat me as an idiot, or you are in the United States this time, playing with those scumbag souls is so cool,

even seduce There is an idiot named Johnny Blazer, no one bothers you, so I think I’m too easy to talk?”

I was ridiculed, but Mephisto could only hold back the anger in his heart. , His mouth twitched, he really didn’t expect William to know Johnny Blazer.

And when he heard William mention it, Mephisto knew that William was using the next generation of Evil Spirit Knight to blackmail him.

“If you don’t want the devil to swallow Domam, then kill anyone who believes in him, including the Satanish who served Domam back then.”

“hehe, Mephisto, I found that you demons really cannot listen to, let alone believe.”

William squinted his eyes and looked at Mephisto and said, “Satanish, a Demon King like Satanish, will believe in Domam even after his death?

It’s me. Confront Satanish, the guy who has hatred with you, in order to save his life, he will really try his best to resurrect Domam.”

“Also, demons are cold and ruthless. Once Domam loses power, no demon will believe in him again.

Even if there is, you Demon King yourself Everyone finds one and kills one, right”.

Mephisto grinned, “Don’t you worry about me saying it on purpose?”

“I only know, I would rather let Domum not know how many years in the future After the resurrection, we must not let you or any Demon King swallow his demon.”

William thought, and made up his mind to get the soul gem of the mutant world.

Of course, this time he will not use soul gems to absorb and trap Domam again, but use soul gems to completely destroy Domam’s demon, that is, soul.

The conditions for getting soul gems are really assholes.

Sacrifice the soul of a truly beloved person. Normal people would not do it, let alone do it.

People who want revenge have a hard time facing death. Magic Avatar tried a dozen combinations of father and son, husband and wife, brother, and sisters, but they didn’t succeed.

Looking at the movie, the only second example of getting gems, Thanos gave up personal feelings and went for a more lofty ideal in his eyes. The entire universe and all the creatures in the universe exchanged his daughter’s life. To the soul gem.

Eagle Eye and Black Widow, both beings who gave up for half of the universe, got the soul gem.

This made William do this? Do you artificially create a universe level crisis and let people treat him as the ultimate BOSS, to take soul gems to deal with him?

No, it’s not without other methods.

In at least three dimensions of 2025, three American Captains have sent gems back to their past planes.

The more direct method is to create Pim particles and Ant-Man Battle Armor himself, and send them to Hawkeye and Black Widow looking for soul gems.

After Hawkeye gets the gem, borrow it for a period of time before returning it to him.

According to the movie’s statement, no matter how long the jewel hunters like Hawkeye stay in another time and space, when they finally return to 2025, the time is the next second from the moment they teleported.

If you are not at ease, or want to have that soul gem forever, just follow Hawkeye and return to the fourth year 2025.

Anyway, I have played in 2025 three times, plus Soul Destruction once, which means that William who has killed Thanos four times. Killing Thanos for the fifth time will not only cause no burden, but think Soul Destruction. He died too fast, and he was directly killed by Infinite Gems, which made him a little unhappy.

Think of this, ten holy light magic Avatars, increase their energy, and begin to truly destroy Domam’s body.

Mephisto’s projection was thrown back to the United States by William casually.

Mephisto couldn’t help but mumble in his heart, and William was plotting against whom, or what he did.

After thinking about it, Mephisto still sleeps in his projection in a valley in the United States, so as not to be plot against by William again, or hit the gun and be killed by William.

William, who felt this through the space imprint, smiled at the corner of his mouth, and then felt that this was the old ghost of Mephisto, who deliberately showed it to himself.

However, no matter what kind, it is Mephisto. This is to show that he will not intervene in anything related to Domam.

Ten minutes later, after destroying Domam’s body and weakening his soul as much as possible, William’s real body instantly appeared in Dark Space.

The right hand grabbed the void and grabbed Domam’s soul, whose soul had been weakened to be intermittent, from his body.

Then without the slightest hesitation, I used sentinel materials to wrap Domam’s soul, forming a dark, baseball-sized soul ball.

As soon as Domam’s soul was controlled, William felt the will of Dark Space, and actually wanted to press Dark Space’s dominance on his head.

Without even thinking about it, William’s body grabbed the soul ball and returned to the manor in Rome.

Ten holy light magic Avatars completely extinguished Domam’s flame body, and then appeared around Hela under the sign of William,

Together with the original has been waiting The magic Avatar next to Hela lowered her head slightly, “Congratulations, Your Majesty, daughter of Hela-Odin.”

The Magic Avatar does not represent William himself, but only represents William. Therefore, although the body did not salute Hela, everyone understands that William is pushing Hela forcibly and sitting on the throne of Dark Space.

Without a choice, Dark Space’s will begins to strengthen Hela without any hesitation. Once the strengthening is completed like strengthening Domam, it is equivalent to acknowledging Hela’s rule over Dark Space.

Power of Darkness is not so easy to absorb.

Countless negative emotions appeared in Hela’s thinking instantly.

Ten holy light magic Avatars, with William a single thought, began to release the holy light field, forcibly neutralizing the negative emotions of Power of Darkness, a set of whiteboard sentries.

Battle Armor, just like when William absorbed the power of Phoenix, appeared beside Hela, pressing her hands on Hela’s shoulders, acting as a second filter to help her absorb the negative forces, lest Hela and Domam were the same, energy Be completely darkened.

Even William would rather Hela not be the master of Dark Space than he would be the second Domam.

If the situation is more dangerous, he will kill his relatives righteously.

Fortunately, as soon as Hela accepted Power of Darkness, she was entered into the field of holy light. With the appearance of the Sentry Battle Armor, she always remembered the sweet emotions between her and William a few days ago.

Hela did not want to be completely dark.

The heart has not fallen, even if the Power of Darkness is used, then this person is at least not like a demon, completely chaotic camp.

As for the things he wanted to make Hela a kind-hearted camp, William himself didn’t think he was that kind of person, so he didn’t care whether Hela was lawful, neutral to evil, or chaotic and neutral.

In short, as long as it is not chaotic evil.

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