Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1545

I thought Hela became the ruler of Dark Space. Odin should be the happiest person, and Angela should be the most unhappy.

We didn’t expect Hela to officially ascend to the throne. Angela didn’t see any unhappiness. Instead, she didn’t need to worry about Hela anymore and grabbed Asgard and greatly relaxed. .

On the contrary, Odin has always been stern, and even when chatting privately with William, he repeatedly emphasized that he must pay close attention to Hela, lest she appear in the main world and provoke wars with other civilizations.

As for Saul, since the birth of his daughter, this guy has been a slave to his daughter.

When attending the ceremony, as long as there is a chance, tell William how, how cute, how smart his daughter is.

William and Angela, who were bothered by wanting a child, were very annoyed and helpless.

After the celebration, after Odin and Sol left first, Angela looked at William with a grieving face, and then whispered, “I don’t care, you must be in Aspen every month from now on. Gad stayed with me for a week.”

When Hela heard this, eyes shined, it suddenly occurred to William that he was holding Olympus, Asgard, Dark Space and Earth of the main world.

The four places happen to be once a week, but Angela and she both monopolize the territory, which is equivalent to monopolizing William for a week, even if the relationship with Angela is good enough.

The two sisters work together, which is equivalent to occupying half of William’s time. Not only do they have more time to spend with their husband, the probability of having a child is also several times greater.

I glanced at Angela who was still complaining to William in a low voice. While Hela despised her, she saw that William was not impatient at all, and she suddenly understood that it seemed that Angela was dealing with this attitude. William, is the most correct way.

But you make Hela look like Angela. She asks herself that she can’t do it. At most, she will show her daughterhood when she is working out together.

I was thinking of forgetting it, but didn’t expect, Angela looked stupid, but secretly gave her a few winks.

Hela didn’t understand now, Angela had thought of four territories each for a week, and also thought of sisters teaming up.

I feel that the really stupid person is his own Hela, and I feel humiliated in an instant. Fiercely glared at Angela who was waiting for a reply, then turned to William coldly snorted and turned back to his own The palace is gone.

When Angela was unfathomable mystery, William laughed secretly.

Because Angela and Abigail and the others accompany William to work out together, and when she first followed William, her identity is a precarious illegitimate daughter or a latecomer, so she doesn’t care about her and Abigail and the others. Share William.

But Hela is different. This woman is a fierce person who almost overthrew Odin’s rule. Now she feels that her IQ has been humiliated, so how can she care about the issue of sisters teaming up or not.

If you don’t drive Angela away, your temper has improved a lot.

However, William will not be limited by Angela’s two sisters.

It was the proposal to work out with the sisters, which made him very excited, pulling Angela to the Dark Palace.

Then three days later, I felt I was at a loss for Hella, so I joined the two-to-one competition without hesitation.


Time unconsciously the past two years.

In order to quell the repercussions of occupying Dark Space and killing Domam, it has brought tremendous pressure to the many abyss Demon Kings.

In the past two years, William, in addition to creating Pim particles and Ant-Man battle clothes, in the future time and space of 2025, traveling through 2013, he got the soul gems in Eagle Eye’s hands and completely made Domam died.

After that, he honestly ran into each other between the four territories, but he was honest, but his heart began to become more and more restless.

For four years, no one can make ten women conceive a child. They will all be like William. Although he doesn’t say anything on his face, he already has uncontrollable anger in his heart. Up.

“You M, plot against for so many years, unifying the two God Worlds, plus a Dark Space the same size as the entire Star Domain. If there are no children in the future, who will inherit?”

Although children are debt collectors, when people reach a certain age, they will want children. This is natural and cannot be suppressed.

William walked around a bit irritably, and started to regret not having a child earlier, “Ai, even if there is no son, a daughter will do.

I don’t know my little When will the cotton jacket appear in my arms”.

This sentence of emotion, not long after speaking, suddenly reported on Sunday, “SIR, detected signs of the disappearance and escape of many demons in Los Angeles, I suggest you send the secret technique Sorcerer to investigate.”

“No need”, just ask Mephisto’s projection for this matter, a single thought,

Wearing an old-fashioned western cowboy suit, wearing a cowboy hat, Mephisto, who was holding a silver walking stick in it, appeared in front of him.

“Are you having a fancy dress party?” William looked at Mephisto with a bad face in surprise, “Tell me what happened in Los Angeles?”

” Are you embarrassed to ask me?” Mephisto’s silver cane tapped fiercely on the floor a few times, “We have reached a tacit understanding two years ago. My people do not violate the rules you set up. Can’t clean up the demons that appeared in the United States for no reason.

But why, you have a descendant suddenly appeared in Los Angeles?”

“Lady, descendant?”

William’s eyes burst out with a very strong electric light. The reason why the devil was expelled on a large scale and on a large scale, needless to say.

But where my mother and the women are, I always pay attention to them on Sunday, but I didn’t report on Sunday just now.

It means that Mephisto’s descendant is probably himself Child, how can this be possible?

In the early years, although I liked to take the girls in a boat and go surfing for a few days, if those women had his child, they would have jumped out and made a lot of noise, how could they wait until now? .

After thinking about it, the only possibility is the first girlfriend who hasn’t mentioned it for 15 years.

With a wave of his hand, he left the sentence’Earth I have the final say’, and sent Mephisto’s projection away.

People also appeared in the sky over Los Angeles in an instant, their eyes were covered by the energy of holy light, and as soon as the demon eyes opened, it was easy to see the city of Los Angeles where hundreds of demons flee the city center.

On the contrary, it’s a local dark creature like a vampire, and nothing happens.

Based on this alone, William was convinced that otherwise, a divine object dedicated to restraining the devil appeared in Los Angeles, or only his descendants or relatives could have this ability.

Enduring the excitement in my heart, I asked Sunday, “Is Alexander(Alessandra)’s home near Santa Monica Boulevard?”

Even if William has never been to Hollywood, But the Chinese Theater can still recognize it at a glance.

“Yes, SIR, Ms. Ambrosio moved from New York to the heart of West Hollywood in Los Angeles six years ago and bought a two-storey villa for $5.9 million.”

“That, that”, William stammered and asked, “Is there a 14 or 15 year old child among Alexander (Alessandra)’s children?”

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About eight months ago, I wanted to write a Princess diary, but at that time William didn’t even have a child, and many readers said that they didn’t like Ambrosio, so I could only break up without breaking up. , Let Ambrosio go directly.

Now that the book has reached the end of the tail section, let’s round up the lost ethics.

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