Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1546

William had just finished asking the question, and on Sunday, a little beauty of more than 1.6 meters and a little thin body appeared in front of him.

At one glance, he felt that the eye sockets of this little girl had at least 8 images of his mother Lena’s, and the black eyes made people think that it was impossible not to think of Chinese genes.

The silhouette appeared in front of a small villa with a garden and lawn covering an area of ​​only about 300 square meters.

And he kept thinking about the name’Mia-WD-Ambrosio’.

Now that there is such an obvious clue, I think for a moment, W and D are the first letters of William and Devonshire, and the many meanings of the name Mia include’bitterness’.

A baby who was born without father’s recognition is destined to be very bitter.

It’s not right. Even if I broke up with Ambrosio over the years, I kept watching her on Sundays and not reporting to myself on Sundays.

After hearing this question on Sunday, I quickly returned to say, “SIR, Mia Young Lady is legally the child adopted by Ms. Ambrosio in Brazil. The adoption procedures are very complete, so it’s not here. Among the objects I protect.

And you clearly asked me to protect Ms. Ambrosio and her parents during the mummification crisis. Even more how in the previous order, not at all, you must report every detail. Commanded”.

Well, although Sunday is great at this time, in 2005, he was a copy of Jarvis’s enhanced version of Friday.

It really embarrassed him to make him understand the hint derived from the command and the hidden feelings that William didn’t say clearly.

As for Mia adopted?

William just doubted it for a few seconds, but he nodded in his heart. It must be Ambrosio who, for his own business, gave birth to a child in Brazil and used the method of adoption.

And by doing so, it saves William from thinking about taking away after knowing the child.

even more how Mother Lena didn’t like Ambrosio at the beginning, but the granddaughter said no matter how she said her granddaughter. Even if William at that time didn’t want to take it back, Lena would definitely do it himself. After all, there were only a few people in the Devonshire family One.

As for why he separated from Ambrosio back then, it was only because he directed and acted himself at that time, pretending to be trapped in the fire star, and looking like he would die at any time.

Ambrosio didn’t know that it was because she was worried that William would not come back, and she was not seen by Lena. At that time, she was walking the show in France, which completely angered Lena.

As for what Abigail said in front of Mother Lena at that time, William didn’t want to talk about it anymore.

Because, if he were Abigail, he would definitely take the opportunity to drive away the only competitor.

After that, Abigail didn’t bother with Ambrosio. He was considered kind and really smart.

After all, if William knew that Ambrosio was in trouble, he would definitely hesitate to help. Therefore, the best way is to stop having any topic related to Ambrosio in life.

It’s the safest way to make Ambrosio’s affairs not high or low, no trouble or fire.

William, who returned to London from fire star at that time, heard that Ambrosio actually went to the catwalk, and never contacted her again, a kind of breakup without saying a breakup.

Of course, it is also very likely that she did not know that she was pregnant with a child at the time, and it was more likely that she could not let go of modeling career.

Spirit strength swept into the villa, and soon saw one big and one small, sitting on the sofa, eating pizza for dinner while watching.

“Does Alexander(Alessandra) have a boyfriend or husband?”

“SIR, Ms. Ambrosio is not married. I have dated three boyfriends over the years, but the ones in my memory According to the information, apart from the polite greetings and handshake, no other affectionate behavior was found.”

“Are you sure?” William squeezed his hand tightly when he heard it, but soon he let it go.

It’s been fifteen years, let alone dating boyfriends, marriage is normal.

“Wait a minute, SIR, retrieving stored data”.

Ten seconds later, I replied on Sunday, “Search three times, and the recorded images also cover 93% of Ms. Ambrosio’s time. Then follow some of the prerequisites of human affection, tone and demeanor. The correct rate is 99%”.

“This,,”, for a moment, William said that he was unhappy when he heard this. It was impossible. But after 15 years of absence, he didn’t know how to face Ambrosio, but he hesitated. Yu is not William’s character at this time.

After cutting his hair, the sentry Battle Armor turned into a casual suit, walked to the door of the villa, and pressed the doorbell.

“ding dong, ding dong”.

Two glottal bells reminded me of Ambrosio, who was eating pizza with my daughter and watching this year’s catwalk video, and looked sideways at the small display on the wall, who was the visitor.

She just glanced at it and she was shocked.

For a while, the eyes muttered blankly, “You, you finally know that you are home?”

“Mother, what’s wrong with you?” Mia listened After the muttering sound, he turned his head to look at Ambrosio’s expression and was shocked.

Hearing Mia’s worried voice, Ambrosio came back to his senses, with a slightly neurotic expression, and quickly turned into a bright smile, “Mia quickly help mother take the day before yesterday when shopping with you, Xin The skirt I bought, I can’t see him like this.”

“Who do you want to see, mother?” Although Mia was asking questions, she quickly stood up and went to Ambrosio’s bedroom to get her clothes.

William, who stood outside the door, had already heard the conversation inside clearly.

Turning around and sitting on the steps outside the door silently, I don’t think I have mixed feelings in my heart, but if I say I am not moved, it is also a trick.

So, even if he felt that there were a lot of paparazzi around here, guarding the homes of a dozen celebrities, he would continue to sit on the steps without caring.

Instead a single thought, a cigar appeared in his hand, then spontaneously ignited without fire, and he smoked at random without a mouthful.

And this flickering flame soon attracted curious paparazzi.

“God, are you joking with me, or are you finally favoring me once?”

A paparazzi holding a high magnification camera and seeing William clearly, excited Almost kneeled on the ground.

However, his professionalism made him instinctively press the shutter, first to take pictures of William smoking a cigar, and then to take pictures of William sitting on the steps outside Ambrosio’s house.

Then a phone call was made to the largest newspaper in the U.S. In only ten seconds, the editor-in-chief on the other end of the phone agreed to an offer of $1 million. Although there were a dozen photos, there were only two scenes. Photo.

When the news was about to stir the world, William squinted at the paparazzi in the distance, but asked Sunday, “How long will it take to do a paternity test for Mia and I?”


“Ten minutes, SIR”.

After listening to this reply, William asked him to start the test on Sunday.

Uneasy, he asked a magic Avatar to take his and Mia’s hair and send it to the two Years ago, I searched for soul gems and discovered that in 2013, in a world where no Sunday exists, I personally made a DNA comparison.

If anyone dares to use this method to plot against him, even Odin, he will definitely turn his face.

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