Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1547

Ten minutes later, it was reported to William on Sunday that Mia was his own daughter, but Alexander (Alessandra) in the house was still putting on makeup and trying on clothes.

I don’t seem to worry that William will be impatient at all, or Alexander (Alessandra) is so excited that he can’t think.

Twenty minutes later, in another time and space, the magic Avatar who did the experiment also confirmed the paternity test, which was exactly the same as the data made on Sunday.

William couldn’t help showing an expression of ecstasy on his face, and then faced the paparazzi beckons with the hand hiding more than ten meters away.

When the paparazzi didn’t know whether to walk out from behind the tree, a huge stealth spaceship appeared in the sky, and then the lighted hatch opened,

Hundreds of combat robots and two medical robots jumped out of the spaceship and made a slight sound of’peng~ peng~ peng~’, falling around the villa, or hiding in the villa, or hiding in the bushes, garages, or debris Between.

A dozen deformable robots have also become benches, weeding vehicles, statues, and even combined into a low fence of grass.

When the paparazzi who kept taking pictures, their hands shook with excitement, they soon began to sweat coldly on their foreheads.

Only then did he really think of what William-Devonshire represents.

It can be said that as long as William said something, the U.S. country is cooperating with the Devonshire Group, or a group that hopes to do business with Devonshire, the rich,

not only let him be a paparazzi ‘Disappeared, the newspaper he belonged to had to go bankrupt on the 2nd day.

Thinking of this, just now, my mind was full of money. They were all paparazzi who were blessed by God. With cold hands and feet, they crawled and fled.

William who originally wanted to use this lucky paparazzi to report Mia as his daughter, shook his head helplessly.

“I have such a terrifying?”

With “ka-cha”, William turned his head and saw Alexander, who was wearing a blue knee-length skirt with a shy face and tears in his eyes. (Alessandra).

Suddenly reminded William of himself and her, the good old times, “come here”.

William smiled at the beckons with the hand, Alexander(Alessandra) covered his mouth with his hands excitedly, resisted crying and walked forward, but when she got to William’s side, she started Hesitated.

“William, William, are you going home, or do you still want to snatch and snatch my Mia?”

William glanced across Ambrosio, hiding behind the door frame Mia, who only showed her head and stared wide-eyed, then lifted the hand holding Ambrosio, took her a step closer, and sat beside her.

“Don’t worry, no one will take Mia away. As for me, it seems that the last time I went out was too long, I don’t even know that my daughter is so old.”

“Thank you, thank you, William”,

After getting the affirmative answer, Ambrosio could not bear it, crying, and threw himself into William’s arms, his hands dead He put his arms around his neck, “I knew you would definitely come back, and you would definitely come back to find me and Mia”.

William patted Ambrosio on the back, while speaking comforting words, he sighed helplessly in his heart, moved and moved, but he also understood that Ambrosio does have it, because of Mia’s existence, he is determined not to Will become a complete loser.

After giving birth to Mia, even if Ambrosio can’t return to William, he can wait until Mia is 16 years old, not to mention tens of billions, but at least one billion will be allocated.

Looking at Ambrosio’s three boyfriends in these years, I know that she didn’t think about giving up, but in the end she didn’t know why, and she never made the last step to accept a new relationship.

However, these are meaningless now.

Although he doesn’t get back with Ambrosio, William can still recognize Mia, but a woman waited for him for fifteen years, and she didn’t exceed her bottom line. William couldn’t be so ruthless. .

After Ambrosio cried enough, William reached out his arm around her waist, lowered his head and kissed her forehead, and then beckons with the hand to Mia who was still hiding behind the door.

“Come here, let me take a good look at you”.

Mia was taken aback, a little hesitant about whether to listen to William, but Ambrosio anxiously wanted to stand up.

But as soon as she left the steps, William, who was holding her, pushed her back onto the steps.

He could eat Ambrosio to death before, but now it is even more impossible because after 15 years of separation, she has the thoughts of arrogance and as it should be by rights.

After all, there are many women in the family, who just jumped out to make trouble, and it was William himself who had the bad luck in the end.

Mia looked at her mother with a timid look at William, scolding Ambrosio as disappointing in her heart. While extremely dissatisfied with the father of William, she was clever not to speak nonsense.

I can only lower my head, walk quickly down the steps and stand on the aisle two meters away from William.

Ambrosio frowned softly, “Stand closer, Mia”.

But Little Lass twitched his lips, and after a few short steps, he stopped moving.

“Okay, don’t force her.” William grabbed Ambrosio, and laughed a few times, “The way she curls her lips, is it very similar to me”.

Ambrosio looked at Mia gently, and then at William, “It’s not very similar, it’s exactly the same.”

With a glance, William knew that 14-year-old Mia was 1.62 meters tall and had long legs like a pencil, slender and long.

Black eyes, long eyelashes, nose It’s almost the same as the father of the eye socket and myself, she is definitely a beautiful Princess.

After reading it briefly, William smiled nodded and said to the restless Ambrosio, “Thank you, my dear, but our daughter is beautiful, but isn’t it a little too thin?”

Ambrosio’s face finally showed a bright smile upon hearing William calling himself “Dear”,

Tell William that Mia was a little thin, nodded and said , “You are right, my dear, I will pay attention, gain weight, just let her dispel the thought of being a model”.

“Yeah”, William kissed Ambrosio on the face with a smile. After having eaten herself as a model, she would definitely not let Mia onto the runway again.

“You are responsible for dressing up, reading grades, and what school you go to. My father, I am only responsible for taking you and our daughter out to play, go shopping, and shopping.

Teach her horse riding, Driving a yacht, a plane, and a spaceship, how to be the Princess of Devonshire.”

“Princess?” Ambrosio was nodded in surprise, and Mia, a little girl who had always admired William, could even open a spaceship, so there was no room for anger.

“Germany, Mr. Devonshire, me, can I really open spaceship?”

“Hmm~~?” William looked back at Mia, “I am your father , So, what should you call me?”


I thought Mia would be very resistant to herself, but didn’t expect this Little Lass only hesitated for a while, then whispered, “Father, father.”

“ha ha ha”.

I was happy, William pointed his finger at the sky. When Mia and Ambrosio looked up, a three hundred meters long spaceship suddenly appeared above the second ten meters of the villa.


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