Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1548

Mia, who was taken aback, instinctively squatted on the ground, trying to stay away from the spaceship that was too close and had a strong oppression.

“ha ha ha”.

William laughed happily when he looked at his daughter who was just sitting on the ground.

Mia’s face is red ashamed, and Ambrosio, who is holding William’s arm, sighed inwardly, thinking that William is still the same as before, the slightest has not changed, even if he is treating the biological daughter, Just as strong.

“I, I”, Mia froze for a long time, staring at William at the same time, but she didn’t really get angry and ran back to the villa.

On the contrary, because I really wanted to board the spaceship, but my father laughed at me, my face flushed and almost cried.

Looking at the tears in her daughter’s eyes, Ambrosio shook William’s arm hurriedly, “My dear, how can there be a father who laughs at his daughter like this?

Hurry up and apologize to our daughter. , Otherwise she is really angry, a planet will not talk to you.”

“So serious? I really have to apologize”.

Although William said apologizing, he didn’t mean to apologize at all for the next words.

“My dear daughter, you can kneel down now.”

After that, William pulled Ambrosio to his feet, and when he stretched out his hand, the Tianwen Sword with its scabbard appeared in his hand.

Unidentified Mia, this time she was really scared and sat on the ground, while Ambrosio released William’s hand excitedly, covering her mouth with both hands, looking forward and excitedly. William walked to Mia.

Then seeing Mia still sitting on the ground, Ambrosio hurriedly walked to the front of the mountain, took her hand, and said eagerly, “Hurry up and kneel, Mia,

you father This is to canonize you as Princess and at the same time formally recognize you as a member of the Devonshire family”.

It’s probably Ambrosio’s tone and expression, anxious and serious, but Mia changed from sitting obediently and honestly to kneeling, but soon she asked in confusion,

“mother , Father, father, isn’t he just a Duke? How can I be named Princess?”

For Ambrosio, she doesn’t care if William is eligible to be named Princess, the most important thing is to officially recognize Mia. It’s his daughter, just a member of the Devonshire family.

Otherwise, the illegitimate daughter is favored again, but she doesn’t even have the right to inherit.

“pipe down, Mia, your father can’t be wrong”.

William doesn’t mind Ambrosio. For Mia’s careful thoughts, this is inevitable and natural. No one can change a mother’s mind to fight for the benefit of a child.

Holding the hilt of the Tianwen Sword, William said with a smile, “Don’t worry, Mina, you father, besides being the Duke,

I’m still the lord of the elves. The ruler of Sen, the king of the gods of Olympus Divine Realm, and many other rulers.

Any identity can be enough to make you a real Princess.”

“The king of the gods?” Mia looked up at William in surprise, but before she had time to speak, she listened to William with a smile and said, “There is a problem, let’s talk about it later.”

Mia’s unhappy twitched his lips, she knelt up obediently and honestly, and saw William lift the Tianwen Sword in his hand and patted her left and right shoulders twice.

“In the name of William-Winston-Devonshire, I canonize Mia-Winston-Devonshire as Princess, and I own the Devonshire family, the inheritance rights of all industries in the United States.”

“Really?” Upon hearing this, Mia, with her head down, would have almost jumped up and looked towards William if she hadn’t been crushed by the sword.

“Yes, my dear daughter, you are now the heir to tens of billions of dollars. Should I thank you or kiss you father me?”

William put it away With the Tianwen Sword in her hand, Mia immediately got up and threw herself directly into William’s arms, but within a few seconds, Mia calmed down, lifts the head and asked weakly,

” Father, will you give me too much, don’t you need to talk to London? And, how do I feel that you are buying me with money?”

William heard this, in his heart Finally relaxed.

Faced with the temptation of tens of billions of dollars, 14-year-old Mia, who has lived in the drunken country of the United States since she was a child, is normal not to refuse,

but calm down within a few seconds. And it’s not too small, but also worried about Abigail’s attitude, which made William very satisfied.

This little temptation at least allows William not to worry that Mia will fight Abigail irrationally in a short time.

As for Ambrosio, William is confident enough to suppress her and dare not mess around. Even more how Abigail is smart and will never suppress Mia before she has a child and cause William’s dissatisfaction. .

Thinking of this, William squinted his eyes for a few seconds, kissed Mia’s head, raised his hand to the paparazzi who was attracted by the spaceship outside the villa and waved, then he held one in one hand and took With Mia and Ambrosio walking into the villa.

Lying on the sofa with her head resting on Ambrosio’s legs, she ignored the scene after seeing the scene, her mouth twitched, but Mia’s eyes showed joy.

He stretched out his hand and snapped his fingers, and two phantom-shifting magic appeared in the living room. A bell in a black robe and a suit of flash gold appeared in front of the TV.

When the bell couple saw William, they bowed in the surprised eyes of Ambrosio and Mia,

“It’s nice to meet you, great master”.

“Well”, William pointed to Mia who was sitting on the sofa, “This is my eldest daughter, Mia-Devonshire, and the object of your service and protection in the future.”

“Understand, master”.

Shanjin, an Earth-born house elf, did not hesitate to agree.

After a few seconds of hesitation, Bell asked cautiously, “Master, I can ask Ask, our magic elves will only serve Mia Young Lord in the future.

Or will other Young Lords be loyal to them after they are born?”

This question is not only Ambrosio Concerned about Mia, even William himself felt that he hadn’t considered it comprehensively.

After thinking about it, he said, “The only object of allegiance to the magic elf is me, and the next generation of Devonshire patriarch I designated.

As for my children, it is you who serve And the object of protection.

In the future, you are prohibited from participating in any battle between Prince and Princess, let alone doing bad things for them.

If someone threatens you with your own safety, I authorize Here you are, you can take them back to Oxford Castle forcibly and wait for my decision.”

“Yes, the great and wise master”.

Bell was relieved to salute Mia, “Mia Young Lord, I am Bell, the leader of the magic elf, you can ask us for help if you have any questions.”

After Shining Jin saluted and introduced herself, Mia stood up a little hurriedly, not knowing how to answer, she could only say’thank you’ again and again.

“Let the thunderbird tribe send twenty adult thunderbirds over, always accept your dispatch to protect Mia and Ambrosio”.

The bell is nodded, “Yes, master, we will go back and make preparations.”

When the two elves disappeared, Mia walked to William excitedly, half-kneeling and holding William’s arm and asked, “father, is there really a Thunderbird in this world?”


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