Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1549

Looking at William, who was kneeling directly next to him, her face full of curiosity and expectant eyes, William, whose head was resting on Ambrosio’s lap, couldn’t help but reach out.

Rubbing Mia’s head, when Mia rolled her eyes because of her messy hair, William smiled and flicked her forehead lightly.

“Ouch”, Mia stretched out her hand to rub her forehead in pain, William smiled and said to Ambrosio, whose eyes were full of tenderness,

“Looking back, I have to find Mia Etiquette Teacher, lest my mother, her grandmother Lena’s first impression of her is not good, which will affect Mia’s status at home.”

“Yes, yes, you are right, dear”.

Ambrosio heard this and immediately thought that he hadn’t waited to see her because Lena had a bad impression of her, coupled with a professional model?

Furthermore, she, who has actually been with Lena for a while, knows well William’s attitude towards her mother.

It can be said that as long as Lena likes Mia, that Mia, the Devonshire parent and daughter, can become the same existence as the Duke of Abigail, Madam.

“I will call the agent now.”

“Sit down for me.” William was about to get up when he saw Ambrosio. William, who had not yet lay down on her lap, rolled his eyes and said, “I didn’t take the 5% of the parent company of Victoria’s Secret. Have the shares been given to you? How can I use a broker instead of a personal assistant team.”

When Ambrosio sat back honestly, Mia pointed to William and said dissatisfied, “mother, mother, Daddy also rolled his eyes just now. If I want me to learn etiquette, Daddy has to accompany me.”

Ambrosio stretched out his hand on Mia’s head in annoyance, and knocked on Mia’s head, “What is your father’s status? The king is standing with him.

Not to mention Everything about the Devonshire family today is made by your father.

Even if you do something extraordinary, others will only say that your father is true.

But if you are When people catch and roll their eyes, it means that they are not educated, and the second person to be accused of is your mother and me.

Everyone who is jealous of me will say that I did not teach you well, and some people will even suggest that your grandmother take You take it to London and teach you yourself.”

“Wait”, William did not wait for Ambrosio to cry. Before Mia vowed not to leave her, he said in a certain tone,

“I said Mia will only talk to you Living together, no one can change this decision, and I don’t think the outside world or the media can influence my view of Mia.”

After finishing speaking, William looked at Ambrosio and said, “I am William-Devonshire. If the media dare to talk nonsense, then either buy them or let them go bankrupt.”

“Wow, it’s good to have money.” Mia grabbed William’s arm excitedly, “Daddy, shall we buy Victoria’s Secret parent company LB?”

When William heard this, he looked at Ambrosio in surprise, and listened to Mia’s initiative to say, “Victoria’s Secret sales have plummeted in the past two years. Many people in the parent company have put their ideas on Mother, trying to make it a burden. Victoria’s Secret shares will be exchanged for mother’s shares in the parent company.”

After Mia said, William frowned and said, “Sunday.”

“Wait a minute, SIR”, the sound of Sunday came from the villa, and then a ball-shaped detector flew out of the corridor to release a holographic projection.

“Asshole”, Ambrosio didn’t care about Mia’s surprise, reached out and twisted William’s arm, “Since you’ve been watching me, why have you been so cruel for so many years? Find me and Mia”.

William’s head grew instantly, but fortunately to lie to him, it was as simple as eating and drinking, “If there was an accident in Los Angeles, I always thought Mia was really adopted by you. “.

“Am I adopted?”

Mia looked at Ambrosio in surprise, as William thought, and then stared as if she understood and so on, her mind turned away from William Ambrosio on Mia.

Seeing her mother’s face guilty and unbearable, Mia stared at William again, and finally grabbed his hand unhappily and opened her mouth to bite on his arm.

In the face of his own daughter, William could only relax his arms as much as possible, lest the muscles bulge up and Mia’s teeth would collapse.

Instead, I had to quietly comforted, “Okay, okay, beautiful and cute Mia, daddy apologizes to you, okay?”

After that, my mind moved. , The treasure bottle gourd made of Tree of Life trunk, appeared in front of Mia.

Looking at the sudden emergence of the emerald green bottle gourd, Mia quickly forgot that she was not a daughter of the law.

I grabbed the bottle gourd, observed it for a while, and then tried to shake it a few times. Hearing the sound of water flowing in the bottle gourd, he unplugged the stopper curiously, and looked at William suspiciously. Drink it?”

“Of course,” William said with an upturned mouth and laughed, “It is filled with the magical nectar that can be compared to Life Water in the legend.”

Hook your finger, and a drop of nectar will automatically fly out of the bottle gourd and hover in the air. “This drop should increase the lifespan of an ordinary person for several years, delay aging, and stay young if you drink it frequently.”

“True, true”, Mia’s gaze immediately fell on Ambrosio, who was surprised.

Looking at Mother who was already wrinkled in the corner of her eyes, the bottle gourd in Mia’s hand appeared in front of Ambrosio, “mother, drink it up quickly”.

“ha ha ha”, William instantly laughed in a low voice, reached out to take the bottle gourd, a single thought, three drops of magical nectar appeared on Ambrosio’s mouth,

The drop that came out first went directly to the 14-year-old Mia’s forehead.

While Mia was holding her forehead in surprise, William smiled and said to Ambrosio, “This thing has the power of nature. With your current body, at most three drops per month. Otherwise it will be counterproductive.”

“Yeah,” Ambrosio nodded without any doubt, his lips opened and three drops of nectar were eaten.

In a few seconds, I felt a warm feeling, violent in my stomach, and then under the gaze of Mia, who was still holding her forehead with her hand, the wrinkles in the corners of her eyes were naked eye Visible speed disappeared, and some sagging skin also wrinkled a little bit.

William, who knew the effect of absorbing magic nectar for the first time, stood up, took Mia and said, “My dear, take me to the kitchen, lest you mother and daughter are so pitiful to use pizza. For dinner”.

Mia, who was led away by William directly, looked back and saw her mother hurriedly walking upstairs.

After entering the kitchen, William glanced at him, then opened the double-door refrigerator, selecting the ingredients, and said to the puzzled Mia, “Don’t worry, your mother should be in the shower now” .

After listening to Mia, she was shocked for a few seconds, and she reached out to touch her forehead and cheek, and she saw a light greasy layer on her fingers.


The sudden scream made William jump, and saw Mia turning her head and running out of the kitchen, and then there was a sound of’dong dong dong’ going upstairs.

William laughed and said, “Let’s make you a little bit, bite your father and me”.

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