Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1550

Half an hour later, William, who had prepared four dishes, one soup and rice, moved his ears and heard the voices of Ambrosio and Mia chirp chirp twitter twitter, uploaded from the upper floor .

After that, I saw the mother and daughter walking into the kitchen arm in arm in jeans and T-shirts.

Seeing William sitting on the high chair, Mia ran over excitedly, grabbed William by the arm and said, “Daddy, put that…”.

“Wait”, before Mia finished speaking, knowing she wanted to say and so on William, shrugged and said, “The bottle gourd has always been kept by Jesse, so I advise you to be the best Think about how to please you Jesse Aunt.”


Ambrosio couldn’t help but fall into the memory when he heard this, and then smiled and said to Mia with a tangled expression, “rest assured, Jesse is the best to speak Yes, as long as you have a sweeter mouth, it should be fine.

Furthermore,” Ambrosio said to William, Mia instantly understood that the master of the family was her own father.

Little Lass rolled his eyes and shook William’s hand a few times, “Daddy, what gift does Jesse Aunt like?”

William looked sideways in surprise Mia immediately nodded to Ambrosio happily, “My dear, it seems that you are teaching very well”.

Ambrosio is also very satisfied that Mia did not directly ask William, but intends to join the Devonshire family.

Although Mia did this and made Ambrosio very disappointed for a moment, she also knew very well that William was impossible for Mia, so she abandoned Abigail and the others.

If William is even forced to choose, at most everything in the US will really belong to the mother and daughter in the future, but William will definitely only come to the US to accompany the mother and daughter for a while.

William was happy, and the sentry Battle Armor suddenly appeared in the kitchen, but then he thought that besides the infinite gems, the most peeped at was the sentry Battle Armor. .

Or else directly give Mia the energy version of the Sentry Battle Armor, so that she will not be afraid of most attacks on the main material plane, but the energy Sentry Battle Armor is not invincible.

Or just like other women, only give Nano vibration gold inner armor, plus Mark 50 version of nano vibration gold outer armor.

After thinking about it, since my Mother didn’t give the Sentinel Battle Armor, she hasn’t gotten into trouble all these years. If she suddenly gives Mia the Sentinel, it might cause her trouble and danger instead.

“On Sunday, prepare two sets of inside and outside for Ambrosio and Mia, Nano Zhenjin Battle Armor”.

“Understood, SIR”, after I answered on Sunday, the white board sentry in the kitchen was automatically turned into a flowing water and integrated into the Battle Armor like his coat.

“William?” Ambrosio certainly understood that William just wanted to give Mia the armor that was different at first glance, even William himself.

But I don’t know why in the end, it didn’t give Mia.

“Don’t think too much”, William grabbed Mia’s hand and smiled and said to her and Ambrosio, “Sentinel Battle Armor is so important that even Odin is so powerful that people like Zeus have always wanted it.

So although I did want to give Mia a set just now, think about it again, if it was given to her, it would bring her danger.

And inherited the Sentinel Battle Armor , It’s tantamount to inheriting the Devonshire family.

Mia is still too young, I don’t want to let her be caught by Divine Race, demons, holy light Knight group, Kamar-Taj Sorcerer group, light wizard so early,

There are two pairs of sisters Angela and Hela, Athena and Artenis, as well as Asgard and Olympus Divine Realm behind them.

Ambrosio and Mia were so scared that they didn’t even dare to say anything. When they thought of facing the existence of countless myths, the mother and daughter shuddered.

Fortunately, the two of them soon thought that these forces were all ruled by William, and at the same time they were relaxed, watching William’s eyes were full of worship.

Wait until William handed the bowl to Ambrosio and took Mia to sit next to him. While Ambrosio was busy serving the meal, Mia asked carefully, “Daddy, really, there are Divine Race and A devil?”

“Of course”, William touched Mia’s head, “Don’t worry, Little Brat, you father, I am Paragon Sorcerer who can beat Mephisto,

Moreover, this time I can be sure that you are my daughter because of the devil in Los Angeles. Because of you, all escaped from Los Angeles.

Some people run slowly or are too close to you, so they didn’t have to escape. The devil, all turned into ashes.”

Mia looked at William in shock, “Because of me? How is this possible?”

“Nothing is impossible”, William said the agreement he had made with the Will of Abyss In the adoring eyes of the mother and daughter of Ambrosio,

reminded, “In the future, there will be many times more paparazzi near you, so as long as the paparazzi don’t approach you, just leave them alone.”

Mia thought for a while and asked wisely, “Is it because of the demons living in the U.S., for fear that my mother and I will suddenly appear in a certain city?”

” “Well,” William smiled and nodded, “As long as there are negative emotions in human hearts, the devil will never die, so I can only be like Paragon Sorcerer in the past,

While trying my best to suppress and eliminate unruly The demons even used the reason of being in a bad mood to clean up the demons at will, but in the end they had to turn a blind eye, so that the demons with low destructiveness, like the scum of humans, live in our world.” .

“Can the devil and the bad guy be the same? Daddy, you can’t”, Mia didn’t finish, but William interrupted, “Well, I’m only responsible for protecting my family, protecting this Earth and Human beings as a whole.

Those ha vampires, ha demons, the guys who sucked up their own courting death, Odin, Zeus and the Imperial Capital can’t change them. I don’t want to care about you father, and I don’t have that many time tube”.

Taking the bowl handed over by Ambrosio, William put it in front of Mia and said, “If you really don’t care about anything, I don’t have time to eat dinner with you and your mother, so I have time to go shopping with you.

More importantly,” Speaking of this, William looked at Mia seriously, “I have another identity, the lord of the Silent Lord in the abyss.

So, I know better than anyone, how many demons there are in the abyss, once the demons feel that they can’t live, that time is the beginning of war.”

After listening to these words, Mia looked at William blankly. Fortunately, when William was about to release the holy light, Mia’s eyes regained their brilliance little by little.

“Then I don’t have to do anything, just the same as before?”

“That’s not necessary”, William smiled haha ​​and hugged Mia, letting her lean on herself On her shoulder, she kissed her forehead and said,

“It’s okay if you want to help others, Devonshire family fund…”, William shook his head again, “Forget it, this The world is full of plots against, and you are only 14 years old. After you are 18, you can follow your grandmother to contact the fund.”

Seeing the puzzled and angry expression in Mia’s eyes, William Hehe smiled, “When my 10-year-old grandfather passed away, I saw the darkness of this World.

I was monitored all the time. For a ten-year-old child, it’s not easy. Therefore, if you can be exposed to the darkness a few years later, just a few years later.”

“So miserable? Then I am much happier than you. This time Mia was very honest and obedient and nodded, and then took the bowl from Ambrosio and placed it in front of William, “Thank you , Daddy”.

“ha ha ha”, William couldn’t help laughing, and Ambrosio looked at the father and daughter talking and laughing with tender eyes, while eating together without any barriers,

I secretly scolded William as an asshole, so easily dispelled Mia’s strangeness and resentment towards him.

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