Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1551

Receiving Mia’s forgiveness, she no longer worries about why William, a relative father, will come to recognize her daughter’s problem after 14 years,

William He couldn’t help but focus on how to create some real wealth and industry for Mia.

William will not give up the money directly, let alone US dollars, British pounds, and gold. Even the universal interstellar currency and higher Level 1 energy crystals are all numbers to William. That’s it.

I want to give the money to my daughter and Ambrosio reasonably and legally. Unless the fund is used as a cover, if you give 100 million to Mia, you will have to pay a gift tax of 5,000 million.

For such a large sum of money, it is better to make Mia give up her American citizenship, and then William shook his head again.

U.S. people are not stupid. You can’t give up your U.S. citizenship if you want to.

Ordinary persons have to go through a lot of vetting procedures. William like Mia has made it clear that he is his daughter. Even if Americans cannot clearly set up obstacles, they will definitely delay them in various ways.

Then various relationships and benefits were promised to William in order to keep the business in the United States.

The tax that England receives from the Devonshire Group every year has long been coveted by all countries, let alone the gold shipped back from fire star every year.

Furthermore, if it has been protracted for a long time, let alone England, even other countries in Europa, and even Brazil, will jump out and compete with the Americans for Mia’s nationality.

“Mother, what is daddy thinking?” After eating half a bowl of rice, Mia, who felt full, saw William holding a piece of beef in a daze, so she couldn’t help but put down her spoon to look at William, and then again mother Ambrosio.

As soon as William looked up, he saw Ambrosio shaking his head at Mia. He couldn’t help thinking, and smiled and said to Mia, “I’m thinking about the Victoria’s Secret Shares”.

When I was cooking just now, after listening to Sunday’s explanation, the reason why Victoria’s Secret lost money, in summary, is nothing more than happiness being defeated by comfort. Many middle and high-spending women used to choose underwear for their husbands and boyfriends. But now I choose for myself.

Since you are living for yourself, it must be the choice between comfort and good-looking, and I pay more attention to comfort.

In terms of fabric experiments and ready-made products, no one in the world can match the technology of William.

After thinking about it, William asked Sunday, “On Sunday, I remember that in the fabric technology used to make bulletproof suits, a fabric synthesized by a formula should be the most suitable for underwear, right? ?”

“Yes, SIR, you stopped seven years ago. The bulletproof suit FD37 fabric has not yet been launched. As long as the bulletproof effect is discarded, it is indeed very suitable as a material for close-fitting clothes.


As for the bear cover, in my database, there are also the clothing information of the Kerry people. After calculation, it is moderately more than twice that of all existing products of Earth.”

“Hey, you don’t need to make such a good product all at once”, William Haha smiled, “Moreover, you’d better do some experiments to make sure that the new fabric will not reveal the technology of bulletproof fabrics.”

“Understand, SIR, it is estimated that it will take three days to do the experiment.”

“Wait, Daddy, why don’t you sell new bulletproof suits anymore?” After Mia asked, she reacted and said, “Is the bulletproof effect too strong?”

When William heard it, he understood that Little Lass was deliberately pretending to be stupid, and then he came up with the idea he had thought of.

So that William knows that her daughter is very smart.

However, Mia was so careful that William didn’t intend to reveal it. After all, 14 years later, she suddenly came to recognize her daughter. It is normal for Mia to feel insecure.

While nodded to Mia, William looked at Ambrosio. Unfortunately, Ambrosio is really not as sensitive and smart as Abigail. I didn’t understand that William wanted her to enlighten Mia. In front of his father, he always wanted to express himself.

“Since there are fabrics suitable for large-scale production, which can reduce costs and prices, and are more suitable for intimate clothing than existing fabrics, it should not be difficult to rescue Victoria’s Secret.”

William finished speaking, after thinking for a few seconds, he said to Ambrosio, “I will let someone use your name to talk to the parent company of Victoria’s Secret, and exchange for as many shares of Victoria’s Secret as possible.

As for Mia,” William laughed at the daughter who looked expectantly in her eyes, “My dear girl, father, I used equipment and technology to set a price of 1 million US dollars,

The image of the company is spokesperson. The price is US$1 million. Let’s start a new company together, okay?”

“Really?” Mia was overjoyed and wanted to fall into William’s arms. As soon as he stood up, William stretched out his hand and pressed her, letting her lean on his shoulder.

I’m already a 1.62 half-eldest girl, holding hands, holding arms, holding arms, and even having to hold or carry when I fall asleep, William can accept it, but a more intimate move, William This dad must pay attention to it.

Immediately, William regretted it. He felt that he didn’t recognize Mia earlier and lost too much parent-child fun. Now if he wants to kiss her, he can only kiss her forehead and on the head.

“Of course it’s true”, William rubbed Mia’s head and smiled. “In a year or two, you will be the world-class fabric king, and then focus on entertainment, sports and In the media industry”.

“The queen of media?”

Mia, who grew up in the fame and fortune circle, was not dissatisfied with William’s arrangement. On the contrary, she smirked and looked forward to her friends. The situation when I was all pleased around me.

“My dear, or else, I’ll sell the shares of the parent company of Victoria’s Secret”, Ambrosio sitting opposite William,

A trace of regret and worry flashed in his eyes Said, “I am a little worried that Lena Madam will be dissatisfied that I still have a relationship with Victoria’s Secret, which will affect her impression of Mia.”

“Don’t worry.” William shook his head and asked Ambrosio and her daughter to stay in the entertainment and media industries in order to differentiate them from the companies Abigail controlled.

Compared with Abigail, the future of Mia is hard to say, but Ambrosio can’t beat Abigail.

Not to mention Abigail and Jesse, Serena and Nissa, even Laura and Daddario five helpers.

And it is certain that if Angela chooses between Abigail and Ambrosio, she will definitely choose Abigail, and even just because of Mia, the eldest daughter, other women will be the mother of Ambrosio. The women are separated.

NM, thinking of this, William suddenly felt that with the passage of time, he had other children. It’s good to say that in case Mia is a child, relying on magic elf protection alone seems to be insufficient.

Especially some time ago, I also accepted the uncertainty factor of Hela.

When I just wanted to recruit 400 Holy Spirits from the Olympus Hall of Valor to protect Mia,

William shook his head again, as if Too worried, he doesn’t believe that his women dare to do things behind their backs.

Angela, Athena, and Artenis don’t have to worry that Mia will inherit the two Divine Realms.

Olympus is William personally swearing, only the children of Athena and Artenis are eligible to inherit.

Not to mention Asgard, not to mention that Mia has no inheritance rights at all, and even if there is, she has to be ranked behind Sol’s descendants.

And those women on Earth, Serena and Nissa are Blood Race, and they don’t pay much attention to normal industries.

As for Jesse, she would never dare to be done with William. Abigail, It shouldn’t be so stupid before Abigail was desperate.

Moreover, I don’t have a problem with how I pet Mia. As long as they don’t give their mother and daughter two opportunities to reach into Abigail and other women’s territory, they do not raise.

Thinking of this, William said to Ambrosio, “Before Mia became an adult, you were in charge of all her shares, and I will add your and Mia’s names to the beneficiaries of the Devonshire family fund.

In the future, Mia’s monthly pocket money will only be 10,000 US dollars, and the other money will be deposited into her personal account.”

“No, daddy”, Mia lay head on the table, “Ten thousand dollars is not enough for me to buy clothes, cosmetics, and daily expenses.”

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