Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1552

William frowned and looked at Ambrosio, Ambrosio helplessly said, “My dear, girls spend a lot more money than boys and children,

Fame and fortune circle comparison You don’t want your daughter to be laughed at for wearing and daily expenses, right?”

In this way, William understands that Ambrosio is also a star by size, daughter Mia If it is worn or used a little lower grade, it will be talked about in the media.

“On Sunday, do I still have a few accounts in Switzerland that I haven’t used?”

“Yes, SIR, you have a total of four accounts in Switzerland, three At UBS, a Batis Bank led by Priory of Sion, the smallest account has 340 million U.S. dollars and the largest one has 21.7 billion U.S. dollars.”

“Well, let someone open a secondary card for Mia. From now on, she must tell Ambrosio any purchase of more than $1,000. Tell me if it exceeds $100,000.”

“Understand, SIR”.

I thought Mia would be dissatisfied, but didn’t expect that Little Lass was looking at William with a look of God, “Just put the 21.7 billion US dollars in the bank forever?”

“God, such a arrogant and inhumane father, even has to deal with the consumption of a thousand dollars.”

“Okay, Mia, William, this is for your good.” Ambrosio smiled and looked at his daughter who was lying on the table, “Now you are in charge of your father, so I won’t have to buy for you anymore. Something has a headache.”

William couldn’t help being laughed when he heard this. Having a daughter to take care of, seems to be something that makes him happy.

I made two exclusive deer head holy light rings at hand, the same ruby ​​rings as Abigail and the others, and finally thought about it again.

The ruby ​​ring is his woman Our exclusive, it’s not right for Mia. Finally, I used a pink diamond to make her a special diamond deer head ring.

Then, I still can’t help but give her I gave Mia a pair of drop-shaped, peanut-sized blue diamond earrings.

Amidst Mia’s screams, she personally put blue diamond earrings on her and put the two rings in her hands.

Take Ambrosio’s hand and say to Mia, “You will wash all the tableware in the next month. Otherwise, I will take back the world unique and unmatched pink diamond deer head in your hand. ring”.

“No problem, daddy, let alone one month, three months is fine”.

Some happy and silly Mia originally put the pink diamond on her left ring finger, but Ambrosio puts a gold holy light ring on her left ring finger. This is Mia’s eyeball After turning around, understand that the holy light ring is more important.

After that, William and Ambrosio ignored them, put the diamond-shaped pink diamond under the light, looked at Mia from left to right, and went upstairs with their fingers interlocking.

After ten minutes, I felt Ambrosio’s unfamiliarity and excitement for fitness. William could only let go of the idea of ​​running fast, and took her to a jog very thoughtfully.

In the morning of the 2nd day, William scented the mouth of the sleeping Ambrosio, and walked downstairs in his pajamas and robe.

spirit strength I swept outside the house, and I knew that at least a hundred reporters were crowded outside. I asked Mother Lena to call mother Lena on Sunday and talked about Mia.

I promised again and again. In a few days, she took Mia back to London, which stopped Lena from coming to the United States.

After hanging up the call with mother, after thinking about it, I called Abigail.

No surprises, Ambrosio was very generous and decent, and even said that if Mia is willing, she can get in touch with the Devonshire Group early.

But William is also very positive and directly rejected the proposal, and made it clear that everything is business as usual.

Stopping Abigail, Jesse, and Serena, Nissa also won’t have much opinion.

Called all the women in the family and went to Asgard, Olympus and Dark Space in person. When William returned to the small villa on Santa Monica Avenue, time was already It’s ten o’clock in the morning.

Seeing that Ambrosio and Mia hadn’t gotten up yet, he was not in a hurry to wake up their mother and daughter. Instead, he opened the door and walked out of the villa, wearing pajamas and nightgowns, holding a glass of orange juice,

Under the shining of countless flashing lights, casually watched the reporter who was blocked by the combat robot on the street outside the lawn.

Then, ignoring the various questions of the reporters, he walked to the mailbox like a male housekeeper, took out the letter and newspaper, waved to the reporters, and walked slowly back to the villa.

And the picture of him wearing pajamas and nightgowns instantly spread throughout the world.

While countless people are stunned, the most reported is whether Mia is the daughter of William and Ambrosio.

If it is, it means that heirs with at least one trillion dollars have appeared in the United States, not England.

As for William and Ambrosio not getting married, Mia is an illegitimate daughter and it is very likely that the issue of inheritance rights is not at all a topic of media attention today.

If everything is reported, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, or even 1 month later, what will reporters and newspapers eat?

It’s a pity that Americans don’t want to raise this issue, and even willing to cooperate with William to claim Mia, but this does not mean that England admits that it will be indifferent.

To know that the Devonshire Group has accounted for 20% to 30% of England’s total economic output over the years.

If the heir of the Devonshire family becomes a U.S. citizen, it will not mean that the U.S. will control a large number of industries, jobs, and technologies. It will not be able to win an unseen, but it is related to the economy of a country and the economy of the whole world. Of war.

So, William came out with orange juice and took the newspaper. One hour after it spread all over the world, the news was held for the first term of England’s new term, saying that all England people welcome the descendants of the Devonshire Duke’s family , Return to England.

If William is willing, England will not set up any obstacles to his child’s problem, or even be willing to ask King Philip to canonize William’s daughter as Princess.

There is not a word mentioning Mia in this sentence, but everyone knows that Mia is the first item.

As for the issue of canonization of Princess, I thought that the royal family would be the same as before. Let Wilson, the Prince who is very close to the Devonshire family, come out and say a few words, which will surprise the whole world,


Philip, who has rarely come out, actually took the fourth-generation, five-year-old little Louis out of the palace, attended the parent meeting of the little Louis kindergarten, and then answered by the way when he left school holding Louis. Several problems with the media in England.

“As far as I know, William himself has canonized Mia as Princess. As for why it has not been announced to the public, it is probably because it has not yet been determined where the territory for Mia will be.”

The reporters around were all human beings. They soon heard the abnormality and asked ecstatically, “The Duke of Devonshire is in Oxford, and Mia Young Lady is the legal heir, but her fief Outside of Oxford, where else can I be?

Furthermore, why is the Grand Duke of Devonshire entitled to call his daughter Princess, and even you, the King of England, why do you not object to it? You even think as it should be by rights? “

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