Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1553

After listening to the reporter’s question, Philip grinned and shook his head to say with a smile, “Sorry, there are some things without William’s permission, and it’s hard for me as an elder to say it directly.

However, what I can reveal to you is that William’s current identity is not only Duke of England, he has enough rights and qualifications to canonize his daughter as Princess.

Even if possible , I hope William can canonize my little Louis as a duke recognized by him just like I canonized him as a duke.”

“This, this means…”.

Philip has said so obvious, if reporters still can’t understand, then they are fools.

When I think of spaceship, it has appeared as early as ten years ago. In these ten years, William must have found a habitable alien planet, even ruling aliens, or simply aliens. Intelligent creatures.

Recall that in the past three alien invasions, it was William secretly or directly involved in defense and counterattack, which blocked the invasion of Vajra, Zitari, and the dark elves. William controlled and ruled The speculation of outer planet is more reasonable and more convincing.

For a time, people all over the world were curious, frightened and anticipating.

Entering outer space has always been the tireless pursuit of mankind. Now some people can not only travel in space across light years, but also find a planet suitable for human survival and establish a kingdom in one step.

Doesn’t that mean that humans don’t have to worry about the population explosion and exhaust the resources on Earth?

Soon, more reporters, even ordinary persons in Los Angeles, gathered on Santa Monica Avenue, Ambrosio’s villa.

I hope I can hear William admit it with my own ears, and I hope that one day, I can directly enter the outer planet life.

And this is how William figured out a way to divert his attention after receiving a call from Philip.

The best way to reduce the popularity of a news is to make a bigger news.

Livable planet broke the news that the media’s attention to Mia will definitely decrease a lot.

Mia, who was sleeping late in her room, was quickly awakened by the ringtone of a private mobile phone.

When my eyes opened, I saw one of the two mobile phones on the bedside table, constantly emitting annoying ringtones.

I stretched out my hand and took a look at the phone, and there was a picture displayed on the screen, which looked like only the head of a fourteen or five year old girl.


When the person on the phone heard Mia’s lazy voice, he said helplessly, “What time is this, are you still sleeping?”

“How many, What time is it?” When Mia heard about the school, she woke up and sat up.

As soon as I saw the time, I grabbed my hair and cried out, “It’s over, it’s over, I will definitely be nagged to death by my mother”.

Jumped out of bed and said to the phone, “I’m hanging up, see you at school later.”

“Wait, wait,,,”.

On the phone, Mia’s classmates had planned to remind her that she should just ask for leave, so as not to be surrounded by people who can’t even run away.

Unfortunately, when her phone was dialed again, Mia had already ran into the bathroom, and the sound of the water flowed over the ringtone.

William downstairs, hearing Mia’s scream, wanted to scan the past with spirit strength, but suddenly thought that this was his daughter.

“Sunday, Mia is all right”.

“Yes, SIR, Mia Young Lady was late for school and worried that Ms. Ambrosio would blame her. She was washing in the bathroom at this time.”


William sitting at the table, drinking juice and reading the newspaper, whispered, “How many years have you left school?”

After finishing speaking, smiled and shook his head, “Prepare the car, if the car can’t get out, let my spaceship come over.”

“Understand, SIR”.

Soon, the 100-meter-long Zhenjin spaceship took off from the maintenance base, and then at the seabed production base that came to the sea off London, it was installed with an extended Phantom, not to mention the Aston Martin Martial Goddess, bring it with ONE77, lest Mia doesn’t like Phantom.

William here ordered that after Sunday, he walked to the refrigerator and took out raw materials such as milk, juice, flour, eggs and strawberries, and planned to help Mia and Ambrosio make a pie and juice breakfast .

Ten minutes later, William in the kitchen heard the sound of’dong dong dong’ coming downstairs, “Daddy, are you still there?”

“Kitchen” , William turned his mouth up, and when he turned around, he saw Mia rushing in and kissed him on the cheek, “Daddy, send me to school, it’s already more than an hour late.”

“No problem”, William, who was kissed by his daughter, had a bright smile on his face, pointed to the chair by the dining table and said, “Eat breakfast first, and I will drive you to school myself.”

“There is no time, father,” Mia shook William’s arm a few times. “Moreover, the freshly made pie is too hot, so I don’t want to eat it.”

“It’s simple”, a single thought, and I felt that the two pie in frying pan were fully cooked.

Fried a crispy pie on both sides , Suspends automatically, rolls dozens of times in the air, and quickly drops to a temperature suitable for the entrance.

“Ah…, that’s great, this is magic?”.

Mia’s attention has long since been on breakfast, she held William by the arm and kept shaking, “Teach me, Daddy, teach me this magic”.

“Okay, okay, I will definitely teach you, but I will have breakfast now.”

William laughed and pulled Mia to the table and chair, and put a strawberry pie and juice on the table.

Then he carried a plate with a piece of pie and a juice cup, “I will send breakfast to your mother, and then I will send you to school.”

“Would you like to be so considerate?”

Mia twitched his lips as she watched the back of William leaving, she took a sip of orange juice in her cup, “No wonder mother has passed so many years. I can’t forget the villain Daddy.”

William and Ambrosio, who delivered breakfast, spent more than ten minutes inking, until Mia shouted downstairs not to go to school, the morning class would have to be finished, and Ambrosio let William go.

Then hurriedly got out of bed, opened the door of the changing room, took out several sets of handmade suits from a small compartment, and made gestures on William.

As soon as William put on his shirt and suit, he knew that this was the clothes Ambrosio secretly bought him according to his size more than ten years ago.

Looking at Ambrosio, who even had to wear leather shoes for him, William couldn’t help showing love in his eyes. When Ambrosio tied his tie, William hugged her and the fragrance began to smell.

For a while, the two people reluctantly separated, “After sending Mia to school, I will take you to choose a larger house, so as not to face the prying eyes of paparazzi.”

“Buy a house?” Ambrosio didn’t refuse, and didn’t want to refuse. “We’d better wait for Mia after school is over at two o’clock in the afternoon, let’s go pick it together, lest Little Brat say I don’t ask her for advice. Just decide what’s going on at home”.

“Well, the house is for you and Mia. You two are the masters, and I am responsible for making suggestions and paying.”

After that, William took out a golden bank card from the storage space, “This is the secondary card for you. The money in the account is the same as Abigail and the others, with an annual limit of 100 million pounds.” .

I originally wanted to say that 100 million pounds is too much, how could it be spent, but when I heard that Abigail and the others are all the same amount, Ambrosio immediately took the bank card, and then held William again. Up.

“dong dong dong”, when the two were getting tired of being together, they heard a knock on the bedroom door.

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