Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1554

Needless to say, Mia must be impatient.

William let go of Ambrosio helplessly, “This weekend, I will take you and Mia back to London. If you want to present, you can ask on Sunday, he knows what my mother and Abigail like.”

I opened the door and saw Mia staring at herself madly, William holding her daughter’s hand funny, “Okay, okay, Daddy is talking to your mother about the new house , And we decided to give you the right to choose.

As long as you fancy the house, Daddy will buy it back for you.”

“Let me choose?” Mia suddenly forgot why she was angry, she was taken downstairs by William with a smile, thinking about whether to choose the top of Beverly Hill or Malibu Beach house.

Going downstairs, William turned around and said to Ambrosio, “My dear, remember to prepare gifts for the Wilson family as well.

Little Louis, that little bit, and his cunning father Like Wilson, he has been liked by my mother and Abigail since childhood.”

“I know”, Ambrosio nodded, the relationship between William and Wilson is no secret to the outside world.

Wilson was even allowed to sit on the spaceship and fly to the moon, and he became the first person outside the Devonshire family to board the spaceship.

As for the little Louis, William was even willing to ride the horse with the little thing in his arms, and even publicly said that Louis would become a qualified king.

“Since I want to prepare gifts for the Wilson family, do I need to prepare them for King Philip and Prince Charles?”

“No,” William shook his head with a smile, “Their I will prepare a gift for you, and if they are older, they will definitely only care about the magic wine I give.”

We kissed Ambrosio, William looked at Mia who was wearing jeans, T-shirt, tight jacket, and boots, “You can’t wear this in London, you understand?”

“Aiya, daddy, you’re so long-winded,” Mia said impatiently, “I’m going to school, of course I have to wear this.”

William was taken aback, then smiled and shook his head. He has a daughter and is starting to become stupid?

However, looking at the blue diamond earrings on Mia’s ears, the pink diamond deer head ring on the right hand, the Nano vibration gold Mark 50 storage bracelet on both hands, and the Inner sect on the neck Store the necklace,

I know that although this Little Lass is smart, it is inevitable that he likes to show off like other little girls.

“Let’s go”.

Holding Mia’s hand, she opened the door of the villa, and her eyes were a little bewildered by a series of flashing lights.

Fortunately, Sunday’s intelligence is already higher than that of human beings. It automatically releases nanomaterials from the storage necklace, forming a sunglasses to wear on Mia’s face.

William’s eyes quickly ignored the flash after a few seconds.

“Mr. Devonshire, have you determined that Mia-WD-lady Ambrosio is your biological daughter?”

“Mr. Devonshire, you will ignore Earth The law, marry lady Ambrosio home?”

I heard that this reporter was not stupid enough to ask himself if he would divorce Abigail and marry Ambrosio, William took Mia and left. Behind a row of combat robots,

Beside a dozen microphones, he said, “Mia is my own daughter. There is no doubt about this. As for the question of marrying Ambrosio”,

After thinking for a few seconds, I felt Mia grasped her hand tightly, and William said with a smile, “Because of legal reasons, in principle, my wedding with Ambrosio will not be placed on Earth, thank you”.

“God, what King Philip said is true.”

William broke the news that the wedding will not be held in Earth, so that people in the world who are paying attention to this matter instantly understand that the human footprint has really set foot on the livable planet.

“Mr. Devonshire, can you tell us about the specific Star Domain of the new planet? How far is our new home from us? How big is it compared to Earth?”

William said with a smile, “Human beings are not alone, I think you already knew it”.

Hundreds of reporters were busy nodded, and then I listened to William continuing to say, “There are many livable planets. I know that there are no fewer than a hundred who can be named.

But What’s more, the abandoned planet of the ecological system was destroyed by alien civilization. Therefore, stepping into space is not a problem. How to protect our home planet is a bigger problem.

However, since it is said Here, I also clearly tell that in my hands, there are two livable planets controlled by me.”

The scene immediately boiled, “God bless, God bless, we finally don’t have to worry about that day, the world annihilation will fall, and the human race will also die.”

“Don’t worry, mankind will not be destroyed,” William said with squinting eyes. “The only thing that can destroy us is ourselves, and this is also a warning to the rise and fall of countless alien intelligent races.

Moreover, entering the universe is not as simple as those with optimistic views. Although this universe has rules and constraints, it is more that weak are prey to the strong.

Conquest and resistance are always An eternal topic in the universe.

So, finally remind you that the livable planet is owned by the Devonshire family, not by all mankind”.

After finishing speaking, William took Mia, no matter how shocked the reporters, how to ask questions, even ignoring the curses of some people, walked up the 100-meter-long Zhenjin spaceship and flew to Mia to study Private secondary school.

“Daddy, what you said just now, is it really appropriate?”

“Okay, this is something I need to consider. When you grow up, you have the ability When accepting my assigned tasks, or being in charge of a certain planet, think about these things again.”

William smiled and smoothed Mia’s frowning brows with his hand. “The universe is not peaceful. There was even a crisis that almost endangered half of the universe’s living creatures. Therefore, love must be present, but not Be a bad guy”.

“Oh”, Mia was nodded with a serious face, but her own father rushed out of Earth and conquered the existence of other civilizations. No matter where the people in the United States are making trouble every day, people who make trouble can compare.

Spaceship arrived at Mia’s school in just a few seconds.

When the father and daughter finished speaking, they walked off the spaceship together, and then the school staff who was rushed over quickly invited to the Principal office.

“It’s nice to meet you, Mr. Devonshire, I am Alan Condra, the Principal of the Faulver School”.

William smiled and shook hands with Principal, “Hello, Mr. Condra, I am William-Devonshire, this is my daughter Mia-Winston-Devonshire.”

I heard that William directly changed Mia’s surname from Ambrosio to Devonshire. Not only was Kondra Principal pleasantly surprised, but the other Chief-In-Charge also smiled.

William didn’t need these people in front of him, expressly or impliedly, and directly took out a check, “This ten million dollars should allow your school to allow Mia to take a spaceship to school in the future and install it in the school. Some necessary security equipment?”

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