Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1555

The check for ten million dollars is on the table, and it is a check from William, who is 2 to 10 on the World Ranking List and is even richer in total. There is no need to worry about the possibility of ticket skipping.

The director and chief Chief-In-Charge of the Falkland School at the scene all stared at Principal Alan Condela.

Falvin Middle School has received the largest donation for more than 40 years, and the amount is only 1.5 million US dollars.

Alan Principal laughed and picked up the check on the table, but he accepted the money, but wanted to order something else.

“Thank you, thank you for your generosity, Mr. Devonshire, as the school’s largest private donor, are you interested in visiting Falvin Middle School?”

William eyebrows slightly frowned , I can’t tell that Alan has other ideas, but if it’s just business bluffs or requirements that are not important to him, it is not impossible for Mia to consider it.

After all, this school has Mia’s friends, and when I go to other schools, I have to adapt for a while. It is not easy for Mia to make new friends at this time.

But if Allen’s request made William upset, at worst let Ambrosio buy a stake and become the school’s manager.

If you want to be a manager of a good school in the United States, it is not just fame and money that can do it. Status and recognition are the most important.

And once Ambrosio becomes the manager of the Falkland School, it is equal to the current manager and the community around the school affirms her.

I don’t have a big reputation, but the regional reputation will be greatly improved. After that, you only need to spend money or actually make some suggestions that are beneficial to the neighborhood.

The strength of the police in the neighbourhood, to make law and order better, can affect the election situation in the nearby neighbourhoods.

When the time comes, those who are interested in voting will take the initiative to contact Ambrosio, which is conducive to improving the status of Ambrosio and Mia’s mother and daughter in the United States.

Thinking of this, William didn’t wait for Alan Principal to speak, and went straight over him, looking at the Campbell School Manager who prompted him on Sunday.

“Mia’s mother also wants to make a contribution to the Faulver School. What return can be obtained for one hundred million dollars?”

“One, one hundred million?”

Not only the old man and middle age person of the school were stunned by the shock, even Mia behind William was clutching William’s arm in a daze, “Daddy, mother, mother seems to, ,”.

William ignored Mia’s words, and heard a report on Sunday that the valuation of Fulvwen Middle School was at most 170 million.

Laughed back to Mia. , Gave a soothing look, and then looked at the school’s people again and said, “One hundred million is not enough, just two hundred million. Tell me how you would like to repay generous donors like Ambrosio.”

Alan Principal pressed his hand on his chest unconsciously, feeling that his heart was almost overloaded, and his forehead was sweating, saying, “God, Mr. Devonshire, you really It would be difficult for us to spend 200 million US dollars, or even dare not accept it, because the money can buy Fuerwen Middle School.”

“Is it so cheap?” William laughed and tapped his finger on the table. Everyone at the scene held their breath and waited for him to speak.

“Then 20 million dollars, get 10% of the shares, OK?”

“No question,,”.

The Campbell school directors seemed to agree in an instant. After all, no matter how high their status is in the local area, these school directors are really speaking of which are businessmen or local celebrities.

In the whole world, probably no one wants to have a relationship with William?

But before Campbell finished speaking, he was interrupted by Alan Principal, “Wait, don’t worry about it in advance.”

Campbell’s face showed an angry face for a moment, but fortunately, Allen was not a fool, and soon said his plan.

“Lady Ambrosio’s acquisition of shares is determined by the board of directors, but as the Principal, I think it is not just a matter of money”.

“hmph”, William was sneered in his heart, but didn’t expect Allen to be less greedy than he thought.

“Mr. Devonshire, I am in charge of teaching, and how to improve the reputation of Fulvren School, so I hope you can be like the school’s baseball team and rugby team,

open The portable trauma recovery device that the Chelsea team has always used to recover from sports injuries. If it can provide the school team with an injury test every month, it would be better.”

Campbell and other Chief-In-Charge of the school, when they heard that this was the problem, they quickly looked at the back of Ellen Old Man approvingly.

“Daddy,” Mia stood on tiptoe and whispered in William’s ear, “The two school teams in the school seem to have entered the Western High School League this year.

“If you really can win the championship,” Mia shook her head, “No, as long as you enter the top ten, you can overwhelm several other private high schools in Los Angeles.

If the school team is attracted by the professional league, in the future The cost of enrolling students and the quality of students will increase a lot.”

Well, when William listened to Mia’s explanation, he thought of the status of baseball and rugby in the United States.

I quickly understood that Ambrosio or William became the school director and brought The only short-term reputation and benefits.

The real benefits will only be reflected in the cooperation between the school board and the Devonshire Group.

But overwhelming other private schools in Los Angeles, and even the private schools in the entire western United States, is the benefit of ten years, several decades.

So, Allen, as the Principal, does not oppose Ambrosio’s equity participation, but also wants to benefit the school and his own reputation.

And what people live for, in addition to living better, is nothing more than fame and fortune.

Even after Alan a hundred years later, his name or statue will be carved and erected in the Fuervin School.

“No problem”.

A shoe box, or the size of a computer case, is a portable treatment device designed to treat sprains, knees, and joint injuries. Although sold for more than $100,000, the cost is almost negligible on Sundays.

“As long as Ambrosio is still Fulvwen’s school manager, as long as the treatment device applied by the school team passes the review, even 100 units a year will be fine.”

The school staff instantly ecstatic, “Thank you, thank you, Mr. Devonshire”.

And Campbell walked directly forward, holding William’s hand and said, “We welcome lady Ambrosio to join the school board at any time.

As for the school’s security reform, only the procedures There is no problem, and it has passed the review of the police station. The school is willing to cooperate with you in any reforms.”

“Then it’s okay.” William laughed and let go of Campbell’s hand, “Happy cooperation, Mr. Campbell.”

“Happy cooperation, Mr. Devonshire”.

Of those present, no one felt that William would be unsure of the formalities and audit issues, and even wished that William would raise the level of security to the limit.

But William is not that stupid. His daughter stays in this middle school for at most four or five years before he has to go to university.

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