Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1556

So, not only the confidentiality of the equipment that comes in on Sunday, but also the issue of taking it away when the time comes.

Moreover, the most important thing is to monitor and guard against the students in the school and the Teacher.

In the future, let alone bring guns into schools, even iron tools, baseball bats and so on will be targeted to death on Sundays.

As for special cigarettes, leaves, flour and the like, as long as they are found, the police will definitely rush to school within ten minutes.

Thinking of this, William couldn’t help but release the demonic Fischer from the base of Yellowstone National Park, and let him become the second generation of the Great Family incarnation, to visit any dark creatures and gray gangs in Los Angeles.

Since he has decided to join the school, William simply asks Mia to attend classes, and then asks his team of lawyers and Ambrosio to come over to discuss the contract first.

At two o’clock in the afternoon, a team of ten lawyers stayed at the school. William took Ambrosio and Mia on the spaceship. After leaving the reporters behind,

A convertible Phantom drove all the way to the top of Beverly Hill.

Mia probably saw that her father had money, she was really willing to spend money. In the morning and afternoon classes, in addition to dealing with classmates and friends,

After that, use smart glasses formed by Nano Battle Armor to choose a luxury house in Los Angeles.

At first glance, I saw the one that won the bid price of 250 million U.S. dollars. The land was purchased in 12 years, and the design and construction took six years to complete the mountaintop mansion.

However, when I was in the car, the first mansion that Little Lass showed to William was just a 31 million manor, and William, who was living in the manor, directly rejected it.

Mia didn’t get angry, instead she smirked a few times before showing the hologram of the 250 million dollar villa on the top of the mountain on Sunday.

When I first saw the panorama, William was actually extremely disappointed.

The top of Beverly Hill has a great reputation for speaking of which, but if you look down from the air, you will find many hillsides, which have exposed loess or black lacquered rock mass.

Moreover, the foundations of most luxury houses, because they are reinforced on the top of the mountain, will also appear dirty.

With the addition of a 3567 square meter house, I would dare to bid 250 million US dollars, not to bargain.

If you don’t bargain, the ghost will buy your house.

at worst I bought a mountain that Beverly hadn’t developed yet, and then sent engineering robots to build it myself.

Not to mention that with this 250 million US dollars, you can buy twice the area of ​​a manor on Kensington Garden Street where the Devonshire manor is located in London.

So, really speaking of which hills on the top of Beverly Hills, although the number is that many, the price is completely stirred up by a large number of stars.

Many celebrities who have become popular in the past ten years are unwilling to buy a house in Beverly, and the new tech giants are even more unwilling to live in Beverly.

Kemia has lived in Vanity Fair since she was a child. She was in New York before she was 8 years old. She was 8 sensible and now she is 14 years old. She has been fascinated by the star circle in Los Angeles. She is longing for the top of Beverly Hill. normal now.

Thinking of this, William felt upset in his heart, but he didn’t plan to dispel Mia’s enthusiasm just because of a house.

After all, this is the first time Mia took the initiative to tell his father what she wanted to buy.

Fortunately, the price is expensive, which is not unreasonable.

When he saw the interior decoration of the house, he was attracted by the simplicity and low-key luxury.

In the courtyard of the house, there are not only two swimming pools, but also an apron and a viewing platform. The hill on which the house is located is the highest in the entire Beverly Hills.

However, what makes him most satisfied is that no one has lived in the house, and the purchase of the house also gives him 16 classic cars worth 30 million US dollars.

Just sixteen toys such as Aston Martin, Dodge, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, etc., William will be interested.

I was pulled by Mia and helped this hilltop villa for a walk. Not only William thought it was okay, but Mia and Ambrosio liked it even more.

In this case, don’t hesitate to decide to start.

Then the process of buying a house was very simple. The 220 million cash paid in full at the initial price allowed the homeowners of the major ice hockey team Boss, who was said to be in urgent need of money, to only think about one minute and agreed.

The $220 million locked in the homeowner’s bank has been transferred, and the money will be transferred to the homeowner’s account after the transfer.

Then paying taxes, formalities, etc., are all issues with Yueshida Office.

In the news at six o’clock that evening, because William did not ask for confidentiality, people all over the United States knew about the real estate transaction.

Many people are scolding William as a local tyrant, jealous of Ambrosio, envious of Mia’s birth, and some people are scolding the former homeowner.

If a transaction of USD 250 million is true, it will be able to refresh the record of a luxury house transaction of USD 238 million two years ago.

And the record is refreshed, it means that the price of top luxury houses will follow up, and even the prices of all the houses in Beverly Hills will follow up.

But now that the mother and daughter of William and Ambrosio are staying on the top of the mountain, at best, it has improved Beverly’s reputation. Does Beverly Hills still need to be famous?

Give the house to Sunday and ask him to send engineering robots for security and greening. William is about to take Ambrosio mother and daughter back to the city, the villa on Santa Monica Avenue, and make dinner personally At that time,

I reported on Sunday, “SIR, Mr. Stark called and said that I would like to invite you to dinner with Ambrosio and Mia Young Lady.

The location is Malibu The beach, Mr. Stark’s house.”

“Don’t go”, William refused without thinking.

Probably because of the influence of the movie, he was a little greedy for Stark’s seaside villa early in the morning, but now because of his own existence, that villa is well erected on the seaside cliff.

He cursed secretly in his heart, creating a desperate situation, Kylian, who was ill-read, was a waste.

Drive the convertible Phantom directly into the spaceship, and then the spaceship landed above the small villa, avoiding the paparazzi and the ordinary person from Los Angeles before returning home.

William wanted to cook by himself, but Ambrosio pushed him to sit on the sofa, and then Mia, Little Lass, sat over with the snacks and leaned her head on his shoulders while eating the snacks. Hehe watching TV while laughing.

Occasionally, he even eats chocolate truffle beans, hazelnuts and the like, and puts them next to his mouth.

This makes William, who never eats snacks, pretends to be indifferent on his face, but he is very happy in his heart.

After watching TV for more than ten minutes, Mia suddenly realized that she didn’t like too many snacks. She rolled her eyes and started to deliver the snacks she didn’t like most to William’s mouth. Took her own mouth.

If this little action were for anyone else, even Abigail and the others, William would soon notice it, but Mia ate the truffle chocolate beans, and William didn’t notice anything abnormal.

This is probably the love of licking the calf.

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