Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1557

Three days passed in a flash, and the newly-purchased Beverly Hilltop Villa was renovated by engineering robots for 24 hours and soon welcomed the owner’s official move-in.

William is holding Abrosio, standing on the viewing platform of the villa, looking at the city of Los Angeles in the distance, and looking at the rice with a few female classmates and girlfriends playing in the swimming pool downstairs Ya.

“I finally understand why those stars like to buy houses here.”

Ambrosio was lying in William’s arms with a happy face, laughed and said, “Otherwise, it’s impossible to sell so expensive here.”

Then followed William’s gaze and looked at several live broadcast cars parked on the street at the bottom of the mountain at least six seven hundred meters away.

“From the bottom of the mountain upwards, except for the viewing platform and the roof of the villa, even if we were standing on the edge of the villa, the reporters could not take any photos.”

“Well”, as long as William is willing, it is okay to directly hide this villa optically, not to mention the anti-candid technology, which has long been used by him on the London Manor and the Serena-Nisa Yacht on.

Not long after, dozens of small box trucks drove up to the top of the mountain under the inspection of security and ball detectors along the road down the mountain.

“It should be the company responsible for today’s banquet, and came with chefs, waiters and ingredients.”

Ambrosio kissed William and walked briskly downstairs.

The few American little girls frolicking with Mia in the swimming pool, seeing William lying on the glass railing and looking down, some are shy, and even more people swim in the pool indifferently to bring their youth The beauty of vitality and vitality was directly shown to William.

Not enough Mia was directly ordered by him on Sunday to use nano-vibration materials to form a swimsuit that is more conservative than a one-piece swimsuit.

“This is the United States”, William laughed and shook his head, before Mia didn’t notice it, he refocused his eyes on the city of Los Angeles in the afterglow of the sun.

At six o’clock in the evening, what made William didn’t expect was that the first visitor to arrive was Wilson with little Louis.

“William Uncle”.

When Little Louis saw William, his face suddenly showed a big smile, but when he saw Mia next to William,

Little Brat, who just ran a few steps, was timid. Stopped and looked at Mia’s expression carefully.

William laughed lowered his body, facing Louis beckons with the hand, and hugged the rushing little dog, “This is Mia’s elder sister, Mia, this is Louis.”

Mia twitched his lips, a little dissatisfied with her father holding other children, but she can see Louis cautiously looking at her, but she can’t feel any anger.

Finally, in Louis’s uneasy gaze, he stretched out his hand and pinched Little Brat’s face.

Looking at Louis who was already blushing, Mia smiled and thought that Little Brat was so cute.

“Daddy, let me hug him”.

Unfortunately, Louise was pinched. Sorry even turned his head angrily. He lay on William’s shoulder and didn’t say anything. His hands were still holding William’s neck tightly.

“ha ha ha”, William couldn’t help but burst into laughter, patting Louis on the back lightly, “Well, Mia, who made you an elder sister, come up Just bully us Louis”.

Immediately, William whispered to Little Brat, “Louis, Mia elder sister just likes you so much, and if you call elder sister, she will take you to eat delicious food, and then Take you to play with other beautiful little elder sisters”.

“No,” Louis shook his head sharply, and after peeking at Mia, he whispered in William’s ear, “I only like to be with William Uncle.”

“hmph”, Mia glared at Louis angrily, then put her dissatisfaction on William again.

“Okay, okay, my dear girl, Louis is only 5 years old, and he, like you, has already begun to learn witchcraft under the guidance of the magic elf.”

“Really?” Mia looked at her father in surprise, didn’t expect that the little thing in front of him was so favored by William, her eyes turned and smiled,

“Louis, elder sister will take you to see thunderbird, okay?”

After saying that, Mia stretched out two fingers and blew a loud whistle. In the sky, she quickly landed on the fourth The head, transformed into a thunderbird with the appearance of a golden eagle, hovered over the villa.

“I don’t want to watch”, Louise shook his head proudly again, “I also have thunderbirds in my house, and I’m sitting with them flying around in the sky.”

“hmph”, Mia glared at William again, and then in the laughed eyes of William and Wilson, Mia’s palms and feet were suddenly transformed into Mark Battle Armor’s hand armor and combat boots.

Four blue flames spurted out, pushing Mia to levitate one meter high in the air.

Now it is Louis’ turn to become envious. Unfortunately, if Louis kisses him, it is not William’s son. William will not give Mark Battle Armor to him.

Even Battle Armor made of gold and titanium alloys will not work.

“You call Mia an elder sister, maybe she will take you to the sky”.

When Louis heard William’s words, he hesitated a few times, and shouted with an innocent expression in his eyes, “elder sister”.

“hmph”, Mia landed lightly snorted and stretched out her hand in front of Louise and said, “Let the elder sister hug, and then you have to kiss me, and you have to listen to me in the future, so I will take You go out to play”.

Don’t look at Louis as being only 5 years old, but he was blessed by holy light at the full moon, he is much smarter than the average 5 years old. With his eyes rolled, he looked at Mia and asked, “That, Then you can’t bully me, but take me on the Ferris wheel.”

“No problem,” Mia took Louise and kissed him several times.

Wilson on the side saw that Mia also liked Louis, and finally let go of his worry for several days.

Everyone who is close to William can see that William really likes Louis, but anyone also understands that Louis will never compare to Mia, the only seed of the Devonshire family.

The royal family, nobles and even many people in England are worried that the relationship between Mia and the royal family will not be as close as the rest of the Devonshire family.

Now that the offspring of the two families can meet for the first time, the relationship is much better than Wilson’s expectations.

After the two juniors became familiar with each other a little bit, Wilson gave William a wink, and William laughed nodded.

“Mia, come to meet you Wilson Uncle”, William teased with a smile, “This guy has been in relationship with Daddy and me since he was 17 years old. It’s good like brother, so be polite “.

In fact, it is not necessary for William to say this. Mia has known from various newspapers and media that her father and Wilson are true friends.

Otherwise, Mia, who had just met father a few days ago, would have been upset about Louis’s pettiness, and would have robbed William of her love.

Never put down Louis, there is Mia who has the Nano Zhenjin inner armor and the Mark 50 outer armor strengthened,

Holding Louis slightly, he bowed and said, “Good evening, Wilson Uncle” .

“Good, good, haha, good evening, Mia”.

Wilson laughed heartily nodded, and then took out a box from the briefcase in his hand.

Open it directly in front of William and Mia, and the box reveals a jewel-specific light.

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