Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1558

William recognized this as a four-piece ruby ​​crown at a glance, and smiled with a satisfied expression in his eyes, “Your grandfather is really willing.”

“No way”, Wilson shrugged with a smile, “In terms of gems and diamonds, no one in the world has more collections, and no one has more treasures than you.


So, after deliberation, my mother finally suggested that since there is no comparison, then we can only impress you with historical and cultural significance.

Moreover, your guy is out Famous people like rubies. This four-piece set, including crowns, necklaces, earrings, and brooches, happens to meet all requirements.”

Hand the box to Mia, whose eyes are narrowed, revealing the same light as a giant dragon. Wilson grinned at William, showing the same expression as a woman,

I was helpless in William. After shook his head, he continued, “William, my grandfather is willing to come up with this set of top three jewelry, which is also the most suitable jewelry for Mia Princess.

Should you do something to show that Louis Are you the Duke of the Devonshire family?”

“Let’s talk about this when Louis reaches adulthood,” William thought for a few seconds and then said, “However, if you just canonize the Duke without taking a domain, how many It can be held after returning to London in the next day.”

Wilson was probably with Philip and Father and Son of Charzuo. They had discussions early in the morning. Without the slightest hesitation, he said, “Which of course is to be knighted first, and the domain will be discussed later.”

After that, Wilson looked at Mia and said with a smile, “Your daughter hasn’t secured the territory yet, Louis must postpone it.

Moreover, I am not very demanding. Just as you promised me back then, as long as the territory given to Louis is larger than England”.

William rolled the eyes fiercely, but he didn’t really agree.

But it is not impossible to consider this matter. After all, England is really small. If Louis is promising in the future, as his vassal of William-Devonshire, it is not impossible to secure the territory.

“Mia, you take Louis to eat, lest Little Brat get hungry”.

“Okay, Daddy”, Mia knows her father when hearing this, and she has something to tell Wilson, smiling hehe and holding Louis into the villa.

“Oh,” Wilson sighed as soon as Mia and Louis were gone, “I knew I would have a child earlier. If Louis could be ten or even eight years older, it would be possible to rely on our family The relationship, just and honorable pursuit of Mia”.

You give me a province.

William thought so in his heart, but he wouldn’t say so. After all, the reality is there, and the Phillips’s ideas are impossible.

“Listen to Abigail, Sol recently traded a lot of things with you?”

Wilson was taken aback, he really didn’t expect William to tell himself this .

I was about to say directly that it was just some luxury goods and baby products. As soon as the words came to my throat, Wilson suddenly thought, how could William care about this kind of thing.

Holding a briefcase, holding his hands on his chest, and touching his clean shaved chin, he whispered after several minutes,

“Women like luxury Pin, for a person like us, it should be nothing, right?”

“It’s really normal,” William knew that Wilson could understand what he wanted to express.

Jane Foster wanted to use different outfits and costumes from Divine Realm to tie Sol’s heart, which is indeed a good thing for William and Angela.

Even the more Jane Foster misses the life of Earth, the more likely the Sol family will settle in Earth.

Otherwise, if Saul stays in Asgard, or if Jane Foster marries an Asgard woman after his death and gives birth to a child, the child will be a trouble many years later.

“Continue”, William laughed and patted Wilson on the shoulder. As he walked Wilson to the villa, he suddenly turned back and said, “Be natural.”

“Don’t worry”, Wilson laughed nodded, “I still think about Louis marrying your second daughter, or Charlotte marrying your unborn son.”

When William heard this, he couldn’t help but think that Kate seemed to be pregnant again, and Wilson was still dreaming of sweet dreams.

As soon as the two entered the villa, they saw Ambrosio walk out of the kitchen quickly.

Wilson didn’t have time to pay attention to why William was upset with himself, and took out the second box from his briefcase, “Congratulations, Ms. Ambrosio”.

Ambrosio looked at William and saw William nodded, she took the jewelry box happily.

When I opened it, I saw that there was only a hard paper roll tied with a red ribbon in the box.

William’s gaze swept away, and he saw through the paper that it was written on it. It turned out that Ambrosio was named a knight.

“You are not afraid of offending…”.

William understood it before he finished talking about offending Abigail.

As the only offspring for him, Ambrosio, no matter whether he can defeat Abigail and climb to the position of Duke Madam, even if she does nothing, she can always rely on Mia to be in the Devonshire family A member of.

Furthermore, the lady knight said she was a nobleman, but in fact it was just a lifetime title, which only represented the Philip family’s recognition of Ambrosio’s status in advance.

However, this title is still somewhat useful in the United States. At least in the future, when any newspapers and media call Ambrosio, they must add lady before her name.

For Ambrosio, apart from regaining William’s favor, other than the matter with Mia, the most important thing is his identity and social status.

This thing written on hard paper costing at most ten pounds makes Ambrosio not excited or impossible.

“Thank you, thank you, Wilson, this is the third big surprise I have received this year.”

The first surprise was of course the reunion with William, and the second one was definitely when William admitted that Mia was his own daughter.

So, Wilson was so happy to see Ambrosio, and he immediately admired his grandfather’s prostrate oneself in admiration.

As for Abigail, the lady knight compared to Duke Madam is not worth mentioning, and before Wilson gave this title certificate,

The same was given to Abigail, and the award was given to Jesse, Abigail’s ally.

Can’t completely solve Abigail’s grievances, but it can also ease the relationship, even more how Abigail has intervened and even led Louis’s learning in magic.

And with Wilson’s knowledge of Abigail for so many years, perhaps Abigail would be eager for Ambrosio to be called more, and it is best to be dazzled by fame and fortune.

But if that’s the case, William will definitely intervene, and the royal family won’t pay for it.

After all, William is the master of the Devonshire family.

Tonight’s housewarming banquet, apart from inviting Ambrosio’s parents, there are only Ambrosio’s six best friends, some of Mia’s classmates and best friends,

They are all William’s friends in the United States.

After the 8 shareholders of Stark Group arrived, I saw Tony Stark burning bag, driving a specially customized convertible Aston Martin Martial Goddess, with Little Hot Pepper The last one to play.

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