Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1559

I thought that Stark and Little Hot Pepper would be the last guests to arrive, but didn’t expect a space fluctuation to come and William, who was shaking hands with Stark,

Looking towards the outside of Los Angeles, I saw a rainbow flashing by.

I was wondering who Asgard would come to see Ambrosio and Mia. He quickly reported on Sunday, “SIR, Lord Sol is driving a car. You gave it to Odin and Fry. Queen Jia’s RV was driving towards Los Angeles, accompanied by Ms. Jane Foster.”

William was taken aback, thinking about how to lure Saul and Jane Foster back to life in Earth together, didn’t expect the couple to come over by themselves.

Seeing William looking to the distance, Stark curiously asked, “What’s the matter?”

“It’s nothing, it’s just Sol and his wife here”, William laughed Haha’s and Little Hot Pepper hugged,

Then they introduced Wilson, Mia, and the stern-faced little Louis beside him to Stark and Little Hot Pepper.

Stark heard that it was Saul who came, frowned slightly, and looked at little Louis teased indifferently, “Man, Wilson and Louis are both Princes, and what’s more, you actually It’s too much to let the 5-year-old Prince stand at the door to greet the guests with you.”

Wilson said hurriedly that it’s okay, while little Louis said gruffly, “I am a vassal of William Uncle, of course I have to accompany William Uncle and Mia’s elder sister.”

“Louis”, Wilson glared at his son in a hurry.

Wilson, who knows William’s true identity, certainly doesn’t feel ashamed of Louis being a vassal for William, but this cannot be spread by their family, or the ghost knows what William thinks, and it’s more likely to be given to William. cause trouble.

After all, although there are very few good relations with William, but also not not.

For example, Tony Stark in front of him.

“Prince is a vassal?” Stark looked at William and Wilson in surprise, then suddenly realized that he put his arm around William’s shoulder and said, “So you are really out of the planet, crowned king. .

Then or else, would you also knight my son or daughter?”

“Tony”, Little Hot Pepper suddenly felt ashamed, apologizing and pulling Stark walked into the villa.

“Wait, Pepper”, Stark was dragged away by Little Hot Pepper reluctantly, “You don’t know, if our son or daughter is knighted, it is equivalent to taking Zhang generation. A golden rice bowl to enjoy.

Moreover, based on my relationship with William, it may be troublesome to make the duke, but the earl is definitely fine.”

“Shut up, Tony,” Little Hot Pepper glared at Stark annoyedly, and then whispered, “Even if you ask William, I have to wait until I’m pregnant.”

“This, this”, it’s Stark’s turn to be embarrassed now, “Okay, okay, let’s go back to make a child soon.”

“This idiot is still such a bastard”, William laughed shook his head, gave Wilson a relieved look, and then took Mia in one hand and Louise in the other and walked into the villa lobby.

“William Uncle, me, did I say something wrong?”

William laughed shook his head, lowered his head and said to Louis, “It’s okay, these all are small problems, William Uncle can solve it”.

When William said this, Louis knew that he had really said something wrong, his little face wrinkled, and a look of disgust was instantly unhappy.

“haha”, Mia on the side laughed at hehe and hugged Louis up, and in his dissatisfied eyes, kissed him comforted several times on the face,

“Don’t worry, Louis. Dad said that if there is no problem, it must be no problem. How about elder sister taking you to eat truffle chocolate?”

Louis looked at William and Wilson, and William nodded, and Wilson too With a happy face, she nodded to Mia with confidence.

As soon as the two children left, Wilson sighed again, “It’s a pity, it’s a pity.”

What a pity, William certainly knows what Wilson said is a pity, because he thinks the age gap between Louis and Mia is too big.

However, William then suddenly thought that Mia’s lifespan would not be as long as his father, but it would be fine for thousands of years.

After several decades, the nine-year-old gap is simply not a gap, and even Louis’s pursuit of 29-year-old Mia at the age of twenty is not a problem.

For an instant, William got upset when watching Wilson. Even seeing Louis as a minor, thought he might be the bastard who seduced his daughter in the future.

But then he thought again, really speaking of which, a Prince who grew up under his nose is better than those little bastard who don’t know the foundation, right?

Damn, what am I thinking about? William shook his head violently and turned his head to ignore Louis, who was still a young lady. He and his daughter laughed at each other and fed each other chocolate beans.

And several of Mia’s classmates and best friends, staring at Louis from the side.

If it weren’t for Louise, these girls who have not grown up, but have matured in their hearts, will definitely be like Mia, and kiss Louise.

Look at it this way, maybe Louis has grown up and is a womanizer like his Uncle.

Take Wilson to join the group of Stark Group shareholders, laughed and chat with a wine glass.

I didn’t talk for a while, when I saw Ambrosio’s begging expression, I suddenly thought of myself and Ambrosio’s parents. Except for a few greetings when I met at the door, I didn’t say anything else.

I shook my head and sighed. Apart from caring for my mother Lena in the past, even Abigail’s parents hadn’t taken much care.

Laura and Jesse are orphans. Selena’s parents passed away more than 500 years ago. Nissa’s father is the Duke of American vampires. The old man didn’t dare to see him.

Natasha’s parents don’t seem to know who he is. Daddario’s parents and younger brother have never seen him.

As for the parents of Athena and Artenis, in addition to Zeus being exiled to the plane of 2025, the other gods of Olympus, he watched to be destroyed by the Lord of Fear.

No, Athena jumped out of Zeus’s head.

Speaking of which, it seems that the Odin family has a closer relationship with him.

Thinking of this, William suddenly lost that many plot against the upcoming Sol and Jane Foster.

I apologized to people like Stark, looked at Wilson, and saw that he didn’t feel uncomfortable and continued to chat with the shareholders of Stark Group.

William walked to the chat circle of Ambrosio, her parents, and friends with a wine glass.

“My dear”, seeing William finally came over, Ambrosio hugged his arm with great relief, and William first shook hands with some of Ambrosio’s girlfriends and friends to say hello,

Then he said to Ambrosio’s parents with a glass of wine, “Vladika, Valerie, I have to thank you for taking care of Ali and Mia for so many years,

until Mia is my daughter, I just understand how jerk I have been these years.”


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