Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1560

I heard William personally say that he is an asshole, not to mention Ambrosio’s friends, even if her parents don’t know how to answer the conversation.

The title and achievements of this man who looks at most 30 years old and is actually 40 years old in front of him are amazing.

Even the deer head brooch on Ambrosio’s chest is shaped like a crown. Before Wilson, Prince, he just glanced at this brooch,

Then there was no response at all, and he took Louis Prince, who was only 5 years old, with William and Mia to greet the guests.

I saw Wilson’s reaction with my own eyes, which all show that William is in a higher position than Prince father and son.

William saw Ambrosio’s parents tangled and laughed haha ​​opened the mouth and said, “I remember that when Yali was with me, he invited me to the new home in Rio, but it was a pity that I was delayed by other things.

However, it shouldn’t be too late to go now,” said William, looking at Vladika, and Valerie said, “After the trip to London is over, I can take Mia and Will Yali visit you in Rio?”

“Of course, of course”, Ambrosio’s mother without the slightest hesitation’s nodded, “We welcome you, child.

And Really speaking of which, the house in Rio seems to have been given to us by you. I haven’t had the opportunity to say thank you all these years.”

Hehe, there was resentment in these words, but William didn’t care about it. With this beginning, the atmosphere became much easier.

Additionally, if William wants to make people unnoticeable, he can say good things for an hour without repeating them.

A little bit of self-denial, Ambrosio’s parents soon took the initiative to chat with William, and the topic must be Mia’s childhood.

While making William happy, he once again regretted that he had not been able to watch and grow up with Mia since childhood.

Forty minutes later, it was reported on Sunday that Sol and Jane Foster had reached the gate at the bottom of the mountain.

William thought for a while and said sorry to the people around him. He took Ambrosio and called Mia again. He came to the door of the villa. He soon saw a white car with black windows. A huge RV drove into the parking lot of the villa.

Then for the first time William saw Sol taking off his armor, wearing a black suit, white shirt and bow tie.

“Congratulations, buddy”.

When Saul laughed at Haha, he hugged William with William, and after a face-to-face ceremony with Ambrosio, he looked at the little Louis who was held in her arms by Mia and refused to come down.

“Odin is here, I heard Angela say that you only have a daughter, when did you have such a lovely son again?”

After that, no Waiting for William to explain, this guy looked at Louis with bright eyes, then turned to William and said, “William, how about I marry my daughter to your son?”

“Idiot”, William gave Sol a white look, laughed and hugged Jane Foster, and said, “I am glad you can come, Jane, this is my wife Ambrosio and my daughter Mia.

As for Mia The Little Brat in my arms is Prince Wilson’s eldest son Louis.

If you are interested in Louis, I can help you ask King Philip.”

“England Little Prince?” Jane Foster looked at Louis with bright eyes.

The scared Louis turned pale, turned around and hid his head into Mia’s shoulders, with his hands still tightly wrapped around Mia’s neck, he said pleadingly, “elder sister, elder sister, don’t I give it to others”.

Mia quickly comforted, “Don’t worry, Little Brat, elder sister will not leave you alone.”

“ha ha ha”, Thor laughed aloud, “This Little Brat is a little brat”.

After that, he would never mention marrying his daughter to Louis.

I want to marry and marry William’s son. This is the consensus he and Odin and Friga have reached long ago.

Wait for Jane Foster to say anything, just take out the prepared gifts and hand them to Ambrosio and Mia.

And these two gifts did not surprise William. At first glance, they looked for a magic item that the dwarves used Ulu metal to create in an urgent way.

Ambrosio and Mia love the bracelets with brilliant lights and vibrant colors. But for William, dwarves are absolutely masters in building armor and weapons, but so is magical defense items. .

However, Ulu Metal is indeed a good thing. William asked the dwarf for it himself, and he had to pay a price or exchange it for other things.

Now that I have two bracelets, I will remodel it by myself later, and it is a quasi Divine Item.

With two sets of Battle Armor inside and outside Zhenjin, at least on Earth, William couldn’t think of anyone who could hurt their mother and daughter.

Even more how Earth’s powerhouse is either his subordinates, or he gets along with him. Other powerful existences dare not show up in front of him and cause trouble.

Introduce the Saul and his wife to Stark first, and then Little Hot Pepper, who was not interested in a group of men’s conversations, took Jane Foster to Ambrosio to chat. .

Unsurprisingly, William said that a group of women and people in the fashion industry talked the most about fashion.

Jane Foster, who was always a scientist before, has a daughter and has been in Asgard for almost four years, although he is still thinking about scientific research,

But she has been away from Earth for too long and doesn’t care about money. Of course, she doesn’t reject it, and even likes to talk about fashion.

For Ambrosio and Little Hot Pepper, talking about fashion with Jane Foster, who just met, is not exciting, but you can never go wrong.

William was chatting with Saul and Stark while listening to the topic of Ambrosio. After ten minutes, he smiled at the corner of his mouth. There is no need to plot against this, everything will be done naturally. Jane Foster is starting to miss Earth’s life.

At 7:30 in the evening, the entire group enters the restaurant for dinner.

French food, no matter how delicious and exquisite it is, is nothing special to the people present, but for Jane Foster it is a memory and life.

If William asked Jesse, who was in charge of Latour and Chateau Margaux, to specially prepare a collection of red wine, Jane Foster suddenly felt that today’s meal was in her thirty years , The most satisfying meal ever.

After the meal, when everyone in small groups stayed together and talked, they left Thor for a while and came to William and Wilson and asked in a low voice,

“Guys, I If I want to buy a house in the U.S., what do I need to do?”

Wilson just wanted to talk, and William said to Richard not far away, “Richard, there is business coming.”

As a builder who established a construction company with the Devonshire Group and is authorized to use engineering robots that have weakened many generations, Richard Richard heard William’s words,

There are more than a dozen manor houses or villas that sell for at least hundreds of millions of dollars.

And Sol’s answer is also very simple, “How many tons of gold is a hundred million dollars, or diamonds, jade stone, red, sapphire”.

“I can’t keep up with you guys, or is Your Excellency Sol so strong?”

Richard looked at William in surprise, but William didn’t. Angrily said to Wilson, “Forget it, you are responsible for the money.”

Because of trading with Sol for a long time, Wilson, who is worth a few pounds of 1 billion pounds, without the slightest hesitation nodded, silently thought in his heart, what is this guy William plotting against Sol?

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