Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1561

Leave the purchase of the house by Saul and Jane Foster to Richard and Wilson, and William will no longer care about it.

If he intervenes too much, insiders like Odin and Angela, if you think about it, you will know that he is encouraging the Sol couple to settle in Earth.

At 10:30 in the evening, a group of guests were sent away. William used spaceship to send Wilson and Louis back to London, and then sent her parents away with Ambrosio.

When I returned to the villa, I looked at some of Mia’s classmates and girlfriends, put on swimsuits again, and went crazy in the swimming pool. I could only shook my head helplessly and pulled Ambrosio back to the room to rest. By the way Do something you love to do.

Spent another day in Los Angeles. After picking up Mia at two o’clock in the afternoon on Friday, the family flew to London in a spaceship.

When I arrived at the manor in London, it was already ten o’clock in the evening in London.

Lena, who was notified by William, took Abigail, Jesse, Serena, and Nissa, all waiting outside the gate of the manor.

My four women and Mother are there, and William is not too special to Ambrosio, so he can only take Mia, who is nervous, and walk off the spaceship first.

Fortunately, Ambrosio hadn’t been to the London Manor. He even lived in Oxford Castle for a while and attended Lena’s 40th birthday party.

It is clear that William will not give up other women for her alone, let alone make Lena angry because of her.

So, Ambrosio followed William very honestly. After William and Lena hugged, he immediately greeted Lena and saluted.

Lena, who is over 50, kindly helped Ambrosio up and said some words of encouragement and thanks to her for giving birth to Mia.

His eyes were a little nervous On Mia.

“Don’t be nervous, my dear,” Lena took Mia’s hand and laughed and said, “I am your grandmother, the person who loves you the most besides your parents.”

Mia was stunned and nodded, she looked at William who was smiling, and after receiving encouragement in her eyes, she bowed her knees and stammered, “Grandma, grandma, it’s nice to meet you.”

Hearing Mia calling her grandmother, Lena, who was also worried about William’s children in recent years, happily hugged Mia and kissed her on the face.

Then pulled Mia, who was blushing, to introduce the four Abigail.

After a while without seeing any strange recognition and greetings, the entire group walked into the manor, sat in the sofa area of ​​the living room, and started to give each other gifts.

Lena, Abigail and the others, as soon as they opened the gift box and saw the gift inside, they knew that the gift Ambrosio mother and daughter gave must have accepted William’s suggestion, or simply William. According to their preferences, let Ambrosio prepare it.

The gifts Lena and Abigail gave to Ambrosio’s mother and daughter were all local industries, except for jewelry.

What made William didn’t expect was that it was not Lena and Abigail who made the biggest shots, but Nissa, Serena’s attendant.

A 30% stake in a 5-star hotel on the Rio Beach side made William wonder if these shares were given to her by the old vampire Duke Nissa.

Abigail, who knows William best, even if William doesn’t have any unusual expressions on his face, he can still see what William is thinking from his more glances at Nissa.

She smiled and said to Ambrosio, “In order to give this gift, Nissa spent all of her pocket money this year on these shares, and she owed the Grosvenor family a favor to that kid.” .

“All the pocket money?” Ambrosio looked at Nissa in surprise, wondering if this is a full 100 million pounds?

He shook his head and said, “This, this is too expensive.”

“Okay, Nissa will give it to you, and you will take it.”

William laughed at Nissa and said, “It seems that you have saved a lot of money over the years, all of you are rich women.”

Nisa, who has been following William for more than ten years, rolled the eyes and glared at him, “I was already rich”.

Jesse, who has always saved money, regrets not sending out a medium-brand winery in France.

However, Ambrosio, who has not been too wealthy in his life these years, is very excited about the gifts that are at least 10 million US dollars, let alone seeing five sets of jewellery and shining eyes. Yeah.

At this good beginning, the atmosphere of the first meeting was finally good. At least Mia, who was sitting next to Lena, was not as nervous as she was when she first met her grandmother.

The chat continued until 12 o’clock in the evening London time, Lena pulled Mia kindly and asked, “My dear, can I sleep with my grandmother tonight?”

” This, this”, Mia, who has always slept alone, looked at Lena in surprise, and then wanted to turn her head to ask William and Ambrosio.

Fortunately, Little Lass quickly held back, blushing, lowered his head, and whispered, “I’m worried that it will noisy you or kick you if you sleep.”

“It doesn’t matter, my dear”, Lena kindly touched Mia’s head, “You are my only granddaughter, I want to get close to you soon, and you can go shopping and dine with me in the future. Attend banquets, and even accompany me to deal with the team and fund matters.

Then, I want to let all the ladies of England know that Devonshire has a beautiful and lovely Princess.”

Lena has already said so. While Mia did not dare to refuse, she was also a little bit moved nodded.

Then looked at William and the others and said, “Good night Daddy, Mommy, good night Abigail Aunt, Jesse Aunt, Serena Aunt, Nissa Aunt.”

“Good night, baby”, William laughed kissed Mia on the forehead, then watched Mia’s grandson and grandson holding Lena’s arm, whispering and so on and walking upstairs.

What happened after that was simple. Ambrosio, who had accompanied William with Abigail more than ten years ago, was flushed by William with one hand and Abigail with one hand. floor.

More than an hour later, Jesse, Serena and Nissa were pulled by William again to join the long-distance running competition.

After an open game, the estrangement between everyone quickly eased a lot. At breakfast on the 2nd day, except for Mia, who had not reversed the jet lag, she didn’t speak much,

The other people at the table are talking and laughing easily.

At nine o’clock in the morning, because of the spaceship landing last night, Wilson, who knew that William was back, drove into the manor alone, and said to William with a smile,

“My grandfather planned to use the Princess gift. Picking up Mia to be a guest at Buckingham Palace, and plans to pick up Mia with a gold carriage.”

“Forget the golden carriage,” William shook his head and said, “Mia is not a king, just use the royal carriage.”

Speaking of this, William was silent for a while, and suddenly felt that he should also build a special carriage.

It is made of real gold, with a lot of diamonds, red and sapphires inlaid on it, and then eight pure white flying horses are used as traction.

Thousands of holy light Knight escorts, this kind of standard configuration can truly show that Mia is the identity of Devonshire Princess.

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