Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1562

Just do as you think, William said to Wilson, “I will see your grandfather three days later. When the time comes, I will use the name of the King of the Kingdom of Devonshire,

Take my Queen Mother Lena, Mia Princess Zhang, and a thousand holy light knights to visit your family.”

Since most people have guessed that they are outside of Earth and have been crowned as king, just let it go publicly.

As long as the Divine King and the myth are not developed, the ordinary person should be able to accept the fact that a fellow human being has ruled the outer planet.

Of course, it is possible to be envied, jealous, or even scolded, but in the city of London, there should be few people scolding him.

Sent away to get a reply, Wilson is puzzled and happy.

William turns into an Avatar, goes to Divine Realm Holy City in Olympus, and asks bishop Strauss of the Holy Light Knight group to prepare,

then call all the family members Come, in the virtual imaging, the design belongs to the golden carriage of the Devonshire family.

After all the information and pictures of the carriage are provided on Sunday, even if the women in the family are not capable of designing, they can still use the carriages of the nobles and the royal family for reference.

The drawing and design are all right, but William soon discovered that a carriage made of gold can weigh dozens or even hundreds of tons.

One cubic meter of gold weighs 19.2 tons, and pure gold is too soft. Without adding other metals to make alloys, the wheels and car beams simply cannot support dozens of tons of weight.

After the full gold renderings came out, let alone Lena and the others, even Mia felt it was too luxurious and too enviable.

In terms of today’s aesthetics, the carriage made of gold makes people look very tacky. If you add a lot of diamond jewelry, it will be even more tacky.

William doesn’t care about this. This kind of carriage is not used once in ten years. Of course, it is as luxurious as it is.

After it is used up, it is put in the warehouse as a collection for ashes.

Finally, the spaceship is made of gold-plated metal, plus spaceship’s special bullet-proof glass. The vehicle is six meters long and has four front and rear wheels that can automatically steer.

The body is carved with moiré engraved diamonds, the top is a Devonshire family deer head, the interior is all red Tyrant Dragon leather chair, and the armrests are all made of rubies.

Unfortunately, the plan he designed was quickly rejected by the women of the family.

7 to 1, William can only emphasize that the golden theme remains the same, and the rest will be left to 7 women. By the way, when they have time, they will come up with a few carriages for other occasions, even Belongs to their own exclusive carriage.

Three days later, the entire Garden Street was restricted to vehicles and pedestrians, and the Londoners who got the news were behind the iron fences on both sides of the road early in the morning.

Waiting for William suddenly The identity of the King and Queen Mother Lena, the carriage of Mia Princess, appeared.

As a family that has been able to influence the economy of England, most Londoners admire William’s promotion to the king, but they hate that does not raise.

Light Chelsea The six Champions League titles won in 16 years have made most London fans scold Chelsea while at the same time have to admit that the Devonshire family has won countless honors for the entire England.

As for the grievances between the teams in the league, of course there still exist.

But only after Lena decided not to sell self-healing medical devices to the outside world, and decided to tilt Chelsea’s medical resources to other Premier League teams participating in the Champions League when Chelsea had no hope of the Champions League, prompting the first After the team won the championship, no fans in England would publicly scold Lena and the Devonshire family.

In addition, Devonshire Group has more than 200,000 employees in England, and it has affected more than a dozen industries. Hundreds of companies rely on Devonshire Group to make money, and the radiation area exceeds one third England area. It can be said that William If these companies were closed that day, millions of people would lose their jobs instantly.

And the Devonshire Fund assists tens of thousands of single mothers every year, provides student loans for thousands of England college students, and the charity of forty England orphanages to provide funding has long made Lena become a whole The most famous charity celebrity in the world.

So, England ordinary people have a very good impression of the Devonshire family.

Three days ago, I heard that William will officially visit the Philip family as King of the Devonshire Kingdom, and hold thousands of cavalry living outside of Earth to escort the Devonshire family royal family carriage to Platinumham Palace.

Countless Londoners gathered on both sides of the Garden Street road early, waiting to witness the moment William appeared as a king.

At 9:40 in the morning, a spaceship of three hundred meters long appeared over the garden of the manor.

William’s thoughts moved, and a portal instantly connected the interior of the spaceship and the Divine Realm Holy City of Olympus.


On the giant Grand Plaza of Holy City, thousands of cavalry in armor are lined up in a neat line, waiting for the order to advance.

At the forefront of the cavalry array, Strauss, wearing the Paladin Battle Armor and wearing a red sleeveless robe, knocked on his Pegasus belly with excitement, and was the first to pass through the portal.

Behind him is a long Paladin line marching side by side in four rows, following the lowered barn door of the spaceship, stepping onto the land of the manor, and walking slowly to the main manor building.

Wait for one hundred Paladins to step down from the spaceship, which are eight all-white flying horses with their wings folded, leading the golden carriage made on Sunday to the main manor building, waiting for William and Lena Walk out of the main building with Mia and board the carriage.

The other nine hundred trainee Knights prepared for Knight, quietly and neatly patted the queue on the manor lawn, waiting to escort William’s carriage to Platinumham Palace.

In this scene, countless people in the world waiting in front of the TV, computer, and mobile phone are in agitated and curious and puzzled thinking about why William has thousands of people. Cavalry?

Not to mention this era. As early as the appearance of heavy machine guns, the cavalry had completely declined.

However, the ordinary person doesn’t understand, it doesn’t mean that the superior and Leader don’t know the Holy Light Knight group, what kind of Knight group it is, and what kind of power it has.

Just two years ago, the Battle of the Fallen in New York has already let many leaders know that the Holy Light Knight group can not only release Attack Type holy light magic, but also use holy light to rescue the wounded.

And the horses under the seat look a circle larger than the Earth horses, and they are all legendary flying horses.

Fortunately, the number of Paladin who appeared in New York two years ago was 600. In the past two years, the number has increased to over a thousand. This makes many worried executives finally comfort themselves with reasons that are difficult to train. .

In the lobby of the main building of the manor, the movement of Olympus Holy City is so loud that Athena and Artenis are impossible to know.

The two stood behind William in luxurious white robes from ancient Greece, looking enviously at the makeup, clothing, and jewelry that Ambrosio gave Mia for a final inspection.

Artenis rolled his eyes, and just about to wink Athena, he stepped forward to arrange the clothes and ornaments for William, but Abigail took Jesse to take the lead.

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