Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1563

Wait for Abigail and Jesse to help them tidy up the Red Army-style dress, put on a black cap inlaid with gold thread, and a golden deer head crown medal.

William pulled up and squatted to help him tidy up his trousers, and even Abigail, who wiped one side of her leather shoes, kissed her a few times, then kissed her with a blushing face Fascinated Jesse.

“Sorry, dear, wait for someday I can canonize you as Queen of the Kingdom of Devonshire, not after Madam, Duke of Devonshire.

Re-name Jesse, Serena, and Nissa After they are princesses, they will be waiting for you to participate in such activities.”

“It’s okay, William.” Abigail glanced at Jesse who was excited, and waited for Jesse to put away his smile.

I said to William, “You should take Athena, Artenis and Angela elder sister, after all, they are the true True God queens.

Ambrosio and I , Serena, Jesse, Nissa, and others, just stay with you at ease.”

“Duplicity”, William laughed and kissed Abigail’s forehead, “On the formal occasions on Earth, I will only focus on you.

Athena, The stage of Artenis and Angela is at Divine Realm in Olympus and Asgard.

So, I won’t let you participate in Divine Realm, and I won’t let them take it away. The honor belongs to you on Earth.

Moreover, it is not simple to establish the Kingdom of Devonshire. Even if the magic planet will cause dissatisfaction with Odin, there are several Centaur Star Domains that are very close to Earth suitable for humans. Living planet”.

Plunderer, the hometown of Yongdu, is less than 30,000 light-years away from the Centaur of Earth. Several decades ago, the Bedouns invaded the Centaur. Not only did they slaughter the clansman, but also almost directly Destroyed that planet.

Now William wants to steal the Centaur from the Bedouin. It is not too simple.

He didn’t even need to do it himself. As long as he gave a lot of resources and energy crystals, this old Plunderer would definitely be willing to be William’s pioneer.

Lead countless star thief and Plunderer to kill the Centaur back.

Just do it if you think about it, anyway, the Bedouen were beaten up by the Cree and fled.

However, it is not morally reasonable to start the war without saying hello, and it may be possible to buy it with only money.

Anyway, I can freely shuttle through several planes, and there are too many energy crystals in my hand.

As for whether Yongdu will rob them after the Bedouin left, it has nothing to do with him.

“On Sunday, send a spaceship to the Centaur planet and tell the Bedouin that I want to buy the Centaur Star Domain. If they don’t sell it, tell them that Nine Realms belongs to Asgard.”

“Wait, honey”.

When Athena heard that William threatened the Bedouen in the name of Asgard, she was busy persuaded, “Olympus Divine Realm and the Greek warriors are the forces that truly belong to and obey you.

Now Earth, that is, the atrium, has in fact become the object of your protection. The Centaur Star Domain, which is only 30,000 light years away, can also be regarded as your sphere of influence.

And I guarantee that Olympus Divine Realm is only in charge of offense, and we won’t ask you to use land to reward Olympus’s meritorious service”.

William’s heart moved, and then she shook her head. Athena wanted to break out of Odin’s blockade of the Olympus Divine Realm, from the secondary plane of Olympus Divine Realm, to truly enter the main material world. , I can understand.

But he really agreed. Even if Angela doesn’t ask him to make trouble, she will be forced by Odin and Asgard to make trouble.

This is the same as my own field. Whether I want to develop it or not, even if it is left unused, no one else can come to my land.

Nine Realms belongs to Asgard. Whether William wants to admit it or not, this is already a fact.

And breaking the established facts for thousands of years means hitting Asgard in the face, hitting his wife Angela in the face.

Unless Asgard takes the initiative to speak, otherwise, if he really does so, how can Angela rule Asgard?

And don’t think you are Angela’s husband, Nine Realms’ most powerful existence, you can ignore the faces of your allies and do whatever you want.

Athena sighed, the Olympus Divine Realm will decline, and Zeus’s divine force will decrease a little bit, not without reason.

Just talking about the site and the population base of the gods, it has been determined that Olympus Divine Realm will eventually meet All Gods turn to Dusk.

The only place that is better than Asgard is that Olympus has prevented the invasion of the abyss without worrying about being attacked by other forces.

Unlike Asgard, it stands brightly in the universe. As long as it is hidden enough, the star thief can do damage in Asgard.

As for the destruction of Asgard, the culprit is not Hela, not Surter, but Sol.

If William faced Saul’s choice, he would rather let Hela occupy Asgard, rather than let Rocky go and put Surter into the Fire of Eternal. And then destroy Asgard.

From the standpoint of the Asgardians, Thor is the Divine Realm traitor who only thinks about Earth.

At 9:50, William asked Mia to walk out of the main manor building with his mother Lena nodded by his arm.

I saw hundreds of holy light knights, dismounted from the horseback of the flying horse with its wings folded, bowed and bowed to myself, and then came the remaining 900 Trainee Knight, prepare Knight, dismount the horse neatly, holding the reins, bowing and saluting.

William laughed and said to Strauss who was standing by, “you did good.”

In Divine Realm, anyone has to bow down to him, even Athena and Artenis, have to do this on certain occasions,

But this is Earth, he can I don’t want to be ridiculed, accused and abused by countless people for kneeling in these years.

So, he was very satisfied with Strauss’s ability to remind himself early in the morning, and then after obtaining his approval, ordering the Knights to do the same.

Furthermore, theocratic power is not obtained by kneeling without kneeling, strength, good governance and rules are indispensable.

Of course, if Strauss didn’t report to him and made his own claim, that would be another matter.

However, Strauss, the Old Guy, certainly would not, let alone do it.

In the Paladin regiment, although he is the bishop who is in charge of actual things, the position of deputy head is still in Angela’s hands.

Angela doesn’t care about Olympus’s Holy Light Knight, one is that she can’t control it, and the second is that she doesn’t want to cause dissatisfaction between Athena and Artenis.

After Strauss personally opened the golden carriage door, William helped Mia onto the carriage, and then helped his mother onto the carriage.

When she was about to get in the car, Mia, who was sitting on the Tyrant Dragon leather seat, looked at William hesitantly and said, “Daddy, Daddy, can I ride a horse?”

William instantly looked towards his mother. Fortunately, when the 51-year-old Lena was about to spoil the third generation, she just frowned and looked at William, waiting for him to make a decision.

And when Mia saw her father, who was always the same no matter what the occasion, she would act on the face of her grandmother, her eyes rolled, she got up from her seat and sat next to Lena.

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