Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1564

Mia hugged Lena’s arm and said coquettishly, “My dearest grandmother, will you let Dad take me on a horse?”

” “Little slippery head”,

Lena has mastered tens of thousands of subordinates, thousands of people responsible for peripheral security and countless money for so many years.

Furthermore, even the ordinary old lady can see that Mia is using her grandma to suppress father.

However, just as William thought, Lena is really at the age of spoiling the third generation. Even more how William has been very sensible and independent since he was a child, and seldom would be as coquettish and cute as Mia,


So facing the charming and beautiful Mia, Lena wanted to refuse, but didn’t want to disappoint her granddaughter.

But thinking of William’s abilities, Lena finally smiled and said to Mia, “Be careful and don’t leave your father’s sight.”

“Yes, grandma, you are the best”.

Mia kissed Lena happily, and the smile on Lena’s face instantly increased, “Okay, okay, lady, or I will have someone teach you etiquette “.

“Oh”, Mia immediately became honest.

William was also happy to see his grandchildren so close. After thinking about it, he sent the unicorn Gemma Duran to the spaceship on the manor garden.

Then I wanted to send a flying horse, but I suddenly thought of my first mount, the sweaty horse’Red Rabbit’.

The red rabbit, who was all over his body, was ordered to be taken out of the stable on Sunday and sent to the manor by the spaceship.

At this moment, William stretched out his hand to help Mia get out of the car, but didn’t expect this Little Lass to close his legs, stand on the carriage and rush down.

The scared William is busy extending the hand and hugging his daughter.

“haha”, Mia hugs William’s neck, but her eyes are quickly covered by a white body, no smaller than Paladin’s Pegasus, with a unicorn on her head. Attracted.

“Daddy, Daddy, Duo, Unicorn”.

“Well, you can be honest with me”.

William, holding his daughter, reluctantly put Mia on the ground, and then said to Gemma Duran who had already come by,

“Ms. Duran, this is My daughter Mia-Devonshire, please help me take care of her, okay?”

Duran looked at Mia in silence for a few seconds, and then smelled on her, as if she was sure Mia was William’s daughter. Later, I was nodded happy.

William can’t help being stunned. The unicorn still has the ability to distinguish the descendants of the owner?

This thought only flashed through William’s mind. Mia had already confirmed by himself, a real daughter.

Reached out and patted Duran’s horse, holy light Sentry Battle Armor covered Duran’s body.

The Battle Armor that deforms at will, Mia is not surprising, these days, the nano vibration gold inner and outer armor on her body, bought to the point of perfection for a long time, can be inside and outside in less than three seconds Dress up together.

Mia might have issued a white radiance vest. It was the first time Mia saw it, and she quickly understood that this should be her father’s exclusive magic Battle Armor.

Like other children, of course Mia wants to get the Sentinel Battle Armor from the father of William, and in her heart she also feels that this matter is as it should be by rights, and she is impatient Just want to ride on horseback.

Of course, if William really only has Mia as a child, that is indeed as it should be by rights.

As for why his father can have a unicorn mount, the question of what kind of horse William will ride soon is out of Mia’s consideration.

“Daddy, help me.”

Mia, wearing a long dress and dress, is sure to ride a horse. After all, Ambrosio is also a shareholder of Victoria’s Secret parent company. Although the money in her hand has never exceeded US$10 million, she makes Mia Learning to ride a horse is still very simple.

A single thought passed, the spirit strength dragged Mia onto Duran’s horseback, and the holy light sentry Battle Armor automatically covered Mia.

A golden over-the-knee boots are formed on Mia’s leg, and her body is outside the long skirt, forming a golden women’s sacred garment.

The long skirt and the holy clothes are really a bit of Athena in the Saint Seiya comics.

Ignoring Mia who was smirking on horseback, William blew a whistle, and the red rabbit who was sent to the manor moved his ears and quickly stabilized his anxiety.

Following the source of the whistle, rushed out of the spaceship. After seeing William from a distance, the Chituren stood up and made a long hiss, and rushed towards William.

A few meters away, it started to slow down, and then the horse’s head kept rubbing against William’s hands.

“Okay, okay, I know we haven’t seen each other for almost two years”, William laughed haha ​​and patted the Chitu on the neck, and the Flame Sentinel Battle Armor covered it.

Then several natural magical powers entered Chitu’s body, making the 18-year-old Chitu happily step on the ground with horseshoes.

It’s probably because I was instilled by William with natural magic since I saw William at the age of three. Although the 18-year-old Red Rabbit has reached the middle age of the horse, it looks a little aging at this time. It doesn’t mean anything. On the contrary, it is a few centimeters taller than when it was three years old, and the muscles on its body are more like 5-year-old horses.

Riding on the red rabbit, William is wearing a red army gown, a flaming tall horse, a flaming saddle that crystalizes like a ruby, and a bust, not only making small stars appear in Mia’s eyes. His own father is the strongest and most like the king.

Even Lena is full of pride. As for the women in the family, they have forgotten that William actually used the Holy Light Battle Armor and his mount, Gemma Duran, for Mia. thing.

Ambrosio, except for smiling and crying, he doesn’t know how to express his excitement.

However, the people present, whether it is the Paladin group or the family, all understand how important Mia is to William.

Pulling the horse’s rein, William said to Strauss, who was standing, “ready to go.”

“Yes, great, under the crown of Supreme”.

Strauss quickly ran to the forefront of the Paladin regiment, rode a flying horse, and waited for William and Mia to arrive.

William smiled and nodded to mother, then said to Mia, “Let’s go, honey”.

“Well, Daddy”, Mia smiled and smiled at Lena beckons with the hand sitting on the carriage, pulling the horse’s rein, and knocking her back heel on Duran’s stomach, Duran Slowly keep up with the red rabbit who is running.

William in red, and Mia, who is wearing a golden women’s golden armor and riding a unicorn with spiral golden marks on her head, left the golden carriage and appeared in the front row of the Paladin team.

In an instant, the crowd and reporters outside the manor exclaimed.

“God, is this really a unicorn?”

“His Royal Highness Mia is definitely the happiest, most beautiful and perfect woman in this world.”

William rode the red rabbit to the front of the team, pulled the red rabbit back, looked at the serious-looking Paladins, and then rode the red rabbit towards the 900 trainee Knights and preparation Knights.

With Mia who followed, like the patrol cavalry, after receiving the attention of thousands of people, she laughed at Haha’s loudly shouted, “Go”.


Thousands of people responded at the same time, which immediately shocked the England people outside the manor.

Then the people facing the gate of the manor, watched the Holy Light Knight with William leading the head and forming four rows, walking towards him,

I instantly felt hiding the sky and covering the earth’s imposing manner, directly pressing on them like mountains and oceans, some people who scared them almost knelt on the ground with soft legs.

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