Kingsman of the Movie World Chapter 1565

Following William and Mia riding out of the gate of the manor, they came to the long street of Garden Avenue. On both sides of the street, you saw this scene of England people.

In an instant, I was shocked by the golden Battle Armor on the unicorn and Mia, and then burst into a huge noise and cheers.

For a moment, everyone can think of the unicorn that Mia is riding. William must have gotten it from other planets.

Since all unicorns exist, it means that the magical creatures in the legend also exist.

And since William can tame powerful unicorns, he must have more power than magical creatures.

Think deeper, maybe the so-called Spiritual God is just a group of alien creatures whose lifespan is longer than humans and stronger than humans.

Of course, more people just feel that today is not in vain.

Looking at thousands of full-body armor and long sword heavy armor Knight, instantly people feel the pressure of assaults the senses.

But this pressure not only didn’t make the people of England scared, but they got more enthusiastic and crazy pursuit.

People who have been stable for too long may have a sense of anxiety, but before the real crisis comes, William and Mia will look more like star chasing and envy.

Men admire William, while women can’t wait to pounce on him and ride a horse with him.

As for Mia, who is smiling and beckoning to the crowd from time to time, almost both men and women admire her at the same time, wishing to replace her.

The countless youngsters in front of the TV even imagined that if they could marry Mia home, they would not only gain love, but also the three generations of children would not have to fight anymore.

William knew in his heart that someone would hit Mia, and while smiling faintly on his face, he thought in his mind, who would dare to reach out and kill him.

The walking distance from Kensington to Buckingham Palace is 1.7 kilometers. If you ride a horse slowly, you can reach it in about 20 minutes.

Too many people came to watch today, and the buildings on both sides of the road and the roadside were crowded with countless people watching the ceremony.

Countless cheers and name-calling sounds made William have to wave his hands from time to time, and Mia probably really realized that his father’s power and true love for her, so, small hand waving He is much more diligent than William.

When I even saw a dozen children led by adults and formed a welcoming team, I even put my hand to my mouth and blew kisses several times to the children.

The children and the crowd attracted more enthusiastic cheers.

The action of Mia blowing kisses spread across the world instantly through live footage.

Make countless youngsters feel that they are about to fall in love.

After crossing the Knight Bridge, William suddenly stunned, and then looked helplessly at Mia, who was controlled by Gemma Duran, and fell half a horse.

“Daddy, what’s the matter?”

“Nothing”, William laughed explained, “didn’t expect my Little Princess, so loved by Londoners”.

tone barely fell, on the tall buildings on both sides of the street, countless rose petals were suddenly thrown out.

The bright red roses in the sky, falling from the height of several dozen meters, instantly decorate both sides of Knight Bridge Street into a sea of ​​flowers.

“God”, Mia held her hands in front of her chest, looked up at the sky full of Huawu, with countless little stars in her eyes.

William’s spirit strength at this time is fully on, with dozens of incarnation adult pigeons, black cats, and falcon’s magic Avatars, scanning everyone on both sides of the street and whether there is any problem with the petals.

Fortunately, in the three days on Sunday, all places in the route of travel have been monitored. Although this thing about roses is not a threat, the source of the flowers was investigated early in the morning. Clearly.

Looking at the excited and happy daughter, William was happy at the same time, but the only worry was that Mia would get an old-fashioned “Rose Princess” after this scene was spread by the media. title.

Furthermore, once the media shouted out, even if William wanted to change it, it would not be affected. The countless ordinary persons who heard this title for the first time.

But the media in my own hands is the England Independent Television Station, and this live broadcast is facing dozens of countries. Except for William himself who now gives Mia a Princess nickname, he can only Go with the flow.

And really speaking of which, he, Mia’s pro-father, may not accept the title of the outside world.

Cross through the sea of ​​flowers, walk through the Wellington Arc de Triomphe, and it is also several hundred meters far away from Platinum Palace.

Looking at Park Avenue, which is straight and there are no obstacles on the road, Mia was so excited that she knocked on Gemma Duran’s belly with the back of her feet, and wanted Duran to sprint. .

It can be used as William’s mount. How can the unicorn Duran listen to Mia and make dangerous and unfair actions.

Forcing Mia to pout, she shouted to William dissatisfied, “Daddy, why doesn’t Duran stop talking to me?”

William laughed and said, “Wait You have become the queen of the Devonshire family, let alone Duran, all the demonic beasts of the family will listen to you.

Now, you sit on horseback obediently for me, want to ride a horse, wait I’ll talk when I go to the racecourse.”

The family demonic beast?

Mia was overjoyed, pulling the horse’s rein and approaching William, “Daddy, is the parrot at home also a demonic beast? What type of demonic beast is it?”

“Phoenix”, William laughed and said, “Dani Fox is the one who came to protect your grandmother.

If you like, you can ask Ms. Duran to help you in it. Hometown magic planet, look for other Phoenix.”

Sure enough, as soon as William finished saying this, Mia’s attention was all on Duran.

chirp chirp twitter twitter keeps on linking with unicorns, which makes Duran deliberately nodded, but knows that although his strength has surpassed Phoenix Dani Fox.

But if you want to tame the new Phoenix, William has to do it himself.

But she couldn’t tell Miaming this, otherwise Mia would definitely trouble William.

In the end, I can only pretend to be unable to speak. Mia said that everything is nodded, but she does not use the power of the soul to communicate with her.

After Mia talked a lot about Phoenix’s size, color, strength, etc., the horse team has arrived on the square of Buckingham Palace.

Looking at hundreds of neatly arranged Red Shrimp Soldiers with extremely ugly bearskin top hats, William held the Chitu at the gate of the Buckingham Palace.

Turning around and looking towards the thousands of citizens of England outside the square, I heard someone complaining that William had arrived too early, or that the weather today was only 24 degrees.

“Daddy, what are you looking at?”

Mia rode Duran and stopped beside William, curiously following him looked towards the crowd outside the square.

William laughed, lowered his head and said to Mia, “In the annual celebrations, these red shrimp soldiers are wearing thick uniforms and ugly bearskin top hats.

You still have to wear ten layers of sweat-absorbent wool sweaters, so these people in England are all betting that some Red Shrimp soldiers will faint today.

The fainting posture is despised. , I would rather knock my nose and teeth off, and hold on to the long spear, and the pens of the body tightly fall forward.”

“ha ha ha”, Mia suddenly covered her mouth and laughed, “Daddy, you and the other England people are so bad.”

“What’s this?” William twitched his lips, “Philip’s birthday is July, and that time is the busiest time. Every year, the Red Shrimp Soldier faints from heatstroke, but it is a repertoire of all England people. “.

“God, can’t you say something good?”

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